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America’s Next Great Restaurant: Sudhir Kandula Thrilled To Be In The Finale!

May 05, 2011 08:00 AM by Lisa Princ

This week we watched as NBC‘s America’s Next Great Restaurant crowned Jamawn Woods of Soul Daddy the winner of the show’s very first season. After the elimination, Sudhir Kandula says he was thrilled to be in the finale even though his Indian cuisine concept did not win. Keep reading to hear what else Sudhir had to say!

America’s Next Great Restaurant crowned Jamawn Woods the winner this week and while the other finalist Joey Galluzzi thought his concept should have won, Sudhir Kandula did not sound that disappointed. In fact when asked about whether or not he should have been eliminated, Sudhir replied with “Barring very rare moments of frustration towards the end of the show, I had a great time living with and competing against the rest of the contestants. I am friendly with all of them, but expect to be great friends with Steph, Marisa, Greg and Krystal for the long run. Alex wants to pitch a future TV show with me (I hope he was only joking), Greg wants to do a travel show with me (could be fun), and Krystal maintains that we should get married. I would work with Steph in a heartbeat. She is the kind of person I like to hire very early into companies I helped build to date. She brings extraordinary smarts and a great ability to execute.”

Um, did Sudhir just avoid answering the question at hand? Why yes, he did! When he was asked the same question again he simply replied with “I was thrilled to be in the finals.” Sudhir goes on to add that he will definitely continue to work on his concept and put it into motion soon. Did the investors make the right decision? Do you think Sudhir should have won? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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One Response to “America’s Next Great Restaurant: Sudhir Kandula Thrilled To Be In The Finale!”

  1. rangerover Says:
    December 20th, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    Reading his tweets, it seems that some humans live to eat (or PIG OUT like an animal, as with this contestant Sudhir Kandula). Ever heard of the term eating in ‘moderation’, Sudhir?

    It is almost disgusting how some people make this seem to be the most important thing in life! And this martyr wants to make sure people in America eat healthy vegetarian fare – LOL! How about moderation in food habits, eh?

    AND, this clown NEEDS ATTENTION. Sorry dude, but time for you to lay off seeking attention 24/7 – you sound and look pathetic.


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