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The Biggest Loser: Austin Andrews Elimination Interview

May 12, 2011 09:00 AM by Lisa Princ

This week on The Biggest Loser on NBC we said goodbye to Austin Andrews as he fell below the yellow line with Hannah. In a post elimination interview, Austin informed us that he is still working out and eating right at home! Keep reading for all the details!

The Biggest Loser’s Austin Andrews was eliminated this week. Sadly, Austin fell below the yellow line with Hannh – who we knew was not going to be voted off. While Austin probably had the best shot at winning the entire show at this point, he is back at home working towards the at home prize for the finale in 2 weeks. In a post elimination interview, Austin talked about the show and his experience. Here is what this now confident young man wanted to share with his viewers and fans.

Question: You mentioned on the show about “becoming a man”. Was there a moment when you saw this change within yourself?

Austin Andrews: There definitely was. It came down to a moment with Justin, it was week 4 on the ridge still, and we were doing an army crawl. The trainers paired us with other people – I was paired with Justin and it was just this really intense, sort of I would push him and he would push me. He saw me gaze out, he saw it in my eyes, and he said something. It was that moment when I started to realize that I have a power to keep going.

Question: Tell us how important your visit to the elementary school was last night?

Austin Andrews: That was one of the most surreal moments in my life. I went in front of these students, it was grade 5, and this age was so pivotal in my life. At this age, I was pudgy and made fun of it for it and I was so depressed – that was one of the major figures for my weight gain. Between 10 and 14 I gained 100 lbs. I was trying to show them that health can be fun as well as important and I was so grateful to have the opportunity to talk to the students. They sent me thank you letters and so many of them grabbed me. It was a really a powerful thing for me to be a part of and I look forward to doing these again.

Question: How do you plan to pay it forward?

Austin Andrews: With Courtney. We both came home, I’ve been home a few weeks now and we have been talking to one another on the phone. We really cherish the idea to work together working with school children, creating awareness with parents, teachers, and school systems.

Question: You talk about your childhood and obesity, what was going through mind at that age?

Austin Andrews: That is such a hard place to go to, it’s something I have had to come to grips with. The truth is I was letting my self worth be determined by others – kids can be mean at times and it comes from insecurity at that age. I was always eating, I was always upset because I was being made fun of. It got to a point where I became so unfit I couldn’t even measure up to the other students, so I started to eat more. I would try and take money from my parents when they weren’t looking and spend it on food. I choose to do things that were extremely awful, I treated my parents poorly. I did notice it. I was playing baseball, I was an all star in little league, and when 60 lbs came on, you get sluggish and I had to quit baseball because of it. I checked out – that is exactly what it was, I checked out at 12 years old and found it out at 21 years old.

Question: What is your workout and diet routine now?

Austin Andrews: My diet is very similar to what it was at the ranch, I have my complex carbs for breakfast. The majority of it is counting the calories, which I struggled with at home at first. My workouts are…I love running so I am still running and I am working out at gym at least 5 times per week and that is on a busy week. With finale coming it’s been very busy, it is crunch time for the finale. Normally I’d do hour of running per day plus additional workouts. My calories being are being counted and I do 1500-1800 per day since I am still burning weight with that.

Question: How would you have felt if you pushed both Hannah and Olivia below the yellow line together?

Austin Andrews: I have to say that night was so intense because you are looking at all of this around you. I would have been grateful that I would have been in the final four, but I love Olivia and Hannah and I love Irene and Jay – we all formed a close bond. We didn’t want anyone go home, we wanted it to be a final five. That night would have sucked no matter who went home.

Question: You did an original song on the show, is there a chance that music may be in your future as a career?

Austin Andrews: Music has always been a passion in my life. In fact I graduated from LA county High School for the arts as a singer. I don’t know that it’s gonna be a part of my career. The more I look, the more I want to take the gift that The Biggest Loser gave me to and pass it on. My focus is helping people and that is going to remain my focus for the time being.

Question: Can you tell us about your relationship with Courtney?

Austin Andrews: The truth is we were close on the ranch, we were very good friends, we could talk to one another like no one else could. You know you have one of those friends you can just spill your guts to, that is me and Courtney. That just continued into our time at home – we talked about some of the dreams I had been having and she expressed similar thoughts about passing this on to children. It was a dream we both had and it would make perfect sense to do this together, we work well together.

Question: You were the last player left of the original ridge team, while Bob and Jillian’s team members are going to the finale. Do you think there is any significance in that?

Austin Andrews: Brett and Cara are two individuals that are incredible trainers but not savvy to the game that comes with The Biggest Loser. There are ways to controls your water week to week. Brett and Cara didn’t know those things coming into the show, we were taught those late. Your water fluctuates in your body thus why we don’t weigh in everyday….This was something Bob and Jillian knew….was how to stabilize that. It was more little tricks that Bob and Jillian have known from 11 seasons and Brett and Cara had to learn on their own. This was not a reflection on how good the trainers are.

Question: Besides your weight, what has been the biggest change in you?

Austin Andrews: The confidence is what I have seen change. It is something I hadn’t noticed at much, but something that everyone else noticed. Everyone has commented on the fact that I walk into the room differently. I do I attribute it to the ranch. To find a worthiness of being healthy, being valuable to society, that has really changed how I walk into every room. I am so thankful for my time on ranch and time spent with Brett and the rest.

Question: Do you ever have cheat days?

Austin Andrews: Yes. And we did on the show as well. However, it was indulgence of quantity, not necessarily awful foods. Most of the time when we do a high calorie day, we’ll have a little more of the quantity of the food we eat.

Question: How does it feel to be an inspiration to so many people?

Austin Andrews: The thought that people know me, is a strange place to get used to, but it’s also really empowering. My journey wasn’t something that just I got to be a part of, my story is not just mine now, it’s a story that I got to share with millions.

Question: What’s been the best part of losing so much weight now that you are home?

Austin Andrews: I cannot wait to hit up roller coasters. The worst experience in my life was heading to six flags as a senior in high school and I couldn’t ride a roller coaster with my friends. Being able to take a hike, or go on a run, or bike ride with people I hang out with. My friends used to bike to the lake and I always meet them there as I drove because I couldn’t do that bike ride. Just a lot of the activities that people that I love already participate in.

Best of luck to Austin Andrews, we can’t wait to see you at the finale!

Tune in next Tuesday at 8 pm EST for a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC as it is makeover week!

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