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Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings – Argentinian Wedding

May 04, 2011 09:43 PM by Shayla Perry

This week on Oxygen‘s Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott help plan the perfect ceremony for Brenda and Oliver; incorporating the couple’s Argentinian heritage. Find out everything you missed here!

Tonight on Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings, Brenda and Oliver are two Argentinians who live with their parents and are hoping for the perfect wedding that celebrates their heritage. And when they say perfect, they mean it! As far as Brenda’s concerned, there’s just no room for errors. Tori Spelling, a perfectionist herself, is up to the challenge!

The couple meets Tori & Dean at their home and explain what they’re looking for. One of those things would be the Vera Wang wedding dress that Carrie Bradshaw wore in the first Sex and the City movie. Good luck with that one Tori!

First, they need to settle on a wedding venue. Brenda and Oliver have done a lot of searching on their own, and so far, they haven’t found “the one.” With an idea of what they’re looking for, Tori and James commit to finding the perfect space for both the ceremony and reception.

Now for the dress… Not too confident in her ability to find Brenda’s Sex and the City gown, Tori Spelling takes the bride and her mother shopping for wedding dresses to see if they can find something that she’ll like. Unfortunately, Brenda’s as picky about her gown as she is about the wedding venue. Will they be able to give her the wedding of her dreams, or will this perfectionist have to settle for something a little less than perfect?

The couple — well, Brenda — is making Tori & Dean start to doubt their abilities as wedding planners!

In an attempt to help her build confidence and therefore more comfortable making decisions, Dean McDermott suggests that he take Brenda for a ride on the racetrack. You know, for Brenda’s sake…not Dean’s.

Apparently, his strategy didn’t work. When Tori takes Brenda to the hair stylist to try to figure out how her hair and makeup will look on the big day, they end up leaving, once again not able to check anything off of their to-do list.

Later, Tori Spelling invites Brenda and her mother and grandmother to her house to show them the wedding dress that she’s found. It’s not the Sex and the City dress, but it looks pretty darn close, and Brenda loves it! Finally, a decision!

Let’s see if we can check some more things off of this list!

Since Brenda and Oliver will be living together for the first time after their wedding, and they’ve always talked about starting a family — with a puppy — Brenda wants to surprise her groom by getting him a dog as a wedding gift. So, Tori and Dean help her out by taking her to a rescue shelter to pick out a puppy. More progress!

Now, back to the wedding venue…

Tori and James take Brenda to a possible site, and surprisingly, she loves it!

Next, they manage to pick out flowers.

For Oliver’s gift to Brenda, he wants to paint her a picture, so he heads to Tori & Dean’s to work on it and they chat about the couple’s anxieties about living together for the first time.

The next day, Tori, Dean, and James go shopping for the perfect accents for the Argentinian wedding, then make their way back to the McDermott household to start putting things together.

It’s finally time for the big day, and Tori Spelling stops by the groom’s suite to pick up the painting he made for Brenda before checking on the reception space with James. After a mini crisis with picture frames that threatens to ruin their friendship, Tori and James hug it out and rush to check on the bride who’s getting her hair and makeup done.

Before walking her down the aisle, Brenda’s father presents her with a necklace from her grandmother, and she does her best to hold back the tears so she doesn’t ruin her makeup.

At the ceremony, battling the wind, Oliver and Brenda exchange vows in both English and Spanish, celebrating their Argentinian heritage, and are then pronounced husband and wife.

After their wedding photos are taken, Brenda surprises her husband with the puppy she adopted.

Just as it seems that everything was pulled off without a hitch, Tori Spelling notices that the menus have Brenda’s maiden name listed instead of Oliver’s — Dean’s mistake. Luckily, they’re able to remove them all before the guests are ushered into the room.

Then, after the couple shares their first dance, Oliver presents Brenda with the painting he made her, and yes, she loves it!

Another success for Tori & Dean!

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Photo Source: Oxygen

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