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Top Chef Masters: Time Management And Maroon 5!

May 11, 2011 08:52 PM by Lisa Princ

Bravo‘s Top Chef Masters is back tonight as the remaining seven contestants must overcome time management and then cook for Adam Levine and Maroon 5! But which chefs rose to the challenge and who was sent packing? Keep reading for more details!

Top Chef Masters kicked off tonight with a time management quickfire challenge as Curtis revealed a table of heavenly ingredients – things every chef dreams of cooking with. Then he revealed that the contestants could cook whatever they wanted, but they had to do it in under 7 minutes. Both Mary Sue and Celina decided to go with scallops as the easiest dish to prepare in this time frame, while we watched as Naomi decided to be daring and go with foie gras. Hugh did two different tuna dishes, while Floyd and Alex went with prawns and Traci did a beef tenderloin. Time flew by so fast luckily everyone was able to finish in time.

Then Curtis surprised the chefs by telling them they would be judging each others dishes by rating them from 1 to 7, 1 being the best and seven being the worst, the lowest score would win the challenge. When it was time to judge, Hugh’s dish was up first and even he gave himself a 7 laughing the entire time. Naomi’s dish and Traci’s dish seemed to have the best reviews. Hugh ended up in last place and Naomi ended up in 2nd place with Traci taking 1st place and winning the challenge as well as $5k for her charity.

Then it was time for the main challenge on Top Chef Masters and Curtis informed them that they would be broken up into two groups. Since Traci won the challenge, she got to choose her team members and she chose Hugh, Naomi and Mary Sue, leaving Alex, Celina and Floyd on the other team. This week the contestants would be cooking a family style meal, with little time and resources for Maroon 5! They were greeted by a video of Maroon 5 with each band member telling them something that they liked. The chefs were left with a list of steak, corn, Thanksgiving dinner, Mexican and vegan.

But there was one more twist for the contestants – they would be cooking on a tour bus while heading over to the hotel where Maroon 5 was staying! This proved to be a tough feat for both teams with the limited space and constant movement leaving some chefs very frustrated. Oddly enough, both teams had chosen very similar menus each choosing a corn soup, breaded turkey, steak and a vegan dish. Alex, however seemed to take on too much for his team as he ended up making four dishes while his team mates only made two each, but would it come back to bite him in the end? He actually ended up overcooking his pasta vegan dish.

When it was time for tasting on Top Chef Masters, the judges met up with Maroon 5 and Alex’s team was first. Celina’s corn soup went over well, but Alex’s vegan enchiladas were not a hit, nor was his overcooked pasta. Floyd did not impress either with his salad that looked like it had been taken from a bag out of the grocery store. Adam Levine did like the steak, although the judges did not agree. The turkey was not a huge hit either as they all loved the gravy more and Alex’s tapioca pudding was undercooked.

When it was time for Traci’s team, the dishes went over just as well with the guys of Maroon 5, but it was the judges that they needed to impress. This team served Margaritas and salsa before the meal which everyone loved. Traci did a Japanese style steak that was probably the biggest hit of the night with the judges, while Hugh’s corn soup did not go over as well as Celina’s did earlier. Mary Sue’s salsa and tostadas went over very will everyone.

During their meal Curtis grilled Adam Levine about his most embarrassing moment on stage, where Adam revealed that he forgot his own lyrics once while performing! But then it was back to the food, and Maroon 5 gave props to all the chefs and left the judges to debate. The judges decided that Traci’s team had the winning dishes and Traci herself was the overall winner of the evening, giving her another $10k for her charity. They were disappointed with the other team, but more with Alex than anyone, so Curtis had asked Alex to pack up his knives and head out.

Be sure to tune in next week at 10 pm EST on Bravo for a brand new episode of Top Chef Masters!

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