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The Real Housewives Of Orange County: “Whine Pairings”

May 01, 2011 09:17 PM by Veronica Dudo

In tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, “Whine Pairing” Peggy and Micah are preparing for their annual dinner party. They have hired celebrity chefs, Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Miliken of Border Grill, to cater the event. Miliken is a contestant on Top Chef Masters 3. The couple takes out their outfits, begin to get dressed and attend to last-minute preparations.

Meanwhile, Tamra and her new boyfriend Eddie are getting ready for the party. While driving to pick up Donn and Vicki, Tamra gives Eddie the low down on the women. While inside Vicki and Donn’s house, they all have a before dinner cocktail and the conversation turns toward Slade and his child support problems that have appeared in the paper. Tamra and Vicki say that Slade has been portrayed as a “dead-beat-dad.” The four then head off to the party which will be the first time the other ladies will meet Eddie.

During the diner party, Alexis show up with her assistant instead of her husband Jim. Peggy is confused about what is happening since Jim has known about her diner party for a month. Alexis seems flustered and says that Jim has work obligations. Emotions continue to run high when as the guests ask Gretchen where Slade is tonight–she says he is with her children. Donn makes a cheeky remark to which Gretchen grows more agitated. Vicki and Tamra are suspicious and wonder if Gretchen is telling the truth since earlier in the day the newspapers ran articles about Slade and his child support issues.

While eating, Alexis suddenly becomes overwhelmed and needs to leave the table. Shortly after, Gretchen follows to see if Alexis is ok. While comforting her in the bathroom, Alexis reveals the truth that Jim didn’t care for the company and refused to go. Peggy goes to check on the two and says that Alexis has two options to stay and enjoy the party or leave. While sitting together, Vicki comments to the group that she wishes that she and Donn would have started their own family together which leaves Donn shocked.

Eddie is quietly sitting back and taking in his fist experience with the housewives. Alexis decides to join the party again. When she comes back, she feels compelled to explain to the group what is going on. She says she is not use to attending events without her husband and misses him tremendously to which she she again tears up. The rest of the table is a little confused as to why she is this upset to be away from Jim for only two hours.

Alexis then comments to Peggy that she can’t believe how insensitive Peggy was while she was upset. Peggy is surprised and the two begin to exchange heated words. Tamra sees this is not a good situation and suggests the two sort out their issues tomorrow. The dinner party continues and dessert is served. Later the live entertainment starts up again and Gretchen and Alexis dance with each other. Everyone notes how different Alexis is behaving having gone from crying her eyes out in the bathroom to laughing and dancing. Tamra turns to Vicki and says that Gretchen and Alexis are being very disrespectful then Vicki asks Tamra if she wants to leave and the four says their good-byes.

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