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Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings – Steampunk Wedding

May 18, 2011 10:58 PM by Shayla Perry

Get ready to step back in time as Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott, and James McGowan create a romantic 1920′s inspired Steampunk soiree for one lucky couple on an all new episode of Oxygen‘s Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings.


Sarena & Eric are a unique pair. The couple met while Sarena was working at Starbucks, and according to the bride-to-be, it was love at first sight.

Sarena is a fan of the 1920′s & 30′s, while Eric loves Steampunk, so their wedding will be all about the drama!  And who knows drama better than Tori Spelling?!



Sarena already has a vintage dress that she’s planning on wearing down the aisle, but she hasn’t picked out her bridesmaids’ dresses yet. Unfortunately, her bridesmaids don’t live nearby, so Tori Spelling willingly plays dress -up and helps Sarena decide on the perfect one.

Since Sarena’s the first to purchase that style of dress at the boutique, the owner names it after her — sweet!



Tori, Dean, and James McGowan have a great venue in mind for the couple’s Steampunk wedding. It’s already got all the furniture they’ll need to set the mood. There’s just one problem…

There’s no aisle, and Sarena really wants one.

So, Tori Spelling suggests that they use the area they originally planned on using solely for the reception, for both the wedding ceremony AND the reception; meaning they’ll have to clear the guests out of the room and immediately set-up for the reception right after the ceremony ends.


THE DRAMA (the good kind)

Sarena and Eric mentioned that they wanted some type of performance at the reception, so as a surprise, Tori & Dean seek out a group that does acrobatics. And of course, they get in on the fun!

The couple also wanted a swanky photo shoot, which Tori and Dean set up and shoot themselves.



As the wedding day draws near, Tori Spelling takes Sarena to try out some styles for her hair and make-up. The process itself is a bit stressful for Sarena, who happens to be a make-up artist herself, so it’s difficult for her to allow someone else to not only do her make-up for her, but do it the way she likes it. PLUS, her maid-of-honor is going to be doing her hair on the day of the wedding, which makes Tori nervous, since they don’t plan on doing a test-run ahead of time.

While she’s getting styled, Sarena and Tori brainstorm ideas for the gift that she plans on giving Eric on their wedding day. Tori suggests a wish book, and begins to write down the things Sarena hopes to do with her new hubby throughout their marriage. In the midst of their conversation, Tori finds out that the couple hasn’t planned their honeymoon yet.



It’s wedding day! Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott, and James McGowan rush to put everything together as the bride and groom get ready.

They can’t seem to agree on whether or not the 8mm film of the couple’s photo shoot should play in the background during the ceremony. Tori wants the film, but James and Dean agree that it’s distracting, so they opt to just have it playing during the reception as Dean and James originally thought they would.

After a sweet moment with her mom, and getting some borrowed bling from Neil Lane that Tori surprises her with, Sarena is ready to get hitched!



The bride is all smiles as she’s escorted down the aisle by her parents. When she gets to the altar, Sarena begins to cry, and her groom wipes away her tears (awe!)

After reading their vows the couple is pronounced husband and wife.



While Sarena and Eric enjoy a quiet moment alone as a married couple, Tori, Dean, and James kick it into high gear to transform the space for the reception.

Afterward, Eric & Sarena are introduced to their guests once again, and Tori & Dean surprise them with the performers who are suspended from the ceiling.

As another surprise, Eric pulls his wife to the side to let her know that he booked a Hawaiian honeymoon for them!

Absolutely thrilled, Sarena then presents Eric with the book of wishes that she made him, which he loves.


Tune in for the next episode of Oxygen’s Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings, Wednesday at 11|10c.

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