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The Real Housewives of New York City: “The Mask Has Two Faces”

May 12, 2011 09:44 PM by Shayla Perry

It’s turtle time! This week on an all new episode of Bravo‘s Real Housewives of New York City, Ramona Singer (yes, THE Ramona Singer) is getting ready for the launch of her wine label, but will tension with Jill Zarin sour the occasion, or is a blowup with Jill just a rite of passage for Real Housewives peddling alcoholic beverages?

After years of spending what we can only imagine is tens of thousands of dollars on O.P.P. (Other People’s Pinot), Ramona Singer is finally ready to launch her own. And of course, every bottle of Ramona Singer pinot grigio must have a picture of Ramona Singer herself on the label. So for that, the housewife has a photo shoot to make sure she gets the perfect shot.

Meanwhile, Jill Zarin visits Cindy Barshop at her apartment for some chit chat about how much they love being mothers — though Jill gets slightly jealous when she realizes that while Cindy has two young twins, she’s already a grandmother of two, and they’re the same age. Jill’s also feeling a little “empty nest syndrome” coming on, with her daughter off at college. But, as she says, she’ll just live vicariously through Cindy, whose biggest parenting problem is that she can hear the nannies tending to the twins in the middle of the night while she’s trying to sleep. And yes — that’s nannies– plural.

Cindy then tells Jill about her crazy lunch with Ramona, whom she now considers a psychopath and not a friend. Jill finds Cindy’s words and feelings about Ramona “refreshing,” and suggests that everyone else is secretly thinking the same thing, but too afraid to say it. Yes, even Sonja Morgan, who’s spent as much time trashing her “friend,” as she has defending her so-called status of Queen Bee.

Speaking of Sonja Morgan, the social butterfly is throwing a masquerade ball and has asked designer Chris March to help her put together a costume.

Working on their own outfits, Lu Anne and Jill hit the costume shop, and after celebrating Jill’s boob reduction, which allows her to have more options, the two start their search for some sexy (yet classy — for the Countess) duds.

Cindy Barshop and her crew are at her apartment with her brother, Howie, when her baby daddy, Kevin arrives. Howie and Kevin don’t exactly get along anymore, and though he and Cindy have a cordial (read: complicated) relationship, she’s very critical of how he interacts with the twins.

Not to be outdone, Sonja Morgan has a crew as well. Only, she doesn’t pay them. After reprimanding Cindy for dancing with her “house man” in the last episode, we find that Sonja, who’s financially strapped because of her divorce, gets her “help,” from friends. But it’s not as cut and dry as it sounds. You see, when a friend or relative of hers has someone they know that’s looking to stay in the city for a while, they have them stay with Sonja and work for her in exchange for the room & board (that is, if they like toaster oven cuisine).

Anyhoo… Chris March brings Sonja her decked out costume and she is blown away by the transformation.

On the way to the ball, Sonja gets a call from Lu Ann who’s sick and can no longer attend, but Alex McCord and her hubby, Simon, are there and of course, dressed to impress. Ramona Singer arrives (seemingly having already had too much of the pinot), as do Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon, who are not impressed at all by “Lady Morgan’s” masquerade “ball,” which turns out to be a few people dressed in costumes, hanging out in a wine vault with a couple of appetizers and a bar.

Cindy Barshop is also at the “ball,” and looks mortified as she watches a very drunk Sonja trounce around with half of her costume missing…and making sure that everyone notices her wardrobe malfunction.

Later in the week, Cindy’s new BFF, Jill Zarin, tags along as she goes to the dentist to get her teeth fixed. And Jill doesn’t just sit in the corner and lend moral support, then give her a ride home; she tries to tell the dentist what he should do to Cindy’s teeth! Controlling much?!

As Jill’s cementing a new friendship, Ramona Singer is meeting with a friend (the friend whose wedding they attended in the first episode) and finds out that their relationship isn’t what she thought it was. The “mutual friend,” Jennifer, tells Ramona that on her wedding day, Jill approached her and was talking about Ramona behind her back.

As Queen Bee, Ramona feels compelled to say something to Jill. And as usual, she wants to do it during a party– the launch party for her pinot (though she doesn’t think it’s appropriate for Lu Ann to ask her specifics about how her wine is made at the wine launch party).

After making a big deal about the fact that she needs to say something important to her, Ramona tells Jill about the things Jennifer accused her of, and Jill immediately denies saying anything of the sort. She gives Ramona the names of the people whom she claims were really talking about her and then demands that they call Jennifer over to hash everything out. Ramona doesn’t believe Jill and after a brief exchange, Jill accuses Ramona of inviting her to the party just to ambush her and storms out, with Lu Ann and Kelly following her.

Outside, who should Jill run into but Jennifer, who’s all smiles and compliments until Jill asks her about what she said to Ramona. Jennifer stops short of saying that it wasn’t Jill that made her cry that day, and that Jill in fact defended her, just as she had said. But she then tells her that after the incident, Jill asked her about her friendship with Alex and Ramona.

Realizing that they’re not getting anywhere, Jill tells Jennifer that if she has a problem with her, to talk to her about it, and not someone else. Jennifer agrees and the two ladies hug, then Jill returns to the party to find Ramona (who’s been complaining to Alex) and tell her that she spoke with the bride. But when she walks in, Ramona starts yelling at her for walking out in the first place and talking about her behind her back.

Jill suggests that they talk it over at lunch, which Alex thinks is a good idea, but Ramona continues to yell and then storms off herself.

After Jill leaves, she confides in Lu Ann, in tears, telling her that she’s done with Ramona, while inside, Ramona tells Jennifer that she’s done with Jill.

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