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Dancing With The Stars: Ralph Macchio Knew He Would Be Eliminated

May 19, 2011 08:00 AM by Allyson Wells

Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff were not surprised by their elimination on Dancing with the Stars.  After being disappointed by the judges’ comments after their two dances, the duo saw the writing on the wall.  Keep reading to see what Ralph and Karina had to say about exiting the show.

Ralph and Karina knew they had a strong fan base, but still felt like elimination was inevitable.  Ralph said to People Magazine, “We feel like the comments from the judges last night put us in a pretty tough position-even for our fan base-to pull out of it.  That was unfortunate because I thought some of the comments were disrespectful and not constructive for how I can better myself.”  He went on to say that the judges were “making fun” of him and Karina.  After recovering from a fall during a paso doble and working through an injury, Ralph felt they deserved better.  “I thought we earned respect over the season.”

Ralph also did not feel like the competition was even.  “It just felt like the playing field wasn’t level for some reason last night.  That was disappointing.  But I was ready for this elimination.” 

As for his post-dancing days, Ralph revealed he will desperately miss his new friend Karina.  “It’s going to be separation anxiety for sure.  You’re literally in a room for eight hours a day for two and a half months. We’ve become such great friends throughout. I think we’ve enhanced each others’ lives.”  Karina agreed that it will be tough.  “Sometimes you have to create and force this chemistry and try to pretend that you’re friends. This was real – every moment we were together.”

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