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America’s Next Great Restaurant: Joey Galluzzi Explains Why His Concept Should Have Won

May 04, 2011 08:00 AM by Lisa Princ

This week we watched as NBC‘s America’s Next Great Restaurant chose a winner in Jamawn Woods of Soul Daddy. After the elimination, Joey Galluzzi explains why his meatball concept should have won. Keep reading to hear what Joey had to say!

America’s Next Great Restaurant crowned Jamawn Woods the winner this week while Joey Galluzzi sat and watched extremely disappointed. In his post elimination interview with NBC, Joey thinks his concept should have won as he said “I gave the investors a concept that has national appeal and can be developed on a huge scale at a low cost, allowing for higher than average profit margins in the food service industry. Unfortunately, my lack of experience in the restaurant business cost me in the end. The investors all agreed my food was awesome, so I believe they could have certainly lent their expertise and we could have all worked together to execute my concept flawlessly and successfully.”

Joey goes on to say that the show taught him to never give up on your dreams as he added “I have continued to work my financial services business, but “America’s Next Great Restaurant” made me realize more than ever how I must fulfill my life’s passion and dream, so I have been refining my concept and have enrolled in the Culinary Arts program at Le Cordon Bleu to better educate myself in food service.” My guess is we may see “Saucy Balls” aka “Brooklyn Meatball Company” in business soon! Did the investors make the right decision? Do you think Joey should have won? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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One Response to “America’s Next Great Restaurant: Joey Galluzzi Explains Why His Concept Should Have Won”

  1. Matt Says:
    May 9th, 2011 at 12:18 pm

    I just went to Jamawns restaurant in Hollywood this past weekend. Here is my review….

    We had to make an L.A. run today to visit a friend that was in town. After a cocktail Downtown at The Biltmore, we headed over to Hollywood to try out Soul Daddy. We watched the show and wanted to see Jamawn win, so we were excited to actually get to try his restaurant. We rolled in at about 6:30 P.M.

    First surprise was that there wasn’t anything for kids. There was a special night dedicated to created a kids dinner — funny, the restaurant had nothing.

    I ordered the pulled pork dinner, black-eyed peas, collard greens and cheesy grits. I also had a waffle as my bread item. Well, I was incredibly disappointed. Although the pork was moist, it was completely flavorless. I could not believe how bland it was. Black-eyed peas, hard and lacking soul food flavor — they tasted like someone tossed Italian dressing on them. The collard greens were horrible — I lived in the deep south for 6 years and have had good collards — these tasted like romaine lettuce with an odd dressing on them. Collards need to be cooked well, seasoned and have pork belly or something to flavor them — nothing here!! Lastly, we tried the cheesy grits — simple, the grits tasted like cheesy sludge, they weren’t even hot.

    My wife ordered the chicken. The chicken was dry and again — lacking flavor. Definitely under the heat light too long. As for the sides, she felt the same way about her sides (same sides as I had). However, she also had coleslaw which was just ok.

    My son had a pulled pork sandwich. My son LOVES pulled a good pulled pork sandwich. He only ate 2 bites and said he didn’t like it. This kid loves good BBQ and soul food. 6 years in the south and he was hooked. If he won’t eat it, it isn’t good. Funny — he said to me, “Dad, they should change the name of this place to SUCK DADDY”. I laughed and agreed.

    There also is a sauce station. We tried the sweet sauce, the regular BBQ sauce and Jamal’s special hot sauce. Considering the big deal Bobby Flay made about dipping sauces on the show, I was hoping that this would help make the dinner more flavorful. So, I tasted the sauced before going heavy on them — like everything else, they were very disappointing.

    The atmosphere was very boring, they need to create some buzz in there.

    There most exciting thing about this visit —- there was a Beard Papa’s very close by. We headed there afterward in need of a smile. Beard Papa’s never fails to satisfy. Lesson learned — just go to Beard Papa’s next time.

    This place will not last unless there are major improvements. I cannot see anyone going there on a regular basis. Needless to say, I won’t be back. So sad, because I really, really wanted to like this place.


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