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The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business Season Finale

May 08, 2011 07:11 PM by Allyson Wells

This season on The Amazing Race, 11 teams had a second chance to settle unfinished business.  The second time showed more frustration, tears, and exhilaration.  The racers battled the elements and each other.  Some teams lost their way, lost their cool and some just plain lost.  The remaining racers are best friends Zev and Justin, sisters Kisha and Jen, father and daughter Gary and Mallory, and Harlem Globetrotters Flight Time and Big Easy.  Which one will win the million dollar prize and The Amazing Race?

In Zermatt, Switzerland at the base of the Matterhorn, Flight Time and Big Easy depart first.  They learn they most fly to the sunny beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for their next clue.  The Globetrotters are excited to go to the beach.  Kisha and Jen note they haven’t won a leg, but will settle for winning the race.  They point out that this the leg they lost on their race.  Gary and Mallory leave and feel good about their chances to make the finals.  Zev and Justin depart last and make it on the train with the other three teams.  Once they reach Zurich, they all race to a travel agency.  Flight Time and Big Easy book a flight that gets in at 7:30 am.  Zev and Justin also get on their flight.  Gary and Mallory and Kisha and Jen get on a flight that doesn’t get in until 5:40 pm.  Gary and Mallory ask the Globetrotters about their flight, but they deny they found anything earlier.  Gary knows something is up and he and Mallory and Kisha and Jen change their flights as well. 

All four teams arrive in Rio at the same time.  Gary and Mallory’s taxi departs last, but they manage to pass the Globetrotters’ cab, causing Flight Time to remark that their cab driver is driving like Grandpa.  Kisha and Jen, Zev and Justin and Gary and Mallory make it to the train station to get on the same train.  Flight Time and Big Easy miss the train by seconds.  They learn they will have to wait thirty minutes for the next train and ask the conductor to stop the current one, but the train keeps going. 

The next clue reads for the racers to make it to the Promenade for their next clue.  Zev and Justin take off first, followed by Gary and Mallory and then Kisha and Jen.  At the Promenade, the racers learn that they must learn the exotic samba dance while wearing wild carnival costumes.  They will then lead a parade down the street.  Zev has to take the clue for his team.  Justin giggles at Zev’s attire, while he remarks that he hates dancing.  Justin laughs that he has only seen Zev dance while intoxicated.  Mallory takes the road block for her team.  She quickly figures it out and leads a parade.  She passes the test.  Zev tries it next and tries to have fun with it.  He fails his first and second try.  Kisha and Jen get lost looking for the destination and they feel like they are reliving China all over again.  They finally make it and Kisha takes the road block.  She has great rhythm and passes on her first try.  They end up leaving before Zev and Justin.  Flight Time and Big Easy arrive and Big Easy takes the road block for them.  Zev knows he has to get it together.  He has fun with it and loosens up and finally passes.  Justin tells him how proud he is of him.  Flight Time shakes it during his parade but fails on the first try.  He works it out and passes on the second try.

Gary and Mallory depart first for Copacabana.  They learn that they must endure a Brazilian waxing session to receive their next clue.  Mallory thinks it is funny to get a wax next to her dad.  Gary laughs in pain.  Mallory points out Zev and Justin are going to be in a lot of pain because they are super hairy.  Kisha and Jen arrive second and Kisha jokes that Jen has a lot of armpit hair.  Zev and Justin get lost on the way.  Flight Time and Big Easy arrive next and try not to wince while getting their wax.  Zev and Justin arrive after everyone has gone and scream in agony.  It’s reminiscent of Steve Carrell in the 40-year old virgin, as Justin yells, “Kelly Clarkson.”  Justin wants to punch the waxer in the face.

The detour is next:  on the rocks or on the beach.  In on the rocks, they must learn to make the most popular drink in Brazil and make 100 acceptable drinks.  For on the beach. they must set up a portable bikini stand and convince beachgoers to buy bikinis and make at least $60 for their next clue.  Gary and Mallory choose on the rocks.  They keep getting the sequence out of order, but finally start producing correct drinks.  Kisha and Jen arrive next to do on the rocks, as do Flight Time and Big Easy.  Jen bartended at college and quickly puts the drinks together.  Gary and Mallory finish first.  Zev and Justin choose to do on the beach.  They have a tough time finding people to buy and try on their bikinis.  Justin thinks they should find people who are drunk.  They end up giving up and doing the drink challenge.  Kisha and Jen finish as Zev and Justin arrive.  Zev asks if he has to samba while making the drinks.  Flight Time and Big Easy finish and take off dancing.  Zev and Justin know their chances are slim, but refuse to give up.  They toast to a good run after finishing.
Gary and Mallory learn the next Pit Stop is to Rio’s Museum of Contemporary Art.  They check in first and Phil tells them they will be in the finals.  He also tells them they win a trip for two for a cruise along the Mediterranean.  Kisha and Jen check in second.  They are thrilled to be in the finals.  Flight Time and Big Easy check in third.  Zev and Justin sip on their drinks in the cab.  They know their race is coming to an end.  Justin thinks they really proved themselves.  Zev knows he has proved a lot to himself and other people with his Aspergers.  They approach Phil on the beach and Justin jokes it would be romantic if they were a couple.  Phil is sorry to tell them they are eliminated.  Zev thinks the bigger picture was seeing what was out in the world, as opposed to a million dollars.

Gary and Mallory depart first from Rio and learn they must fly to Miami, Florida, their final destination and make their way to the marina.  Kisha and Jen depart second and Flight Time and Big Easy depart last.  All three teams take off on the same flight.  The Globetrotters and Kisha and Jen get out first very quickly in their taxis, while Gary and Mallory struggle with their cab driver.  The cab driver gets lost and does not know where he is going.  At the marina, the racers get their first road block.  Using a forklift, they racers must carefully transport a boat and try to avoid catastrophe.  Kisha and Flight Time take the road block for their teams.  The task proves easy for both teams and Flight Time finishes moving his boat first.  Kisha finishes second.  Gary and Mallory finally make it to the marina.  Gary takes the road block, while Mallory tries to stay calm and is bummed to have started the leg off so badly.  Gary has no trouble completing the task.

The racers head to Key Largo for their next clue.  At Jules’ Undersea Lodge, the Globetrotters get the next clue.  Teams must conduct a bob dive and search treasure chests for a clue while mermaids swim around them.  Kisha and Jen arrive hot on the Globetrotters heels.  Big Easy and Jen take the road block for their teams.  Jen and Flight Time are wowed by how cool it is underwater.  Big Easy finds the clue first.  Jen finds her clue quickly.  Gary and Mallory arrive and are bummed to see the other teams have already left.  Mallory takes the road block for their team.  She retrieves the clue and are annoyed when the cab driver doesn’t know where the next destination is.

The Globetrotters learn they must travel to Mile Marker 29.  Flight Time and Big Easy are shocked to find their cab driver has left them.  They run through the streets and find him.  Kisha and Jen get to the marker first and learn they must walk across a shallow section of the ocean to Horseshoe Island for their next clue.  The Globetrotters arrive shortly after the sisters.  Gary and Mallory hold hands and cross over the water after everyone else has already left.  They are happy to leave their cab driver behind for a boat.

The teams return to the mainland for a high speed boat ride to Galway Mobile Home Park.  Kisha and Jen take off on their boat first, but the Globetrotters are right behind them.  At the mobile home park, the racers get their next road block.  They must choose a small trailer and hook it up to the local utilities and set up the ultimate Florida trailer hood.  The wind picks up and makes the task difficult for the racers.  Gary and Mallory arrive and slightly narrow the gap between them and the other racers.  Kisha and Jen finish the task first.  Flight Time and Big Easy figure out they didn’t set their table right and finally get their next clue.  Gary and Mallory pass their inspection on the first try, but still have a lot of ground to make up.

Kisha and Jen take off for the seven-mile bridge.  They learn they must take tricycles across the bridge.  The Globetrotters try to pass the sisters but can’t reach them and know the race is over for them.  Kisha and Jen hang in there and race to the finish line.  The other racers are cheering for them at the finish line as they cross it first.  For the second time, an all-female team wins the race.  They didn’t win a leg, but they won the most important one.  They cry that they want to help their mother.  The Globetrotters finish second.  They hug Kisha and Jen at the finish line.  They laugh that they got beat by a couple of girls, but had fun singing and dancing around the world.  Gary and Mallory finish third and high five the former racers as they finish.  Mallory boasts that her dad did her proud and is the most special guy in the world.  Gary thinks it is awesome that his daughter wanted to do the race with him.  Mallory says money isn’t everything and the experience is priceless.  All of the racers hug one another and are proud of their individual experiences that they had.

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