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America’s Next Top Model: The Controversial Alexandria Speaks Out

May 08, 2011 12:00 PM by Allyson Wells

Cycle 16 of America’s Next Top Model has been dominated by Alexandria and her dominant personality.  She has rubbed all of the models the wrong way at one time or another.  Still, she managed to take beautiful photos and impress the judges in the process.  Her controlling ways finally caught up with her and she was eliminated just shy of making the top three.  Alexandria speaks out about her experience and chalks up her portrayal on the show to editing.  Keep reading to see what she had to say.

Question: Your strong attitude seems that may be part of the reason you rubbed the other girls the wrong way at first. Can you talk about that a little bit? What happened there?

Alexandria: I feel that too, because I feel maybe they were doing it behind my back because of the intimidation, or maybe because of. I don’t really quite honestly know, because I didn’t find out that no one liked me until I called Brittani out. She finally grew some cajones after I said “Yo, I can hear you,” I feel like after being called out, she all of a sudden got a backbone where she needed to say it to my face, and that was the first time I was ever told. How can you know that people don’t like you when they’re acting like your best friend to your face, if behind your back they’re talking a bunch of smack? I think that’s very unfair, and I don’t feel that’s very professional at all, but at the same time it’s a lesson we all have to learn in this life. And I’m not gonna hate that it happened, because it happened in the best way it could. It taught me a lot. I’m sure it taught her a lot. We both learned and we both wiped the slate clean.

I have the tendency to talk very strongly and passionate, and if I was not someone like me, I would be intimidated too. I’d say, “That girl knows what she wants and she’s not gonna stop until she gets it.” I’d be scared too, because I don’t know any other person on this cycle that really said how they felt when they felt it. And that’s what I did, and if that makes me a villain and if that makes me a bitch boss, then guess what? I’d rather be that than a cowardly lion.

Question: Are there any bad feelings between you and Brittani now?

Alexandria:  Oh no, not all. We really did talk things over. I said, ‘For whatever I have done, I’ll clean your slate if you all clean mine. I simply don’t know what I did to you all’. I’m very passionate and strong about what my beliefs are and what I believe in because of what I’ve been through. Maybe it was hard for them to comprehend or understand what I go through on a daily basis. I just don’t think they cared enough to get that far to ask. I guess it’s much easier to assume than actually know.

Question: Did you know that Monique had read your diary before the episode aired?

Alexandria: I didn’t know about that and that really hurt me. She slept next to me in the bedroom and we were really close. She actually just recently moved to Huntington Beach which is in my city and it’s great to have her close. She called me the day the episode aired and said she was waiting to see if this would air, and it did. It really hurt me because I didn’t think someone would go into my personal space because they wanted to know if I was saying bad things about them. It then turns out that once they go through my journal the only thing that was said in there was that I was feeling misunderstood. Then they said I was crazy if I didn’t realize they all didn’t like me. How is someone supposed to know people don’t like them if they’re constantly being okay with you and trying to be your friend on a daily basis? Any normal person wouldn’t realize the trickery or behind the back aspect of it. I guess I was a complete airhead because I’m not like that, so how would I ever be able to relate to that? I’m completely okay with finding out they went through my journal and did all that behind my back, because it just shows I don’t do that.

Question: How were you feeling going into the panel?

Alexandria: I went into that photoshoot already feeling a little bit of a negative vibe from some people, but I did as best I could and tried not to control and to let it go. Everything happens for a reason. I’m still very happy and that’s how I went into panel. Anything can happen. I feel that if you go in with a more positive outlook on things, it will all be good. Maybe this just wasn’t part of any higher power’s plan for me this time and I just have to see what the future holds for me. I’m very excited because this was a great experience to just be a part of, and I already won so much from this in mind, body and soul, and on top of the public service announcement I got. And to meet all these great people in the industry. I’m very, very happy.

Question: What did you think of the judges’ criticism that you seemed controlled in your picture? Were you feeling tense in the photoshoot?

Alexandria: I felt a little bit of intensity from Mr Jay and I feel like I let myself down in the aspect of letting him be able to say I was controlling. I should never have given him that power or let him see that side, because even when I tried to break that control, he still felt I was doing that. I can honestly say I did it to myself and the next time I know not to do that. In my next photoshoot I won’t let anyone have any reason to doubt me or think I’m controlling. I’ll take those two minutes to shake it out and let loose. I’ve learned a lot and that’s the best lesson from all of this.

Question: So do you feel like the control-freak label was unjust?

Alexandria: I won’t let people put a label on me. It’s hard because we’re always being told what to do. I think it’s unfair to say a model is just a model; a smart model knows about everything around them. Part of it was that I was 21 at the time and I didn’t want to listen to people. But in this industry you have to.

Question: What was your favorite moment with the judges?

Alexandria: When we got to Morocco and were hanging out with Mr. Jay and Ms. Jay, that was so fun. I have a picture now of me in the souk, kissing a cobra, and Ms. Jay is in it. Cobras are good luck, you know.

Question: What is your next step for modeling?

Alexandria: I’m getting ready for New York. My boyfriend and myself are planning on moving there in August after his birthday and his son’s birthday. I’m going to go hit Fashion Week and I’m so excited!

Question: Who are you rooting for to win the show?

Alexandria: I’m rooting for all three really for different reasons. I feel like all three girls have such a different outlook on things and such a positivity in their own hearts and minds. It’s a great outlook for fans, and different people who have been through different things can look at each of them and really connect with them. That’s what the fans and people who can relate want – they want someone to tell them they can do it too. This is our dream, and once you have a dream you go for it and never give up. I feel like that’s something that in this day and age a lot of people forget. They set themselves so low, and it used to be how high can you set yourself and how long will it take you to get there? No matter how long it takes you, still try and go for your dreams. I feel like that’s an important life lesson. You only have one life so why not go for it all?

What did you think of Alexandria’s comments?  I must admit, after hearing what she had to say about the show, I have a different outlook on her now.  She actually comes off as being very positive about her experience on the show and life in general.  One thing I will not miss, however, is that dreadful bonnet of hers.  I hope she has tossed it by now.

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