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America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 16 Season Finale

May 18, 2011 07:11 PM by Allyson Wells

On America’s Next Top Model, one lucky girl will be a cover girl, a model for ING and have a photo spread in Italian Vogue.  Two girls are in the running.  Will it be Brittani, from humble beginnings and impressing on the runway and photos, but hit a bump along the way? Will it be Molly the stunning photos, but whose attitude has often distracted her? 

Brittani and Molly happily return home excited to be the top two finalists.  Brittani knows her mom will be so proud of her.  Molly wants to do well for her adopted parents.  She notes that Brittani is tough competition.  Brittani thinks Molly is nervous because she is more high fashion.  Brittani thinks she was only ever in the bottom two because she had an outburst with Alexandria.  Tyra mail arrives and the girls cannot translate the Arabic.   

The girls go to a beautiful country club, where they are greeted by Ivan Bart, the representative of ING.  He chats with Molly first and thinks she is an amazing model in photographs.  He loves Brittani and is excited to see her walk the runway.  They then see Jay Manuel waiting for them.  He informs them that they will be having their Cover Girl Photo Shoot.  He will also be directing them in their commercial.  The product they are selling is lip perfection.  Molly does it wonderful and natural in rehearsals.  Brittani gets nervous and begins to cry.  When the commercial gets underway, Molly gets a little bit nervous.  She has trouble and begins to over think.  Jay wants her to be more like herself and she loses her charm.  Brittani starts off and talks too fast.  She then begins to freak out a little and thinks she will have a panic attack.  She finally pulls it together and impresses everyone.  For their beauty shots, Molly does perfect.  The photographer also likes Brittani’s attitude in the photos.  Brittani is happy that Molly did bad on the commercial and thinks maybe it will depress her for the rest of the week.

The girls go to a beautiful house for their Italian Vogue photo shoot.  Brittani is professional and the photographer likes her.  Molly looks sad in her photos and the photographers think she lost some of her energy.  Brittani thinks her positive attitude will shine through in the photos over Molly’s pessimistic attitude. 

The models return home and Molly sees her parents sitting there.  She runs into their arms and bursts into tears.  She is so grateful for their support.  She tells them how stressed out she is.  Brittani cries because she knows her mom cannot travel because of her disorder.  Molly’s parents embrace Brittani as well and tell them both they should be proud of themselves no matter what happens.  Brittani talks with her mom via video chat.  Tyra mail arrives that informs them they are doing the runway show.  Brittani notes that Molly is back to being positive after seeing her parents.

The models go to the Granada Palace for a salon style fashion show.  They will be modeling from room to room in Vivienne Westwood designs.  Jay then reveals that Kasia, Alexandria and Hannah will be joining them.  He also introduces them to Ann, the winner from Cycle 15.  Hannah wants Brittani to win, while Alexandria is rooting for Molly.  Kasia is rooting for both of them.  Tyra chats with Molly and her parents prior to the runway show.  Molly’s mom is beaming with pride.  Tyra tells them how much she knows that Molly appreciates them.  Tyra then goes to see Brittani.  Brittani understands her mom can’t be there, but will still be strong. 

The runway show begins and both girls are nervous.  The fashion show is wild, like nothing the show has ever done before.  Ann gets the show started and looks very confident.  Molly starts off well and Tyra says she looks great.  Brittani also starts off very strong.  The backstage area is crazy.  Molly feels even more confident on her second run.  Brittani does even better.  The final lap is both girls walking side by side.  Brittani laughs in front of the judges.  As they walk over the rose petals, Brittani falls.  Molly helps her up and they walk backstage.  Jay wants them to walk again, but Brittani cries that her ankle hurts.  She does manage to make one last walk. 

Backstage Jay tells the models that the competition is tight.  Ivan informs them he wants to make them look more modern for the next panel and urges them to go with the flow.  Both of the girls arrive at panel in pixie cuts.  Tyra thinks they both look stunning and marketable.  The judges first evaluate their walks.  Jay loves how Brittani strutted and owned her confidence.  Nigel tells her that she has to stay in character.  Nigel liked Molly’s walk, but thinks her shake is a bit cheap.  Jay believes her nerves took over.  Andre noticed her bounce as well, but Tyra likes her walk.  They then evaluate their commercials and takes.  Nigel loves Brittani’s amazing profiles and angles.  Jay thinks she was so easy to direct.  Tyra thinks Molly looked mean and Nigel did not find it inviting.  The judges love Brittani’s edgy photo.  They also love Molly’s soft and beautiful photo.  The two leave for the judges to deliberate one last time. 

The judges discuss the two lovely girls, who both want to win.  Jay thinks that Molly has the natural top model factor.  Andre likes how Brittani surprises them in each shoot.  Nigel thinks Molly is it for him when it comes to creating body movement.  They are impressed with Brittani’s recovery in the runway show.  They also like her crooked smile.  Andre believes Molly will sell the clothing in photos.  Tyra talks about her photo shoot and thinks Molly looks hard.  They believe Brittani looks softer.  After much deliberation, they reach a decision.  Molly and Brittani return holding hands.  Tyra reveals that America’s Next Top Model is Brittani.  Brittani bursts into tears.  Molly can’t believe she failed at the one thing she wanted to do.  Tyra tells her she can still be a successful model.  Brittani is happy the girl from the trailer park is now a top model.

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