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The Bachelorette: Ashley Hebert’s Season Begins

May 23, 2011 07:51 PM by Candace Young

Tonight on ABC, Ashley Hebert sets out on her journey as The Bachelorette to find love.  In this first episode, there is drama, laughs, and surprises as Ashley meets her 25 bachelors. Keep reading for all of the highlights, including who gets the first impression rose, and who will be the first to leave the show…

The episode kicks off with a rehash of Ashley’s botched attempt at love with Brad Womack on the last season of The Bachelor. Ashley talks about how it will always haunt her, but insists she’s in a much better place now, and feels very confident about finding love.

Chris Harrison gives us a look at the bachelors before bringing Ashley out to greet them for the first time. As with other crops of hopefuls there are some that appear to have great promise, and others who seem to have issues.

Ashley gets out of her limo and Chris welcomes her back. Inside, Ashley tells Chris she never imagined she would be back there. She laments that she misused her time with Brad Womack being insecure. She feels she is ready for her turn now, saying she’s open to finding love.  Ashley says her concerns are that some of the guys might be disappointed that it’s her, or that they might be there for the wrong reasons. She amazes Chris by telling him that she got a phone call about a guy named Bentley who is coming on the show to promote his job. Chris says it’s a first to have drama before the guys even arrive. Ashley promises she’ll give him a fair shot.

The first limo pulls up and Ashley meets Ryan P., the solar energy guy, Jon, an e-commerce man who picks her right up off the ground, Lucas, an oil field exec from Texas, William, who is excited to see Ashley is the bachelorette, and Mickey who tries to give her a kiss from every man in America.

The second limo produces Tim, a liquor distributor who seems speechless, Ben the lawyer, Stephen the hairstylist, Chris D., a sports marketing distributor who blurts out a rhyme, and West, who gives her a broken compass.

The third limo gives up Anthony the butcher from New Jersey, Rob, a technology exec, Ames a portfolio manager who runs marathons, Matt, an office supply salesman, and Jeff, who is wearing a mask to take his face out of the game. He is teased relentlessly by the other guys inside the mansion.

A fourth limo expels Ben the winemaker from Sonoma, who toasts Ashley, Frank, a college admissions director who spins her around and dips her, Michael, a technology salesman, Chris M., who is CEO of a construction company, and Ryan M, a construction estimator who does an impromptu photo shoot.

The fifth limo contains JP, Nick, a personal trainer with a poem, Blake, who is a fellow dentist, and Bentley, the single dad businessman who she was warned is there for the wrong reasons.  He is followed by restaurateur, Constantine, who ties dental floss on her finger.

Chris returns and Ashley confirms that she felt a gut attraction to a few of them. She heads inside and makes a little speech to the guys. They share a group toast, and Ryan steals her right away. He tells her he was so glad to see it was her when he got out of the limo – he thinks they are both active and love their jobs.

Ben F is the next to speak with Ashley – he tells her about his winery. The next one, Matt, calls his mother, Gail, who doles out motherly advice much to Ashley’s delight.  Michael then pretends to want to serenade her, but throws the guitar into the pool.  Inside the mansion, Tim the liquor distributor from New York is totally freaked out by the guy wearing the mask.

Chris produces the first impression rose, which ups the ante for the guys. Mickey takes some time with Ashley, and then she talks to two others, while a third holds up flashcards in the window! Ben C. takes some time to tell Ashely about himself – he’s the lawyer from New Orleans. Ashley challenges William to try and sell himself, so he does some impressions to win her over.

When Ashley approaches Tim, he seems to be stunned, but is actually drunk. She makes an attempt at drawing him out, but his responses are slurred.  Ashley says she feels bad for him. He makes his way back inside and decides it might be a good time to fight the masked man.  The other guys aren’t impressed. Tim goes outside and passes out cold. Ashley is unable to penetrate the snoring to wake him up. She enlists a couple of guys to escort him out to a waiting vehicle and he’s history.

With Tim gone, Jeff the masked entrepreneur makes his move with Ashley, explaining that he wants her to get to know the real him. She likes it. Ashley hangs with JP next – they connect pretty well. Ashley faces up to Bentley, who may not be there for the right reasons, and learns he is also the single dad.  She says he’d be the forerunner if not for the warning she received.

Ashley gives her first impression rose to Ryan, who is surprised and very pleased.  Bentley tells the camera that even though he’s not very attracted to Ashley, he’s competitive and wanted the rose.

Rose Ceremony

Six bachelors are headed home tonight. Ashley offers roses to Jeff (the masked man), Constantine, Ben F, Lucas, Stephen, Matt, Nick, Chris D, Ryan M, Blake, Mickey, Ben C, West, William, JP, Ames,  and Bentley.

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One Response to “The Bachelorette: Ashley Hebert’s Season Begins”

  1. LAURA Says:
    May 23rd, 2011 at 10:33 pm

    Ashley is a lot more flat-chested than she appeared to be in that {padded} dress ! The brown hair pasted across her forehead looks bad, like a teenager’s hair style.
    She has a loud,unfeminine personality and talks like a “valley girl”,annoying to listen to. She needs to get a grip. I think she’s weird-
    and apparently not very intuitive about men. I guess the guy who is there to fake her out is so far succeeding despite the fact she was warned about him ! And how stupid is she to let the idiot wearing the mask stay ?! Are you kidding ? If he’s that weird, he will pull more weirdness later on as long as she knows him, it certainly won’t be the last stunt she will ever see. Her “B.S.” detector is non-functioning…..
    and further proof of her not too bright mind ? She allows herself to think that she could have had Brad if she had only “opened up” more. I’m sorry but that is just what Brad used as an excuse. He was a liar all around and a user.


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