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Survivor: Redemption Island Season Finale

May 15, 2011 07:26 PM by Lisa Princ

Tonight on CBS it is finally time for the finale of Survivor: Redemption Island is here. But which one of the remaining eight players will walk away as the sole survivor? Keep reading to find out what happened tonight!

Survivor: Redemption Island‘s season finale kicks off tonight on Redemption Island with Grant joining the other voted out players while Rob says he feels bad because he knows he is the reason he was sent there, but they were friends and then he tells us that Ashley is no good and has to go. The next morning Andrea finds a note telling the voted off players that they must dig for their last duel and only one player will go back into the game. Matt then leads the group in a prayer session and they head to their finale duel.

Matt, Mike, Andrea and Grant meet Jeff Probst for the details of their final duel challenge. For this challenge the players must place one foot on the end of a board, on the other end is a ceramic vase they must balance and not drop – if the vase drops, they are out of the game. Over 40 minutes in to the challenge, Grant looses control of his vase and it hits the ground, making him the 5th member of the jury. An hour into the challenge and after winning 10 duels, Matt is the next player to drop his vase, followed by Mike. This means Andrea has won her way back into the game as the guys now join the jury.

Back at camp, it’s awkward between Andrea and the others and Andrea is determined to try whatever she can to gain an alliance – she starts by telling the other girls that the guys are planning on voting Phillip off, even though she had no real clue. Ashley and Natalie discuss voting for Phillip and how they don’t trust Rob, meanwhile Rob and Phillip discuss making the girls think that Andrea is going to the next to go, while they really plan on voting Ashley out.

Next it’s time for the immunity challenge on Survivor: Redemption Island in which they must run across a balance beam, collecting bags one at a time, full of numbered tiles. Once they have all the bags, they must organize the numbered tiles from 1 to 100. If they fall off the balance beam, they must go back and start over. Ashley and Rob were neck in neck but Ashley pulled ahead, leaving Rob and Andrea just behind Ashley. Phillip fell way behind and Natalie slowly fell behind as well. Ashley, Andrea and Rob ended up with their final bag of numbers around the same time and they fought it out to end putting their numbers together, but in the end Ashley was able to beat Rob and Andrea, giving her immunity and her spot in the finale four.

When they return to camp, Rob and Phillip decided to go chat with Ashley and Natalie and ask them to vote out Andrea. Ashley and Natalie agree with the guys that they will vote out Andrea, but then they have a private talk that the next time they will vote out Phillip. Meanwhile, Phillip was trying to figure out what was going on and then he reports back to Boston Rob when he sees Ashley and Natalie chatting, then he fills in Rob right in front of Andrea. Then Andrea heads over to the other girls and tries persuade them that they should vote for Rob arguing that no one would want to be up against Rob in the finale – but will Ashley and Natalie decide?

As they head to Tribal Council, Boston Rob creepily tells the camera that he doesn’t even need the idol, apparently he has all the experience to save him. At the meeting, Phillip shares that he was using his detective skills the entire time, while Andrea shares how she chatted with the girls about eliminating Rob. We clearly see that Andrea votes for Rob, telling the camera that he is her biggest competition. When asked for any hidden immunity idols, Rob surprises the girls and hands Jeff Probst his hidden immunity idol. As Jeff reveals the votes, the first one is for Rob, but does not count and the next three are all for Andrea – looks like the girls stuck with Rob’s plan.

The second half of the Survivor: Redemption Island season finale kicks off with the final four congratulating each other and Phillip saying that he didn’t know that Rob had the hidden idol, but he suspected he did. Meanwhile, Ashley and Natalie share a laugh about Andrea trying to throw them under the bus by saying they had no strategic moves but they are still standing. Then Rob, Ashley and Natalie share a hug saying it will be the three of them until the end.

In the next immunity challenge, Jeff announces that it will consist of going through a maze, collecting bags which contain puzzle pieces. Once all the puzzle pieces are gained, they must put them together to figure out a phrase. Ashley, Rob and Phillip were neck in neck, with Ashley following Rob the entire way, despite his best attempts to lose her. Natalie was far behind and Ashley would not give up on following Rob. Rob found his way through the maze and up the stairs to Jeff before anyone else, but Ashley closely followed behind him. Rob and Ashley tell each other they will work together to figure out the phrase but both of them were lying, not telling each other which words they found. Rob is the first player to put together the phrase “only you are safe” giving him the win and immunity.

Back at camp, Rob convinces Andrea that he is voting for Phillip, and she is confident that Phillip is going home. Natalie claims she is looking forward to Phillip leaving, but Rob is determined to chat with Natalie and try to convince her to vote off Ashley. Rob tells Natalie that he promised her a spot in the final three and he needs to her to vote for Ashley because she has too many friends on the jury. When Ashley asks Natalie what Rob said, she denies anything but then tells the camera she is torn between losing the game or her friend Ashley.

At the Tribal council, Natalie says she feels Rob would not vote for her because they have been together since the start, while Phillip comically laughs about the fact that he is such a threat to Rob because he has won so many challenges. When it was time to tally the votes, the first was for Phillip and we know that vote came from Ashley as she brags on the camera. The next vote is for Ashley, followed by another Ashley. With two for Ashley and one for Phillip, it is time for Natalie’s vote which surprisingly was for Ashley – she did listen to Boston Rob after all.

Back at camp, Natalie, Phillip and Rob enjoy a nice meal and then Rob tries to “play” Natalie once again by giving her tips on what he thinks she should say to convince the jury. Then Phillip shares a speech about how he is not proud of his plum colored undies and he puts them to an end finally in the fire! Then the three head off to their final Tribal council, but who will walk away the sole survivor?

As the jury enters the meeting, Ashley looks beyond pissed. Natalie is up first, saying she came in and she played the game well. She tells her tale of loyalty to Rob, while Phillip shares his story of how his strategy had to be revamped when Boston Rob entered the game. Phillip then goes on about how his “stealth” abilities helped the team stay together and he calls Boston Rob the “mastermind”. When it’s Rob’s turn to plead his case, he goes on about how many alliances he formed, that he was a hard worker, and he ends saying Survivor does not define him but he hopes he wins for his wife and child.

Grant asked what the dynamics of the alliance were and Natalie answered saying she knew he was a huge threat, while Rob takes responsibility for Natalie’s actions and then Rob says how much he considered him a friend but he was afraid he would kick his arse. Ralph asked Natalie why she would only talk to Rob, in which Natalie said she wanted her tribe to know she was loyal to them only. He then asked Phillip if he really liked him and Phillip replied gushing how well they would have gotten along if they were in the same tribe. Matt comes out and calls Rob a liar, cheat, etc. and wants to know when Rob draws the line. Rob replies saying in the game he feels it is necessary to be like that.

Julie was up next telling the three of them they should be humble because none of them played a good game. Julie said for Natalie to ask herself if she thinks her parents would be proud of her and that she wouldn’t if she was her mother. She then went on to tell Phillip that the only reason he is there because no one likes or respects him and Phillip responds saying “To hell with you”. Mike was up next talking about his closeness to God and his friendships and then asks if they learned anything out there. Natalie says she learned how strong and capable she is and more appreciative of her family. Rob says he has learned that he needs to stop playing games and go home and take care of his wife and children. Phillip says that he has learned that he can stand on his own.

Steve starts by congratulating Natalie for being so young and playing the game and Rob for playing so long. Then he goes on to tell Phillip what a pathetic man he is. David started off by saying that none of them deserved it, as he goes on to say that what cheat Rob was and Natalie just worshiped him. So, who walked away with one million dollars and the title of sole survivor? Check out the reunion post to find out!

Image courtesy of CBS.

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