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America’s Next Top Model: Only Two Remain

May 11, 2011 07:09 PM by Allyson Wells

Three models remain on America’s Next Top Model.  Molly, Brittani and Hannah all think they have a shot to win it all.  Who will be eliminated just shy of winning a contract with ING and appearing as a model for Cover Girl Cosmetics and have their own spread in Italian Vogue?

The remaining girls cannot believe Alexandria is finally gone.  Brittani is happy the dramatic girl has left.  Brittani thinks Molly takes better photos and Hannah is more commercial than she is.  Hannah thinks it was very strange being in the bottom two.  She believes she is more dynamic than Brittani and Molly.  Brittani wants to make Molly mess up so she can win.  Molly knows she deserves to be there because she has overcome self-worth issues and wants to show people there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Molly notes that Hannah might be a bit too emotional, but Hannah counters that Molly is too angry all the time. 

Tyra Mail arrives that says, “Tomorrow you’ll know beauty inside and out and about.”  Jay Manuel arrives at the house and the girls welcome him.  He plays a video from The Insider and Lara Spencer addresses them.  She gives them the scoop on their next challenge.  The girls get to pick one fashion trend in Morocco and report back to the Insider.  The winner will have their live shot appear on The Insider.  Jay gives them advice on how to do the video before they hit the Moroccan streets.  While working on their challenges, all of the models have a hard time finding someone to interview because no one speaks English.  Hannah thinks she can nail the challenge because she studied journalism in college.  All of the other girls hope the others mess up.

The girls return to the house to have Jay watch their commercials.  Brittani’s video is a bit of a mess.  Her interviewee barely says anything and just nods yes to her questions.  Jay liked how she had it set up, but didn’t like how she didn’t utilize her expert and then ran through the store.  Molly’s video actually comes together really well.  Jay loves her video up until the end where she talks off the cuff when the video is still running.  Hannah’s video is good and she seems into the product, but runs out of time.  Jay doesn’t like how she doesn’t let the interviewees speak and turn away from the camera.  Jay thinks Molly nailed all of the elements the best.  Molly is so happy to have finally won a challenge.  Hannah cries that the challenge was up her alley and in her heart she did win. 

Tyra Banks enters the girls’ home and she hugs all of them.  She asks them what they opened up with at the emotion challenge back in Hollywood.  Molly cries about her adoption and feeling abandoned and how she hides it with anger.  Tyra hugs her.  Hannah says in middle-school she never felt like she was enough.  Tyra thinks she sees a rebirth in Hannah’s face.  Brittani reveals her mom’s agoraphobia and how she never left the house.  Brittani cries she was embarrassed by her mom growing up, but now appreciates her.  Tyra hugs Brittani.  Tyra thinks their struggles make them more real.  Molly realizes Tyra cares about them as people.

Tyra escorts the girls outside of the house and reveals she is doing their hair and makeup and will be photographing them.  Molly loves both Brittani and Hannah, but wants Brittani to go home because she is tougher on the runway than Hannah.  Hannah wants to show strong pictures and let Molly and Brittani know she can beat them.  Brittani wants to reach out and grab her prize package.  After the photo session, Tyra talks about the importance of isolation.  She instructs them on how to be bold with one feature and not move any others.  Tyra takes them up to the roof and they dance wearing Moroccan hats. 

Tyra Mail arrives and says, “Are you really committed?  You will be tomorrow.”  The girls travel to their next location and Brittani complains that she does not feel good.  Nigel Barker is waiting for them on the Moroccan coastline.  Jay wants them to bring a story to their photographs.  They will be wearing Moroccan wedding photos and posing with a male model.  Molly goes first and Nigel advises her to emote and get the narrative.  Jay worries that Molly is disconnected from the male model.  Molly is mad that she didn’t do as well as she wanted to.  Hannah goes next, and Nigel thinks that she looks like she is fighting too much and the emotion took over too much.  Brittani is last and knows it is do or die.  Jay likes Brittani’s confidence and the story, but doesn’t feel any emotion.  Brittani bursts into tears, and Nigel notes that she can’t cry at every photo session.  Hannah thinks she did better than Brittani and Molly. 

The models go to panel to learn who will be in the finals.  Ivan Bart, the Vice-President of ING is the guest judge.  Tyra reveals that every girl has two shots to evaluate this week.  Brittani is judged first.  Nigel thinks that her emotion didn’t come through properly.  In her second shot, Nigel asks if she has to cry at every photo session.  Hannah is judged second.  Andre thinks that it is Hannah’s best work so far.  Nigel points out that she is a very emotional lady and Hannah cries that it is her strength.  However, Nigel counters it was a weakness in this instance.  Molly is judged last.  Nigel likes her shot, but felt like she wasn’t connected to the male model.  Tyra likes the subtle hints and Nigel agrees that the little decisions she makes are wonderful. 

The judges deliberate on the remaining three models.  Nigel thinks Brittani has produced great photos, but shooting her was not a good experience.  Andre thinks she looks fabulous and Tyra agrees she gives her chills.  Andre thinks Hannah’s tears and outburst were a turn-off.  Tyra worries she isn’t ready.  They all agree Molly is beautiful.  Tyra tells them she had a chat with Molly and found her to be lovely.

The models return for the verdict.  Tyra reveals that Molly won best photo.  Molly is shocked to be a finalist.  Hannah and Brittani step forward to learn who the other finalist will be.  Tyra reveals that the judges deliberated very intensely.  Tyra tells Hannah she has a face that will sell, but are unsure of her strength inside.  Tyra points out Brittani started off so strong, but has faded and wonder if she can be international.  Tyra reveals that Brittani is the other finalist.  She advises her to be strong on the inside and consistent.  Tyra hugs Hannah and tells her she loved shooting her, but to work on her strength.  Hannah cries that she is confused, but still proud of herself and has the confidence to take risks.  Molly and Brittani celebrate and are pumped to learn they will be walking in a Vivienne Westwood fashion show.  Tyra tells them she is very proud of them.

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