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America’s Next Top Model: Kasia Talks About Being A Plus-Sized Model

May 04, 2011 06:00 PM by Allyson Wells

Plus-sized model Kasia Pilewicz was the latest model to be eliminated from America’s Next Top Model.  Kasia had extremely strong photos going into elimination and was shocked to be ousted over Alexandria, especially after judge Tyra Banks had warned Alexandria she would be out if she caused more trouble.  Kasia speaks out on how the show is not like real modeling, the other girls on the show and her future plans.

Question:  You had the most experience out of all the models. How did it help you on the show?

Kasia:  As far as posing and bringing emotion, I didn’t get a lot of complaints about having dead eyes. I always had great emotion going. But obviously a lot of the things we did were not the kind of work I’ve done. The photo shoots on the show are more elaborate, which doesn’t happen a lot in the real fashion world. My experience didn’t necessarily prepare me, say, for walking in a bubble. I never walked a runway where I feared for my hands burning off. I’m no Hollywood stuntman.

Question:  As a whole, do you think it’s easier now to be a plus-sized model on the show than when America’s Next Top Model began?

KasiaThe plus-size modeling industry as a whole has so much more exposure as opposed to even just a few years ago. Everyone has heard of a plus-sized model, and I think it’s thanks in part to “ANTM” showing that it’s an actual job. It’s getting easier, but certain people don’t accept it. You know, though, a lot of the most successful girls weren’t winners. I’ve worked before, and this is only going to help me.

Question: On last night’s episode, it seemed you were really upset with things not fitting properly in the store, and you were a bit self-conscious in your shoot, but it seemed rather abrupt to me, because you’ve been confident through most of the competition. Was this the first time that you felt self-conscious in the competition?

Kasia: I don’t think it was portrayed quite honestly in my opinion, but I think that it was kind of implied that I had an inner critic and was letting things get in my own way, but I felt like there were lots of outer critics chipping away at my confidence, and I felt targeted. Certain things are manipulated; I am a confident person, but a person can only take so much, and it’s hard to keep your confidence if someone’s constantly saying things. I’m upset with the say it came off, but it hadn’t been a problem for me up to then.

Question: Tell us what it’s like to be the only “fiercely real” girl in the competition. What kind of pressures come with that?

Kasia: You know what, I actually felt great all through the competition up to the last week. It hadn’t really been an issue. In the beginning Tyra told me I’d have to work harder, so I always felt like I had to be a bit better. It can definitely be a bit harder because people can automatically dismiss you as not being a model, and it’s getting better, but it’s not as good as regular models have it. It kinda just went from there and I was just doing my thing. It didn’t have to be this whole segregation as she’s the fiercely real one! Diversity is a good thing in the industry, and there were points where it was great, but some of it wasn’t.

Question:  They put you through some tough shoots. What was the hardest one?

Kasia:  The one with bees was pretty difficult. I hate bugs. My shoot was right after lunch, so I got a fresh batch of bugs, and the beekeepers were all excited about the number of bees attracted to my face. They were buzzing on my earrings; I heard them for days. It was always the animals that were the biggest challenge. I was really allergic to the jaguar. I actually broke out in hives, though that didn’t end up in the episode.

Question: You said in your final words that you knew you were going to be in the bottom two but not the one eliminated. Who did you see going home instead of you? Was it Alexandria since she was in the bottom two alongside you? 
Kasia: Yeah, I thought it was Alexandria. I thought she had enough chances to prove herself and that was my first time in the bottom two, and I thought I would at least have a second chance. But, you know, I guess she kind of stirs things up, maybe, like I don’t.

Question:  Were Molly and Alexandria as bad as they look on camera?

Kasia:  Yeah. They were always complaining. Molly’s aware of it; Alexandria’s not. I think she’s hopefully going to grow up a little bit. But it became a problem. I think it’s inappropriate and rude. The biggest thing to me was when girls would treat the crew with disrespect. They know it won’t be shown on camera. When someone’s changing a microphone and you’re being nasty to them, those are your true colors coming through.

Question:  So who should win now?

Kasia:  Ms. Jay. I’m starting a campaign for Ms. Jay to win Cycle 16 of America’s Next Top Model. It’s about time.

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