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Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings – Tuscan Wedding

May 11, 2011 10:02 PM by Shayla Perry

This week on a very late Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings, Tori Spelling’s family counseling skills are once again put to the test when tension between the bride’s biological and adoptive fathers threatens to ruin her Tuscan themed wedding. Will Tori be able to smooth things over before the big day? Something tells us that if she does, someone may be pitching another spin-off to Oxygen.

Miss tonight’s episode of Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings on Oxygen? No worries! Here are all the details on the Tuscan themed ceremony and reception that Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott, and James McGowan planned for Christina & Gavin.

THE COUPLE: Christina & Gavin have only known each other for a year and a half, but their whirlwind romance quickly led to a proposal in Italy — obviously the inspiration for their Tuscan themed wedding.

THE DRAMA: With Christina’s parents divorced, there are lots of issues between her adoptive father and her biological father. Which one will walk her down the aisle? How will she decide without offending anyone? How will they get it all worked out in just two weeks, on top of having an entire wedding to plan?! Oye!

THE VENUE: Tori & Dean immediately set up an appointment for Christina and Gavin to see the location they have in mind for both the ceremony and reception.

Christina absolutely loves it, and Gavin agrees. So, wedding venue — check!

THE DRESS: Tori Spelling invites Christina, her mother, and Maid of Honor to a bridal boutique. She’s already selected a few choices for the bride to try on that she thinks will fit Christina’s criteria.

They all look amazing on Christina. How will she choose?

MORE DRAMA: Tori and Christina meet for lunch and have a chat about the issue with the dads — whose names are both Mike. Christina’s biological father wasn’t very involved as she was growing up, and she still refers to him by his first name. She wants her adoptive father to walk her down the aisle, since he’s raised her — and her mother has made it clear that that’s what she wants too. But Christina doesn’t necessarily want to leave her biological father out and risk hurting his feelings.

GROOM STUFF: Dean McDermott takes Gavin out to get measured for his tux, and offers some fashion forward advice about the colors he thinks the groom should select.

THE CAKE: Tori & Dean and Christina & Gavin get down and dirty tasting cake samples, and eventually decide on one with 4 layers in coral and gold.

THE FLOWERS: Seemingly an easy task, especially when you have celebrity florist Kevin Lee and Tori Spelling’s pal James McGowan there to help you out, Gavin and Christina aren’t exactly thrilled with their choices — specifically, the colors. Who knew there were so many shades of pink?

THE BLING: To help calm Christina’s nerves a bit, Tori Spelling takes her to Neil Lane to have her pick out some diamond jewelry for her to wear on her big day. Somehow, this is a lot easier than the flowers.

YET MORE DRAMA: Tori meets with Christina’s mother to see if she can convince her to see her daughter’s side of the daddy-issue. Her mother thinks that having Christina’s biological father involved in any way is inappropriate, and doesn’t seem to want to budge, despite Tori’s concern that Christina will end up missing out on her own wedding because her parents can’t get along.

BACK TO THE FLOWERS: Still not able to get the right shade of coral, Tori decides that it’s time to find a different florist. But will they be able to get what they want in time for the wedding?!

THE SET-UP/AND YEAH, MORE DRAMA: With only six hours to get the ceremony and reception areas set up, Tori, Dean, and James stress over every detail — from the color of stain on the chairs, to just about everything else. But again, Dean’s upset because he feels that Tori is ignoring him, and that when she’s around “her gays,” he doesn’t have a voice.

Time is running out, and the flowers are still not right. They’re finally the right color, but the stems are long — not what Tori wanted.

While panic ensues, Christina and her bridesmaids head to the salon to get their hair and make up done before arriving at the ranch. And Gavin? He and his groomsmen are enjoying a relaxing game of croquet…and champagne.

Before she walks down the aisle, Tori visits Christina and gives her a special bouquet, which is wrapped in her mother’s veil, and adorned with her grandmother’s broach. Then, Tori gives the bride a handmade card, which brings her to tears.

THE CEREMONY: As the guests (including her biological father) look on, Christina is escorted down the aisle by her adoptive father, who gives her away. After exchanging the vows that they’ve written, Christina and Gavin are presented as husband and wife.

THE RECEPTION: With the whiskey lounge and espresso bar set up, and the reception area complete, the guests enter and enjoy a wonderful evening under the twinkling lights.

After a toast from her father (adoptive), Christina and Gavin are given one last surprise from Tori & Dean… A sweet ride to their hotel suite.


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