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The Amazing Race Host Phil Keoghan Talks About The Cowboys And Cheating

May 05, 2011 02:00 PM by Allyson Wells

The Unfinished Business season of The Amazing Race is wrapping up this Sunday, but for some fans controversy still lingers. After cowboys and brothers Jet and Cord McCoy were eliminated, many fans spoke out on how unfair it was that the other racers shared information amongst themselves, but not with the cowboys. Host Phil Keoghan is now speaking out on the elimination and chalks it up to being part of the game.

Phil spoke with the Baltimore Sun about the cowboy controversy. “I have found this very confusing because people have shared information since the beginning of the race. Some people seem to remember that information was shared even in the first episode this season, and others are oblivious, I guess because of their tremendous affection for the Cowboys. But where is the disconnect? Why are they seeing it so differently? On paper, who is the biggest threat in the race? It’s the Cowboys. They were the first team to go from last place to first place with a Speed Bump. They are extremely competitive, a couple of guys who can spend 8 seconds on a bull, one of the most intense experiences in sport. Nothing fazes these guys.”

As for whether or not the other racers cheated, Phil cautions fans to be very careful in their wording. “Was it a little mean and a little unfair to the Cowboys? Probably. But there was no cheating. We have a lawyer out there with us following all these rules. People need to be careful with the words that they use. It was unfortunate that the teams ganged up on the Cowboys. But would we be having this conversation if it was a team that nobody liked, a team we couldn’t wait to see go? In the history of the race, there have been times when teams have been picked on and isolated. I think people have gotten wrapped with emotion because of the incredible likability of this team and they are looking for someone to place the blame on. You have to be very careful in your wording. No rules were broken. The Cowboys could have given information to another team or picked on another team, but they didn’t. People are expressing their frustration about a team they like being out of the race.”

With the finale airing this Sunday, Phil notes that the absence of the cowboys evened the playing field and anyone could win. “Not having the Cowboys in the finale really evened up the playing field. On paper, any one of these teams could win the race. It’s a very even competition with the lead changing quite a bit based on the challenges they face, very unpredictable.”

What did you think of Phil’s comments? Do you agree with what he had to say about the cowboys’ elimination?

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4 Responses to “The Amazing Race Host Phil Keoghan Talks About The Cowboys And Cheating”

  1. Ryan Says:
    May 8th, 2011 at 5:09 am

    Phil is being all nice and PC and he is probably correct about people being more unhappy because it was the cowboys and that it is not “against the rules” to share answers. However, because of the dissapointment that people are showing with these results CBS and The Amazing Race should think about changing the rules to eliminate the sharing of answers. Working together, ok, sharing an answer to a road block, not ok. The basic problem, aside from outrage from some fans is that it has the potential to make the show incredibly boring. You can’t tell me that the show wouldn’t have been more interesting if 3 or 4 teams had to go back to the beginning and try again. As an aside, I also noticed and was annoyed during the first episode when the exact same cheating went on. This episode just showed that in two instances this season you had teams that did not complete a road block and just got answers from other teams.

  2. Lola Says:
    May 10th, 2011 at 1:54 am

    Sharing information and completing the task are two separate things, of course they could have shared the information, but the teams failed to go follow the instruction as per stated in the clue, in the event the information was incorrect. Therefore resulting in a penalty upon crossing the mat.

    I did not watch after the Cowboys were eliminated because of this. Any avid Amazing Race fan knows sharing is part of the game, but never have teams been allowed to disregard instructions without consequence. That is the point at hand, hence the feeling of being cheated.

  3. Barbara Says:
    May 21st, 2011 at 7:58 pm

    I was very disappointed in the show for the same reason that everyone ganged up on the cowboys however the final blow came when the couple got the cab driver that did not seem to know where to go. This happened a few seasons back. There is no way a local cab driver would not know how to get some place so that is where I felt it was rigged. Sorry Amazing Race I do not think I will watch another season.

  4. Derek Says:
    May 4th, 2013 at 12:51 am

    My big problem with this episode was that the rules clearly stated that if someone had not gotten the correct answer, they MUST do it over until they get the correct answer, not walk five feet and get it from someone else. Jet was the only one to follow the rules as stated in the show and he got penalized for it. The other teams did joy complete the roadblock, so therefore should have received the standard 4 hour penalty.


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