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The Real Housewives of New Jersey: “Drop Dead Gorgas”

May 23, 2011 07:52 PM by Shayla Perry

With the bad blood brewing between Teresa Giudice and her sister-in-law Melissa Gorgas, how could Bravo possibly add any more drama to this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey? Umm… Does the name Kim G. ring a bell? Find out what happens when the show’s resident pot stirrer makes an appearance on this week’s all new episode.

It’s Halloween for the Housewives of New Jersey, and Caroline Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita, and Teresa Giudice are getting into the spirit of the season by carving pumpkins with their kids. Of course, the christening comes up, as word of the family brawl has spread like wildfire.

Teresa tries to explain everything that happened that day, and says that she hasn’t spoken to her brother, or his wife, Melissa Gorga since. Caroline tells Teresa that she needs to sit down with her brother and work things out, but Teresa doesn’t want to do it with Melissa around. When Caroline reminds her that all of the ladies are supposed to be at the upcoming Posche fashion show, Teresa says that she doesn’t plan on saying anything to her sister-in-law there.

Meanwhile, Melissa and her husband have dinner with Kathy Wakile and her husband. Melissa and Joe still blame Teresa and Joe Giudice for everything that happened at the christening, with Joe Gorga saying that his brother-in-law has been verbally abusing him for 9 years. Kathy and her husband try to explain to him that for so long, Teresa’s put him up on a pedestal, which probably made her husband feel a little inferior. Still, Joe’s not at the point where he feels comfortable sitting down with his sister and talking things over.

Melissa mentions the fashion show and asks Kathy what she should do when she sees Teresa. Kathy tells her to just say hello and be polite, noting that Teresa will probably do the same.

Later in the week at Posche, Kathy Wakile and Melissa Gorga do some shopping, and Kim “D” asks Melissa if she’ll walk in the fashion show. Of course, she says yes. Then, in walks Kim G., who hasn’t met Melissa before, but immediately brings up the fight at the christening.

Caroline Manzo’s daughter, Lauren, has started her own cosmetic company, and she’s actually going to be handling the models’ makeup for the Posche fashion show. Remembering last year’s drama with Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub, Caroline doesn’t necessarily want her family to be involved at all, but they’re all somehow obligated, so she’s just hoping things go off without a hitch — we know better though…

It’s time for trick-or-treating! After taking the kids out for Halloween, Melissa and her husband get ready for some adult fun (not ADULT, adult, but…you know). Thankful for the invite to walk in the fashion show, Melissa returns the favor and asks Kim “D” to come out with her, Kathy, and their husbands to a party. Kim “D” brings Kim G. along, and not surprisingly, while they’re out, Kim G. asks Melissa if she’s going to talk to Teresa at the fashion show.

Both Melissa and Kathy express that they want things to work out between everyone in the family, and Kathy suggests that she may talk to Teresa herself.

On the day of the fashion show, as Caroline Manzo and her husband get the venue ready, Teresa Giudice stops by Jacqueline Laurita’s house for a little chat (and champagne). Teresa says that she’s going to say hello to Melissa and would never be confrontational, but Jacqueline worries that something will somehow go awry. Though Teresa’s ready to talk, she doesn’t want to be the one doing all of the work to bring the family back together.

Kathy and Melissa are getting their hair done for the show, and Melissa makes it clear that she wants Teresa to apologize for everything that happened. Again, Kathy says that she wants to talk to Teresa, and hopes that she’s willing to listen.


It’s showtime! Kim “D” tells the ladies she’d like them to go mingle and eat before hitting the runway. As they’re sitting at their table, Teresa notices that Kim G. is talking to her sister-in-law, which she does not like. When the models go backstage to finish getting ready, Kathy moves over to Caroline’s table, but Caroline is in no mood to make friends with the new Housewife until everything is settled with Teresa and Melissa.

Melissa walks the runway with her sisters screaming and cheering her on in the crowd, which prompts Kim “D” to have her do another walk. When Teresa takes to the runway, Kim G. asks if she should boo her. Caroline notices that Teresa isn’t herself as she’s on the runway, saying that she looks like she’s forcing it, and blaming the rough year she’s had financially, and the fact that everyone in the room knows about what happened at the christening.

After the show, Melissa sees Teresa taking pictures with her mother. Not knowing that her mother-in-law was even there, Melissa walks up to say hello to her.

Later, Kathy pulls Teresa aside and asks to speak with her. She asks her what’s going on with her, referring to the christening, and Teresa says that it was her brother, and not her, that behaved irrationally. When Kathy asks Teresa if she’s tried to talk to him at all, Teresa says that she knows her brother, and that he’s too angry for her to try to have a conversation with him because he’ll act “like an animal.”

Kathy presses on, saying that Teresa hasn’t even called Melissa. After she questions why Kathy left the christening so early instead of being there for Melissa and Joey, Teresa is infuriated when Kathy says that she was watching after her daughters who were left alone when all of the fighting was going on.

Teresa starts yelling at Kathy, telling her not to “go there,” denying that her kids were alone, then walks away, saying that she’s done with her.

Still fuming, Teresa yells to her mother, asking if Kathy had her kids at the christening. Caroline interjects, telling everyone to drop it, then walks over to Kathy and Melissa and tells them that the conversation shouldn’t have happened, and that they can kill each other in their own homes, but not there, before telling Melissa that she needs to work things out with Teresa.

Who’s at fault for the argument at the fashion show — Kathy Wakile or Teresa Giudice?

Be sure to catch the next episode of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey, Monday, May 30 at 9|8c.

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