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Kitchen Nightmares: Zeke’s

May 13, 2011 06:45 PM by Lisa Princ

FOX’s Kitchen Nightmares and Chef Gordon Ramsay are back tonight as Gordon heads to New Orleans to help save Zeke’s. But will he be able to get these hard headed owners to start serving fresh seafood instead of frozen – or will he be unable to get them to listen to his voice of reason? Keep reading for all the details on tonight’s episode!

Kitchen Nightmares returns tonight as Gordon Ramsay heads to New Orleans, Louisiana in attempt to save a restaurant that was once a well loved eatery by so many locals. Zeke’s previous owner passed away during Hurricane Katrina and since has been bought by Darryl and Ellen, neither of which have a clue how to run a business. In fact, these owners are more interested in the financial reward than anything else. Before he heads over to the restaurant, Gordon hops on a ferry and meets with some locals to get to the bottom of the issues. He finds out the menu has changed, the quality is no longer good and the prices have been raised.

Then Gordon Ramsay heads over to the restaurant and looks around in horror when he arrives at the swamp paintings on the walls and the outdated decor. He meets with Ellen, who explains that her husband, who has no restaurant or chef experience, has revamped their menu with some of his recipes. Gordon decides to try an Oyster dish named after the owners, a chicken fried steak dish, some boiled shrimp and bread pudding. Despite Darryl boasting that Gordon would love his food, Gordon is not impressed and immediately knows that the shrimp were frozen and notices the poor cuts of meat used for the chicken fried steak. The oysters, he says are terrible but the bread pudding he did enjoy in what was a Kitchen Nightmares first!

When Gordon heads back to the kitchen, he learns that all of the items on the menu were Darryl’s recipes except for the bread pudding which was made by the chefs, Jason and Emil and is one of the original owner’s recipes. That night’s dinner service was a disaster and when Gordon learns that the lasagna on special was a week old, he decides to go shout it out to the dining room, which causes many diners to walk out. When he attempts to talk to Darryl and Ellen about the problems with the food, they argue with him and think they know how to run a restaurant, but it is obvious that they are just looking for a financial reward. Darryl makes it a point to let the camera know that when Gordon starts paying his bills, Gordon can tell him what to do.

The next morning, Gordon Ramsay calls a staff meeting at Zeke’s minus Darryl and Ellen. Gordon questions the staff about the issues and is shocked to learn the emotional and financial toll some of the employees are facing. It turns out they feel talked down to by Darryl and none of them make enough nor have seen raises in many years. When Ellen and Darryl arrive, Gordon asks the staff to relay the same messages to the two of them. Both Ellen and Darryl become offensive when they hear this, claiming they are not making a profit either, but the staff claims they go on multiple vacations each year. Darryl quickly apologized for his behavior, tells them it was not his intent and that it will not happen anymore – but the staff is weary.

Next on Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon decides to test the skills of the chefs by sending them to the grocery store for some fresh ingredients and he asks them each to create a dish. Upon returning, both guys created a fresh, flavorful New Orleans style fish dish, impressing Gordon yet making him wonder why Darryl does not trust his chefs. Then he decides to put it to the test as he brings out the dishes, telling Ellen and Darryl that he made them. With the entire staff watching, Ellen and Darryl gush about how great the food is and then are shocked to learn that their chefs made the dishes with their own creativity.

The next morning, when everyone arrives at Zeke’s, Chef Ramsay has made one of the most shocking revamps we have every seen on Kitchen Nightmares. He redid the entire place from top to bottom, giving it an authentic New Orleans feel, and even adding a “boil room” which was a room full of fresh seafood with a window for all to see. From that room, he decided they would put buckets of seafood on the menu, alleviating some of the pressure from the kitchen. He then revealed his fresh, new menu full of New Orleans style goodies, including a perfectly cooked, perfect cut of chicken fried steak.

For relaunch, the place was packed, but Darryl struggled a bit on pushing the chefs to quickly which caused a few meals to come back. After refocusing, the guys got it together and were able to push out perfect meals all night long – they even sold quite a few seafood buckets. The locals new paid a visit as well which was a huge help because after Gordon left, people were flocking to Zeke’s. When Kitchen Nightmares checked back in, Zeke’s had made a complete turnaround from the first time chef Ramsay showed up and they were even starting their own traditions to make people fall in love with the place again! Another successful Ramsay makeover!

Tune in next week for what appears to be the season finale of Kitchen Nightmares on Fox!

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