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Dancing With The Stars: Week Ten Recap

May 23, 2011 06:13 PM by Allyson Wells

Three stars, two dances, and one mirror ball trophy.  The finals are finally here on Dancing with the Stars.  Who will shine the brightest to close out season 12?  Will it be Hines Ward, the hero of the gridiron, Chelsea Kane the Disney Princess, or the Screen Queen, Kirstie Alley? 

Chelsea Kane & Mark Ballas

The first round of dances is the judges’ choice.  Each judge visit one of the pairs.  Carrie Ann Inaba stops in to see Chelsea and Mark to discuss the samba.  Carrie Ann wants to see more sensuality and less perky moves.  Chelsea’s samba is definitely less perky and more sexy.  Mark does not look like he is recovering from a virus.  It must be the adrenaline.  Len loves Chelsea and thinks she is perfect, minus the fraying arms.  Bruno can’t hold himself back and thinks Chelsea is a sexy bombshell.  Carrie Ann boasts the dance was hot, hot, hot and that Chelsea is on fire.  Backstage with Brooke, Chelsea says it was really cool to get a woman’s perspective on dance from Carrie Ann.  Carrie Ann and Bruno give them 10′s, while Len gives them a 9.  For their freestyle, Chelsea is so excited because she loves Mark’s dances.  Mark plans to go all out for her.  They enter on a bicycle and the music has a Latin beat.  There are a lot of lifts and infusions of different styles of dances.  The lights go dim and reveal their shoes and gloves lighting up.  At the end of the dance, Mark plants a big kiss on Chelsea’s cheek.  Len loves how they attacked the dance.  Bruno yells the dance was electrifying and creative.  Carrie Ann believes they exceeded their expectations.  All three judges give them 10′s.

Kirstie Alley & Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Bruno Tonioli visits Kirstie and Maks to give them advice on the samba.  Bruno wants her to reach her arms more and fling less.  He urges her to take her moment.  Kirstie is every bit as sultry as Chelsea was in her samba.  Maks doesn’t look too shabby, either.  Bruno loves how much softer Kirstie looked in the dance, but wants her to look at the audience more.  Carrie Ann loves what Kirstie did.  Len notes it was a different style of samba than Chelsea, but was lovely and natural.  Backstage with Brooke, Kirstie points out that she and Chelsea are very different and they do whatever they do.  All three judges give them 9′s.  For their freestyle, Maks thinks age does not exist and Kirstie can whip anyone.  Kirstie hopes it will be spectacular.  The dance begins with Maks taking Kirstie’s hands and pulling her into a hug before spinning her around.  Kirstie then tosses her dress and Maks lifts her up.  I love that Kirstie is dancing barefoot.  I’m surprised to see the lifts they tried.  I’m getting a little teary watching her transformation.  Bruno is proud of what Kirstie has achieved and respects her.  Carrie Ann smiles that her dance embodies how life should be lived at her age.  Len saw elements of all the dances and risks and commends her on a job well done.  All three judges give them 9′s. 

Hines Ward & Kym Johnson

Len Goodman visits Hines and Kym to give them advice on the quickstep.  Len wants Hines to work on his footwork and get the movements sharper.  This is the loosest I’ve seen Hines dance all season.  He’s so light on his feet!  This dance is as adorable as Hines’ smile.  Carrie Ann thinks the dance was so much fun and makes her forget she is a judge.  Len believes Hines is not quite there yet and urges him to show him the wow factor in the freestyle.  Bruno disagrees with Len and believes it was like a Broadway number.  Backstage with Brooke, Hines admits that it is bittersweet that his dancing days are ending.  Carrie Ann and Bruno give them 10′s, while Len gives them a 9.  For their freestyle, Hines wants to do something special and different.  Kym wants to make their dance a halftime act, which Hines loves because he always misses the halftime show.  Their dance is backed by a drum line as they march.  This is a halftime show I wouldn’t want to miss.  Hines does a great job and his ever present smile flashes at the end.  Carrie Ann tells them it was not a halftime show, but a super bowl.  She is blown away by their lifts.  Len thinks he gave it their all.  Bruno loves what they created.  All three judges give them 10′s. 

Hines and Kym are tied for first with Chelsea and Mark.  Kirstie and Maks are five points behind.  All three couples will dance one more dance for the judges to add to their total score and audience votes.  Who will you vote for?  Tune into the results show tomorrow night to learn the winner.

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2 Responses to “Dancing With The Stars: Week Ten Recap”

  1. pcranny Says:
    May 23rd, 2011 at 9:02 pm

    Didn’t watch finals as a protest to scandalous Winner Take All dance designed to get rid of Ralph Macchio and make way for ABC/Disney employee. Cheating stinks. RM actually wasn’t my favorite but it was hard to watch the judges cheat that young man week after week. Then the WTA fiasco just took all the fun and element of surprise out of this show altogether. By the third week, you know who the judges want to win so WHY bother voting? Just peeked at this thread to see if the judges continued with their biased judging and it appears that again they did. No surprises there. This undercurrent of cheating the public seemed to begin with the Evan/Nicole season and has just gone downhill since. A true shame as it started out a very entertaining show. Seems like producers with an agenda and bad judges can ruin anything these days. But out and out rigging the outcome — unbelievable.

  2. allan Says:
    May 24th, 2011 at 11:12 am

    Why can’t I vote for who I want to vote for!
    I want to Vote for Hines!!!!!!
    If he doesn’t win, it’s fixed!!!!!!????????


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