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Kitchen Nightmares: The Capri

May 06, 2011 06:57 PM by Lisa Princ

FOX’s Kitchen Nightmares and Chef Gordon Ramsay are back tonight in a brand new episode. This week Chef Ramsay heads to Eagle Rock, California to the Capri Restaurant, but will he be able to save this classic Italian eatery and its lazy owners before it’s too late? Keep reading to find out!

Kitchen Nightmares returns tonight as Gordon Ramsay heads out to Eagle Rock, CA to help save two brothers and their failing Italian eatery, The Capri. When Gordon gets there, after his initial disgust over the 1960′s decor, he meets Jeff, one of the owners who gives him the lowdown on how they need help, but then informs Gordon that they are not open for lunch, and only open for dinner 5 nights a week. Confused by this, Gordon asks to speak with Jeff’s brother, Jim but gets the shock of his life when Jim comes out looking exactly like Jeff – they are identical twins! Gordon thinks he is being fooled but when they come out together he can’t help but crack up laughing.

But laughter did not last long after he ordered his meals – chicken scarpello, an extra large pizza and a meatball sub. Before he even tried the meatballs, the waitress informed him that they were not made at The Capri, they were brought in frozen. Even so, Gordon, the daring soul that he is decided to try them anyway and he was disgusted – and watching Jim make them was even worse, he was slopping everything on with his bare hands and sticking his fingers in the sauce. But it got even worse when Gordon tried the chicken dish and immediately knew something was wrong with the chicken, which turned out to be frozen from who knows when – Gordon said it was going bad and started to gag a bit. Do I even need to tell you that he did not like the pizza one bit either.

Upon inspecting The Capri a bit, Gordon also noticed the dust on the lamps could have been a mile high and there were mounds upon mounds of chewing gum underneath the tables. When he questioned the last time the place was cleaned, Jim told him that he was in charge of cleaning but he hadn’t done it a while. When he asked about the outdated decor, the waitress informed him that nothing had changed since the 1960′s original owners – yikes! Completely annoyed by the dirt, Gordon told the brothers to clean up the dust and gum before he came back.

The next day he decided to give dinner service a shot to see these two twins in action. Right off the bat it was a nightmare and probably one of the worst cases we’ve seen on Kitchen Nightmares. Jim thawed out some chicken improperly and Gordon about lost it on him, claiming he was going to make the customers sick. He and Gordon got into a heated battle and Gordon told him to grow up and take responsibility so Jim went out to the dining area and told everyone they had no more chicken on the menu. After he stormed back into the kitchen, Jim started cursing Gordon left and right and Jeff was left in tears over all the stress leaving Gordon was just shocked by the behavior of these two grown men.

Gordon decided to try something different this time as well. He took the brothers to a boxing gym where they could duke it out and resolve some of their issues. Ultimately it was a good idea as they found common ground in the ring and decided to stick it out. Then back The Capri, Gordon and the brothers went through all of their food, ridding the place of anything old and outdated. Chef Ramsay then demanded that they stop being lazy and spend the evening cleaning the entire kitchen, which they did.

The next afternoon when the twins strolled in around their usual 3-4 pm time, they were stunned to see a sign spinner in front of The Capri advertising lunch. They were even more stunned when they walked in, noticed the decor had been changed and they had a dining room full of customers finishing up their lunches. Gordon greeted them, brought them some of his freshly cooked food and then sat down with them. Gordon explained that he and their staff had come in early and opened for lunch, which profited $300.00. The twins were amazed and said that with only 5 days of lunch like that they could pay their rent and they decided to keep opening for lunch.

Next however, came the revamping of the menu which started as Gordon Ramsay taught them how to make fresh meatballs and they were amazed at how easy it really was. A few more menu changes and they were set to give dinner service a go. It started off smoothly but Jim became quickly overwhelmed, to the point where Gordon had to take them outside and get them to get a grip. After that they were able to successfully pull off dinner service and they had a new outlook on The Capri. A month later when Kitchen Nightmares checked in, The Capri was still doing well and the brothers kept their word to Gordon Ramsay to continue the hard work, and serve lunch as well. Another successful save for Chef Ramsay!

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2 Responses to “Kitchen Nightmares: The Capri”

  1. spsmith Says:
    May 7th, 2011 at 11:22 pm

    the Eagle Rock, Capri twins are adorable…Great show!!

  2. Crystal Says:
    August 14th, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    I would never eat in that place even if it’s the last eatery existing in the world. Horrible hygeine practice and zero sense of how to cook. Disgusting.


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