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The Real Housewives of New York City: “Follow Pecking Orders”

May 05, 2011 09:13 PM by Shayla Perry

This week on an all new episode of Bravo‘s Real Housewives of New York City, after finding out that Cindy Barshop told Kelly Bensimon about her plan to get her and Ramona Singer talking again, Sonja Morgan is ready to show the new girl a thing or two about the hierarchy of Housewives! Plus, Jill Zarin is back from Australia! What kind of drama will she be coming home to tonight? Keep reading for everything you missed!

Tonight, on Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York City, Jill Zarin is back from her trip to Australia with a new tan and a new attitude to match! Wanting to steer clear of all the drama, she meets with Sonja Morgan, LuAnn and Kelly Bensimon, and the ladies fill her in on Ramona Singer’s antics at Cindy Barshop’s birthday party. So… that’s makes 2 drama-free minutes for Jill!

Kelly then tells Jill about the “threatening” drunk text she received from Ramona. When Kelly says that she and Ramona are going to meet for lunch to talk things over, the ladies decide to help her out.

(Okay, is anyone else creeped out by the fact that 1. Sonja’s impression of Ramona Singer is pretty much spot on, and 2. This is the second time Kelly Bensimon has been involved in an acting scene in two episodes?)

Back in Brooklyn, Alex McCord & hubby have surprised their son with a piano for his birthday, but the surprise seems to be on them…Francoise is not so thrilled.

It’s time for Kelly’s lunch with Ramona, and for back-up, she brings Sonja with her. Ramona Singer arrives and Kelly explains to her why she was so nervous to meet with her, telling her that if they’re going to be friends, Ramona needs to be real, and actually be her friend. Ramona apologizes for the drunk text, and Kelly accepts, promising to never talk about Ramona behind her back. Let’s see how long that lasts!

Feeling pretty proud of herself for having the two ladies come together (despite the fact that she never even said anything), Sonja Morgan wonders why Cindy Barshop ever doubted that this meeting would be anything other than civil.

So… she invites Cindy over for tea at her house to chat (read: attack), and is instantly offended when Cindy starts dancing with her “house man.” Sonja then sits Cindy down and tells her how upset she is about her letting Kelly know about Ramona coming to the house. Cindy denies ever telling Kelly that Ramona was going to be there (though the tape clearly tells a different story), and Sonja, in about the same tone she used when being a friend to Alex McCord and kicking her out of her house, tells Cindy that she ruined all of her plans and despite her meddling, she was able to have Kelly and Ramona work things out, being sure to note that she can never trust her.

Then, as if that weren’t enough, Sonja tells Cindy that everyone came to her birthday party (everyone except for her, that is), as a favor to Ramona, since she was the one that introduced her to the group. Cindy says that she’s thankful that some of the ladies took the time to come out that day, but Sonja feels the need to talk about something that she heard happened that day; something that was really upsetting to her…

Apparently, Ramona told Sonja that when she arrived at Cindy’s party, there wasn’t any Pinot there.


Cindy thinks it’s ridiculous for them to even be discussing a glass of wine as if it’s a real issue, but Sonja tells her that out of respect for Ramona, who’s the only reason anyone was there, she should’ve had the Pinot there and in her hand as soon as she arrived. She then goes on to explain that there’s a “pecking order,” and if Ramona Singer is coming to your party, you’d better make sure that Ramona Singer is taken care of, because Ramona Singer’s a star. We WISH that we were making this stuff up, but it does give us a little insight as to why Sonja was able to do such an uncanny impression of Ramona. Obsessed much?!

And speaking of the star that is Ramona Singer…

Ramona is having a jewelry party, displaying her new line. The Countess arrives and is put off by the “Mary Kay party,”so she tries to stomach the event by having a glass of – what else, but Pinot…Ramona’s. After having to correct Ramona’s pronunciation of the name of the place in Italy where she got the grapes, the two talk about Cindy’s party, and Ramona starts complaining about… Yup, you guessed it — the Pinot. LuAnn tries to explain that it was Cindy’s party and having wine for Ramona probably wasn’t on the top of anyone’s list of priorities, but Ramona disagrees. When she mentions the awkward moment with Cindy’s brother, Howard, LuAnn asks Ramona why she confronted him at the party. Ramona reminds the Countess that she’s the one that suggested she bring it up, but LuAnn says that she never meant for her to be so aggressive, or to do it in front of his family!

After being reprimanded by Sonja, Cindy Barshop meets with Kelly to go for a walk through Central Park to decompress. Cindy tells Kelly about everything Sonja told her, which surprises Kelly. Another surprise? Jill Zarin is there at the park walking her dog, and Kelly immediately tells Jill about the apparent pecking order in the group. Jill’s theory? Perhaps Sonja’s been drinking a little too much of Ramona’s wine!

Finally able to have her toaster oven cooking party, Sonja Morgan tries to impress Kelly Bensimon and the Countess with her culinary skills (and yes, there is a cookbook in the works). Shockingly, they like it…they really like it!

Still feeling the good vibes from her vacation, Jill Zarin heads to Brooklyn to try to talk things over with Alex McCord, hoping to mend their relationship.

Alex brings up the B-word — Bethenny — telling Jill that she didn’t like the way she treated others, including her children, whom she says Jill called “animals.” Jill explains her side of the story, and the two manage to agree that they’re going to move forward from all of the tension and drama. To seal the deal, they write down their issues on paper and burn them in the backyard.

Also working on trying to fix their relationship, Ramona Singer and Cindy Barshop meet for lunch (lucky Cindy!), and Ramona’s confused when Cindy tells her that she doesn’t like some of the things she’s done. The Pinot incident comes up, and Ramona again explains that she needed to have that Pinot, and didn’t appreciate being at a “kiddie party” when she wanted to have a romantic time with her husband, telling Cindy that she’ll understand once she’s been married for 18 years.

Not recognizing the person sitting across from her anymore, Cindy tells Ramona that perhaps their friendship is over, and Ramona’s silence confirms it.

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