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American Idol: Haley Reinhart Elimination Interview

May 20, 2011 11:46 AM by Lisa Princ

Last night on FOX‘s American Idol, we watched as Haley Reinhart was eliminated sending Scotty and Lauren into the finale. In her post elimination interview, the Jazz music lover talks about her emotions last night, her relationship with Casey Abrams as well as her future. Keep reading for more!

American Idol’s Haley Reinhart was very happy to chat about her experience on the show in a press conference earlier today – despite being late. She shared her thoughts with us on the show and her emotions last night and while they say a picture says a thousand words, Haley insists she was not angry last night. Here is what else Haley wanted to share with her viewers and fans…

Question: Is it safe to assume you were angry last night?

Haley Reinhart: Not at all, I was not angry. All in all I accepted it very quickly and took it all with a grain of salt. I said to myself “Hey, everything happens for a reason”, and this just means I can start my career as a solo artist even sooner.

Question: But you looked floored last night?

Haley Reinhart: Well….I mean you really only have a second to think about it, so I took a second and thought alright, alright this is it. I had to sing a song so I thought “alright let’s move on” and I showed America why they kept me there and gave them a good show.

Question: Why do you think people seem to view you as being unfriendly on the show?

Haley Reinhart: It’s easy to get depicted in different ways on the show, it’s all the way the cards end up playing out. The footage that was taken, I mean I am usually messing around with the camera guys and having fun. Then you’re on there, on the stage, it’s not like you have a one on one where you can talk and show your personality. It’s hard to get all that out in a minute and a half.

Question: If you could go back and do anything differently, would you?

Haley Reinhart: You know, I don’t live in regret. Of course there will be some things, I nitpick, but I don’t regret anything, or any of my choices – each one got me to where I am today. I wouldn’t trade that in for the world or the fact that I got to show versatility and I am proud that I got to do that.

Question: Being in the bottom so much, did you think that it was only a matter of time before you were sent home?

Haley Reinhart: I don’t like to sell myself short. I believe taking it all in stride and realizing I have been there so much helped me to step my game up more week to week.

Question: What do you think the viewers learned about you?

Haley Reinhart: I took a lot of risks in the beginning and they didn’t know how to take me, then I started getting into my own little niche, the rock/bluesy/sultry feel.

Question: Do you think the judges harsh critique of you, helped or hindered your results?

Haley Reinhart: It can go both ways, I believe their intentions for it was simply to push me along further. It was apparent they tried to get me at the top of my game. It’s up to America, so as far as if it hindered the results, I got to top three so it’s alright.

Question: How did you handle the judges’ critique that seemed to go from one extreme to the next?

Haley Reinhart: Well, if I do get the positive, I’ll stick with that, I’ll take every critique in. I know what kind of artist I am and Steven really helped me out to make me feel good about the performances that I got harsh critique on. I really appreciate what Steven said – being the great musician that he is.

Question: Did you ever talk to the other contestants about how the judges seemed so harsh on only you?

Haley Reinhart: I don’t know…. everybody knew, it’s apparent. I had Lauren and them coming up to me, and they don’t understand and the only thing I can get out of that is that they were pushing me to get what they can get out of me. And that is the fire to take it out on the stage.

Question: How was it backstage last night?

Haley Reinhart: I was at peace off the stage but then had a moment and realized how much I was going to miss everybody. Everyone is such a great big family, created bonds with everybody and I knew I miss them, but then again I am gonna see them today. Everyone was so supportive and they have my back.

Question: How did the rumors start about you and Casey dating?

Haley Reinhart: It started a long time ago – when we just really started bonding and getting close. We could confide in each other, we had a different connection than the rest and that’s when it all started. We laughed about it. We have a really strong relationship, but we are not dating….but the musicality between us is just wonderful.

Question: Did it ever cause a distraction for either of you?

Haley Reinhart: Not really, and we didn’t really give in to them and say yes or no. That was probably the best thing to do. Either way it’s not gonna hurt anyone – we played the game and it was fun.

Question: What was it like being around Lauren and Scotty?

Haley Reinhart: I’ve grown up around an adult crowd, so I have taken a lot of that along with me, but it’s been fun. Lauren takes me back to when I was younger. It’s been really fun to hang out with them.

Question: How did your dad enjoy being on stage with you?

Haley Reinhart: He was on cloud nine, he had a blast said it was the best concert ever. It’s a keepsake for life that we will always have.

Question: What will your debut album be like?

Haley Reinhart: I definitely have a lot of ideas. To begin with I would love to do an album of sultry, bluesy, rock, but I love jazz so if I can slip that in somewhere. I am definitely loving the sultry/bluesy/rock feel.

Question: If you could work with anyone on your album, who would it be?

Haley Reinhart: Steven, you know I love classic rock, I grew up with rock and roll. So, if I could do something with him that would be fantastic.

Question: How did you like working with all the mentors?

Haley Reinhart: It was really cool, I was excited to meet them but wasn’t nervous. The experience was so surreal. I walked up to them like we’re both artists and they treated me like that. I always walked away feeling like on cloud nine.

Question: What was the best thing you took away from any of the mentors?

Haley Reinhart: Well, I definitely just had a great time with Lady Gaga and Beyonce. And Sheryl Crowe, I grew up on her music and could picture myself doing something with that feel. They were all so down to earth and gave me great feedback.

Question: So what qualities make Scotty and Lauren perfect as finalists?

Haley Reinhart: You know as far as the viewers of the show, this is perfect for them. There is a lot of very young people in the audience. They are both so darn cute and they have the country going for them, it’s a country year.

Question: Can you predict who you think will win?

Haley Reinhart: I can’t do that, it’s a close one. It’s so close because they are in such a close lane.

Thanks to Haley Reinhart for sharing her thoughts, and best of luck to her in the future! Who are you rooting for, Scotty or Lauren? Comment and share your thoughts with us and then be sure to tune in next week to the season finale of American Idol on FOX on Tuesday at 8 pm and then the winner will be revealed on Wednesday night!

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5 Responses to “American Idol: Haley Reinhart Elimination Interview”

  1. karen rock Says:
    May 20th, 2011 at 12:34 pm

    Haley I think you should have won this whole thing but since your not I am going t o vote for lauren. I think a girl should win this year and scotty will make albums anyway so it is a win win situation.

  2. Bratt Says:
    May 20th, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    Oh hell yeah she was pissed off it showed all over her face….She can spin anyway she wants but hell yeah she was pissed..•Haley is still a child herself who has alot of growning up to do.. Haley may have been around alot of adults but she sure don’t act like one…Nuff said

  3. Wanda Says:
    May 20th, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    Haley is the best!!! I don’t even think I will watch the show next week!!!
    Scotty is awesome for a country singer and I hope he wins!!!
    As far as Lauren goes, she does have a nice voice, but she comes off as such a spoiled child…..well, just don’t think she deserves to win!! Too fake for me!!

  4. Jingles Says:
    May 21st, 2011 at 5:00 pm

    I did not think Haley had the voice to be No. 1. Matter of fact, she sounded tooo raspy to me, not smooth. Matter of fact I think she should have been voted off a long time ago instead of Pia, who had a terrific voice.
    And yes, she was stunned when she was voted off..you couldn’t miss the look on her face because she thought she had it in the bag

  5. Annie Says:
    May 21st, 2011 at 7:24 pm

    So glad that Haley is gone……she seemed like a person who thought she was better than the rest. Kind of arrogant……time to get over herself. I really would have liked James to win but since that did not happen, I now really do not care who wins. I just did not think that Haley should win so I guess America agreed.


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