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America’s Next Top Model: The Final Four Shoot In The Moroccan Marketplace

May 04, 2011 07:14 PM by Allyson Wells

Only four models remain on America’s Next Top Model. The pressure is continuing to mount on location in Morocco and one model gets sick, jeopardizing her chances. The models will wear clothes by one of Kate Middleton’s favorite designers, Daniella Issa Helayel and do a photo shoot in the marketplace. Can Alexandria make a comeback after being in the bottom two last week?

The final four models return to the house. Molly is happy to see her top photo displayed. Brittani knows she has to keep raising the bar for herself. Alexandria is nervous having been in the bottom two and needs to prove herself. They discuss the competition in bed and Alexandria is happy they are the final four girls. Hannah knows she can win and tells them all they stand for something different. Hannah says Alexandria she is a California surfer girl, but Alexandria thinks she stands for more. Hannah explains that Brittani is the girl from the trailer park breaking boundaries. Hannah then tells Molly she is the scary chick. Hannah thinks she is the girl next door.

Miss J arrives at the house and informs them that they are going to meet with an important client. They go to the terrace and see Franca Sozzani, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, waiting on them. Hannah tells Franca that she wants to make images that people save. Franca wants them to use their personality and tells them that the little imperfections do not matter. Alexandria asks Franca what her favorite part of Vogue is, and Franca responds that she loves it all. Brittani is overly chatty with her, while Molly gets shy and intimidated. Miss J then introduces them to Noor Tabli, a professional tea tray dancer. Hannah thinks it is a cool spin on walking with books on your head. Brittani keeps dropping her glasses. Alexandria thinks the dancing is very sensual but still classy. After their session, Miss J tells them they will be performing in front of a live audience later that evening. They leave to get dressed.

The girls go to the restaurant to dance for locals and tourists. They learn they will be dancing with professional dancers and walking with lit candles on their tray. The winner of the challenge will get a one-on-one walking lesson with Miss J. Alexandria boasts that she was made to do this dance. Molly trips on her skirt walking down the stairs. Miss J notes that her face looked angry the rest of the dance. Brittani winds up owning the dance. Hannah also does a great job and has fun with it. Alexandria tries to be sultry and powerful, but ends up dropping her tray several times. Miss J thinks she was too confident. After the competition is over, Miss J tells Molly she wore her anger on her face. He liked Alexandria’s confidence and was pleasantly surprised by Brittani and Hannah. He reveals the runner-up is Alexandria, and the winner is Brittani. She invites Hannah to work with her. Hannah and Brittani go to a garden to practice their runway walk with Miss J. He gives them insider information on how to walk for the final runway show.

The models then go to the market to eat. They are disgusted with the brains and eyeballs on the table. They all try the cuisine, causing Brittani to hurl. Back at the house, Tyra mail arrives that says, “Ah the sweet smell of Souksess.” Brittani feels really sick from eating the brains. She goes to bed and hopes to feel better before the photo shoot. In the morning, she still feels sick and wants to throw up because she know she has a rough day awaiting her.

The models go to the large outdoor market and meet Jay. He informs them they will be wearing Daniella Issa Helayel and Friedemann Hauss will be their photographer. They go and get dressed for their marketplace photo shoot. Jay asks Brittani if she is jet lagged, but she admits she is sick. She promises to be ready for her shoot. Hannah is shot first and Jay wants her to be inspired by the journey and live in the moment. She imagines that her lover is escorting her through the city, but Jay thinks she looks like a deer in headlights and lost. Friedemann thinks she is pretty but lost. Molly is shot next. Molly looks beautiful and the photographer loves her editorial. Jay tells Alexandria he worries that she can’t let go and is too controlled. She decides to have fun with it, but the photographer notes that her lips do not look relaxed. Brittani goes last and pulls it together for her shoot. Jay loves her body language, and the photographer thinks she has a lot of natural elegance.

The models head to panel where Tyra Banks welcomes them. Daniella Issa Helayel is the guest judge. Alexandria is judged first. Andre thinks she looks like she has lost her mind. Nigel doesn’t understand her story, but Daniella thinks she looks mysterious. Tyra doesn’t get high fashion from the picture. Brittani goes next. Nigel loves her hips and eyes, but notes her arm is missing. Tyra doesn’t think it is high fashion but it is closer than Alexandria. Hannah steps up for her best shot. Nigel thinks she looks unusual, but Andre doesn’t know where she is going and wonders when she is going to have her high moment. Tyra instructs her to show her face better. Molly is judged last. Andre loves the drama and high fashion. Daniella loves the body language and Nigel thinks she committed to it. Tyra likes how she shows off the clothes.

The judges deliberate and think Alexandria doesn’t have much going on in her photos. They think Molly can sell photos and be high fashion. They decide that Hannah looks beautiful, but her face does not match her body language. They think Brittani is pretty, but didn’t push the envelope. Daniella thinks Brittani looks prettier in pictures than she does in person.

The four girls return for their verdict. Tyra announces that Molly had the best picture of the week. Tyra tells her what she is doing is fabulous, but asks for less intensity and to mix it up. The runner-up for best photo is Brittani. Tyra states to Alexandria and Hannah that blondes have a bad reputation for all being the same. She thinks they both have unique looks and personalities. Tyra points out that Alexandria has too much control and Hannah lacks control. Tyra reveals that Hannah gets to stay in the competition. She orders Hannah to bring it every single time. Tyra tells the eliminated Alexandria to relax and let it be. Alexandria cries that she failed herself. She notes she has had a lot of ups and downs but learned a lot and can’t wait to use her new experience.

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