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Top Chef Masters: Date Night

May 19, 2011 04:43 AM by Lisa Princ

Bravo‘s Top Chef Masters was back last night as the final six chefs had to challenge their senses as well as create a romantic dinner for date night! But which chefs rose to the challenge and who was sent packing? Keep reading for more details!

Top Chef Masters kicked off last night with the quickfire challenge which would be different this week. Instead of cooking, Curtis put the chefs to the ultimate test – using their senses to identify food. There were five rounds, and the lowest scorer for each round would be eliminated until there was a winner. For the first part, the chefs had to cover their ears, eyes and nose and just use their sense of taste to identify five ingredients and while most of the chefs got at least one correct, Floyd was unable to correctly guess any and he was the first chef eliminated. Next it was time for the sense of smell portion and using only their noses, Celina was the next one to get the boot.

With four left standing, the next test would be using their sense of touch – odd but it was food that one would think was easy to identify such as gummy bears and rice. Traci and Naomi tied at the bottom for this portion so they were both sent off. With Mary Sue and Hugh left standing, Curtis administered the toughest part of the challenge which was using their sense of sound. The first thing he tried to get them to identify was a bowl of Rice Krispies with milk – easy, right? Apparently not as neither of them could guess that one or Curtis chewing on some chips. Hugh, however was able to correctly guess a few of them in a row though, such as shucking oysters and celery breaking which earned him the win and $5k for his charity!

Then it was time for the elimination challenge on Top Chef Masters and this week’s theme was date night! The gang met a young man named Chris, who wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Victoria during dinner so he needed it to be special. Curtis asked the chefs to create a six course meal, each of them cooking one dish and they would have a chance to chat with Chris to learn more about his relationship to guide them in cooking the perfect romantic meal.

It was fun to see all the chefs get romantic and so creative with their ideas. As Floyd gushed about his first kiss with his wife, we learned that he would be doing a shrimp dish with two shrimp intertwined like two lovers. Celina decided to go with a home made pretzel and salad as she learned that Chris and Victoria loved to grab pretzels and beer at sporting events they would attend together. Naomi went with a rustic chicken thigh dish, despite the fact that she thought it could be risky instead of romantic, but would it pay off in the end, or send her home?

Mary Sue, who chosen to create a seafood stew with oysters wound up cutting off the tip her thumb during preparations – something she admitted to having done before, luckily for her that experience came in to play as she was able to continue working effectively. Hugh chose a basic romantic steak plate, while Traci was in charge of desserts. Traci, who had to make a pastry found out late in the game that the scale was not working properly so she had to do her best at guessing but despite that pressure she remained calm and collected.

Before the date night dinner on Top Chef Masters took place, we got to see both Chris and Victoria’s mothers arrive as they would be watching (and eating) from the wine room and would emerge after the proposal. The date night dinner went very well, most of the guests loved the meals, and James Oseland even joked with Gael Greene that Floyd’s shrimp were making him feel more romantic towards her. Curtis dined with Gail Simmons and they seemed reasonably impressed with most of the dishes. At the end of the meal, Chris proposed to a shocked Victoria, who of course said yes!

But then it was time for the judging to take place and they called in Mary Sue, Floyd and Naomi first. The judges raved about all their dishes, telling them that they had the top three for the evening, but it was Naomi’s rustic chicken that won the date night evening and the money for her charity. As for the worst dishes, they were Hugh, Celina and Traci and when Curtis questioned Hugh about whether or not he cooks down to people, Hugh snapped back at Curtis saying yes he would. That didn’t affect their judging though as the bunch decided that Celina’s dish did not measure up and she was asked to pack up her knives and hit the road.

Be sure to tune in next week at 10 pm EST on Bravo for a brand new episode of Top Chef Masters!

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