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America’s Next Top Model: Molly Is An Optimistic Runner-Up

May 21, 2011 06:00 PM by Allyson Wells

The America’s Next Top Model finale recently aired and was one of the closest showdowns.  Molly was a narrow runner-up, but still feels great about her chances in the modeling industry.  She speaks out on her show experience, being labeled as cranky and her future roommate from the show.

Question:  You came so far in this competition, making it all the way to the final two. Take us back to the final panel – you were really emotional and waiting for the news of who would be America’s Next Top Model. What was going through your mind in that moment?

Molly: After seeing my covergirl commercial, I was kinda like, “Uh oh, I might not be winning this!”, so that was definitely on my mind. I think I blew it with the commercial, and that’s why I was emotional and crying, but I kinda knew after seeing that that I was screwed.

Question: You produced some of the strongest and most stunning photos in this competition, particularly in Morocco. Which photo shoot was your favorite one to work on?

Molly: God, they were all so awesome. Once we went to Morocco they were all equal in my book. The camel one was awesome, the hair and makeup and clothing were so ridiculous, and then on the horse carriage, I loved my outfit and my makeup. Even though Mr. Jay gave me iffy feedback on the beach shoot, I had so much fun shooting with Nigel. Everything in morocco was awesome! I can’t narrow it down to just one shoot.


Question: Your parents seemed like such great people, and it was apparent that they love you so much! What was their reaction to your being the runner up, and how supportive are they of your modeling?

Molly: They’ve always been really supportive of modeling, even when I was awkward looking and nobody thought it would happen. My mom and I watched the show for years, so she was even more excited about the whole thing. They’re awesome people, and they said before I went that they were proud of me every step of the way, whether I made it or not. They’re so happy for me, and they’re happy for Brittani too, they love her.


Question: There was a bit of talk this cycle about your attitude, and about you being cranky. In watching the show, do you feel you were portrayed accurately? How do you feel about the way they portrayed your attitude?

Molly: Everybody complained a little bit, though they showed mostly just me, but I did complain, so I was asking for it. It was pretty accurate – there was a lot of repetitive me being a brat, like “Oh, look how big of a brat Molly is!”, but I am, so it was the truth!


Question:  In the final runway show when she tripped, what was going through your head?

Molly:  I was like, “Ohhhh god, that looked really bad.” You know, I would be so upset if I was her. The look on her face was like, “Crap. I just blew it.” I almost slipped one time because of the rose petals from the balcony, so I knew exactly why she slipped. So I just helped her up and was thinking uh-oh, that may have sealed her fate and my win, but there have been times when the girls weren’t very good at runway and they still win, because it’s kind of more so about the pictures and the commercial.

Question:  What did you and Brittani say to each other during that deliberation time?

Molly:  We both told each other that they were going to win. She was like, “I fell, I’m not going to win,” and I was like, “I had a horrible commercial, I’m not going to win.” And she was like, “Yeah, but your photos were so good,” and I said, “Yeah, but your commercial and your runway…” so we pretty much were, I don’t know, telling the other one what we were afraid was going to happen. But I kind of knew she was probably going to get it. That was, ugh, the most depressing ten seconds waiting for Tyra to say the name. I was like, “C’mon! Say it!”


Question: I know you mentioned that you’re close with Brittani, but have you made any lasting friendships with any girls in the competition?

Molly: Yeah, I really liked everybody. I liked Alexandria too, even though there was drama, but I really liked everyone, which was surprising. I thought I would hate everybody there, but we really had a great group of girls! I still keep in contact with the majority of them on a weekly basis.


Question:  Everyone always named you and Brittani to make it to the final two. How early on did you suspect that it would come down to you two?

Molly:  The very first day that we went on the runway when it was the 30-something of us girls, when we did the little photo shoot and runway walk, Brittani and I immediately gravitated toward each other, like “Oh, your walk is good,” and “Oh, your walk is good!” “You take good pictures,” “So do you!” We were both kind of like, OK, this is who I need to look out for, but we also got along really well so it kind of worked out that we got to stay the longest with each other until the very end. Once I thought I might actually make it to the end, I thought it would be me and Brittani.


Question:  What was it like dealing with weaves coming on, weaves coming off, and then the final cut at the end?

Molly: The weave was horrible, and it wasn’t even just that it looked horrible, it hurt! It was pulling on my hair; my hair is really, really thin, and they could barely even get it attached. I had sores all over my head. Mikaela went through the same thing, and she also had hers removed, but they didn’t highlight that much. It was awful, and it made me more cranky. And then the haircut at the end…I mean, I get it, it’s edgier and shocking, but I mean, I’ve never had anybody say they don’t like it, and it does stand out a lot more than my old hair.


Question: How do you feel about that now that it’s been a couple months?

Molly:  I’m OK with it. Right after it happened, I was like, “Oh no, my life is over! I’m going to be a struggling model and no one is going to sign me!” But then I really thought about it and I was like, “OK, you’re being overly dramatic.” So many girls who got eliminated before the final two in past cycles are doing really well, some even better than the person who won the cycle. So it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t model and be successful, it just means I don’t get that contract right now. I’m optimistic about everything, I’m not upset.


Question:  What’s next for you? Are you moving to New York?

Molly:  Yeah, Brittani and I are moving to New York in the next couple of months, and she’s going to be my roommate.  We went up and looked at neighborhoods a month or so ago.

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