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The Real Housewives of New York City: “Travel Reservations”

May 19, 2011 09:35 PM by Shayla Perry

With The Real Housewives of New York City‘s Jill Zarin and Ramona Singer at odds (again), the ladies decide it’s time to get out of the city for an exotic trip and some female bonding. But Kelly Bensimon, still getting over “Scary Island,” is worried about being “attacked” by Ramona again. Will all of the Housewives make it to Morocco? Find out everything you missed PLUS get an extended preview of the next three episodes of the show!

Tonight on Bravo‘s Real Housewives of New York City, LuAnn de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan (again, supposedly coming straight from the gym) meet for lunch to plan a trip in hopes of getting the group back together after Jill and Ramona’s fight.

They decide on Morocco, and immediately get on the phone to invite all of the other ladies. Ramona Singer is concerned about being killed or kidnapped in the 3rd world country, but says she’ll “make it work,” and Kelly Bensimon, still recovering from the last vacation the Housewives took, isn’t sure she’s willing to put herself in another situation like that again.

Later, LuAnn meets with Ramona Singer to talk to her about her fight with Jill. Pinot in hand, Ramona defends her behavior, telling LuAnn that she may say things without thinking, but she at least says it to the person’s face and doesn’t talk about them behind their back. After a bit of back and forth, and lots of “dah-lings,” Ramona agrees to at least talk to Jill and try to work things out so they can stand to be in the same room with one another.

In another part of the city, Sonja Morgan is prepping for the photo shoot for her toaster oven cookbook. Kelly Bensimon drops by to help out with the shoot for a book that she says doesn’t even exist, but she’s quickly freaked out when Sonja flashes her lady parts as she’s trying to get into a pose on top of her dining room table.

Later, Kelly, Cindy Barshop, Jill Zarin, and the Countess head out for a spa trip, and Kelly tells the ladies about Sonja’s slip of the va-jay-jay, which LuAnn doesn’t find surprising.

After dishing about Ramona and Sonja’s newfound “diva-bitchiness,” Kelly and LuAnn start talking about men and relationships. Kelly says that she’s always had problems with guys, and shockingly tells LuAnn that practically all of the men she’s been with physically abused her, including her ex husband, the famed photographer.

LuAnn de Lesseps, not expecting to hear such horrible news immediately grabs Kelly and hugs her, in tears.

Six hours later (imagine that ride!) the ladies arrive at Canyon Ranch, and Cindy Barshop has a little surprise for them — monogrammed bath robes, which Jill Zarin opens and proceeds to wear in the lobby of the hotel (the Countess does not approve).

The Housewives enjoy some much needed spa treatments and then sit for a drumming class, which starts at least a few minutes later than anticipated because Jill Zarin is talking over the instructor. When asked to reveal something about themselves, Jill Zarin (who let everyone know that she isn’t really a redhead) isn’t satisfied with Cindy Barshop’s answer. Cindy says that she’s not as strong as everyone thinks she is, but Jill doesn’t consider that revealing enough (though she admitted that everyone already knew that she dyes her hair before saying it), and says that she should tell the group about the work she recently had done on her teeth. (Wow — friends are great, aren’t they?)

Ramona Singer is treating her girls — Sonja Morgan and Alex McCord — to a day of beauty treatments. Sonja gets some work done on her tummy (again), and says that the doctor advised her to do some more exercise to keep the skin tight in that area, which she admits she hasn’t been doing (we KNEW it! WTH is she doing every time she says she’s just coming from the gym and has “gym hair”?!). Alex basically has her face shaved, and Ramona indulges in a few injectables.

Back at the ranch, Kelly tells the ladies that she’s not going on the trip to Morocco. They all think she should go, telling her that she can’t let Ramona control her life, but Kelly doesn’t feel comfortable being that far away with her for 7 days.

When they return to NYC, the ladies get together to support Jill Zarin’s charity event to raise money for an anti-bullying campaign. Jill invited Ramona Singer, which she felt was the right thing to do, but she’s also surprised that Ramona said she’d come.

Ramona arrives with a case of pinot and then asks one of the servers to open it and pour a glass for her. Apparently, Ramona missed the memo that said the pinot was part of the auction, and not for her to drink. Oops! At least she and Jill agree to have a talk before leaving for their trip.

When LuAnn arrives, Alex and Ramona tell her how great she looks in her dress, which apparently is a reason for more arguing.

(Does saying “darling” somehow take the sting off of calling someone “bitchy”?)

Before the fashion show, Jill tells LuAnn and Kelly how upset she is that Ramona was opening the wine, not only because it can no longer be used in the auction, but because she thinks it’s offensive to the designer and caterers who already agreed on serving different cocktails for the event.

Kelly then interrupts LuAnn and Jill to tell them she’s decided to go to Morocco. Later, she and Ramona have a little chat and agree to try to have some fun on the trip.

All drama aside…

During the event, Jill’s step-daughter shares her experience having been bullied growing up for the birthmark and tumor in her bottom lip, thanking her family for their love and support through it all.

[Back to the drama...]

Jill is in tears during her speech, and afterward goes to another room to make sure the gift bags are ready to hand out. When she gets there, Ramona is walking around looking for her bottles of pinot. Jill asks her what she’s doing, and she tells how great her step-daughter’s speech was, saying that she spoke with such confidence, that you hardly notice her “obvious deformity.” Holy contradiction, Batman!

Later, Ramona snaps at a young lady, telling her to move the empty wine glasses off of a table because it looks bad. Alex quickly lets her know that it was the fashion designer’s daughter that she was talking to!

It’s going to be a LONG 7 days in Morocco! Here’s a preview of what’s in store for the next three episodes of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York City!

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  1. Robbie Says:
    May 20th, 2011 at 9:30 am

    It was really sweet when Jill was in tears about her step daughters speech. That was a really touching moment IMO. She seems like a caring mother.


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