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American Idol: East Coast Live Blog

May 25, 2011 05:02 PM by Christine McDow

Welcome to the live blog, dedicated to the East and Central Time Zone airing of American Idol! I will be posting here as things happen on the show, as well as tweeting on our twitter page. Keep reading to know what is happening, every second of the show!

8:01 pm: Ryan is on! Whoo hoo!

8:02 pm: World record…122 million votes! Ryan looks so hot!

8:03 pm: What is up with Randy’s white tux??

8:04 pm: Ok, the theme of the night must be WHITE. Were Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery not already ready for the show?

8:05 pm: More white. Top 13 singing “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga

8:07 pm: Commercial break! I needed one. All that white was blinding me!

8:11 pm: We are back! With James Durbin singing with Judas Priest! His fans are peeing their pants right now!

8:13 pm: How many of you still think James Durbin should be in the American Idol finale?

8:15 pm: Tribute to Randy begins. “What, what, what?” You would think after 10 seasons Randy would know what was what! And he thinks everyone is in it to win it. He sounds like a broken record!

8:18 pm: Jacob Lusk on stage displaying his ability for gospel music with Gladys Knight and some guy playing the piano! (Kirk Frankland)

8:21 pm: Another commercial

8:26 pm: Casey and some guy looking very frisky (Oh! Jack Black) dancing and singing on stage!

8:28 pm: I never knew Jack Black could sing!

8:29 pm: Top 13 ladies coming out…a little slowly it seems. Ryan is trying to waste time!

8:30 pm: Singing Beyone’s “Single Ladies”…red seems to be the new color of the night.

8:32 pm: Haley sounds terrible! I think she needs to clear her throat!

8:34 pm: Beyonce! Now Haley will really look bad!

8:36 pm: Guess what! Commercial!

8:39 pm: Steven Tyler tribute! What did you think of him as a judge?

8:41 pm: Haley Reinhart and Tony Bennett. Really? She actually sounds very vintage in this song. LOVE the dress!

8:44 pm: Jennifer Lopez tribute. Boy they are making her feel old!

8.46 pm: Lil Jon, TLC and the top 13 ladies!

8:48 pm: TLC still rocks! I love them! Makes me feel young again.

8:50 pm: Tim McGraw and Scotty McCreery. Life is good. Real talent!

8:54 pm: Another commercial but Ryan is promising a BIG surprise when they come back!

8:58 pm: They are back…..a look back at some of the really, really bad auditions this season!

8:59 pm: Did I say really, really bad? I mean absolutely terrible, worst auditions…maybe ever!

9:01 pm: J Lo’s hubby, Marc Anthony! A little Latin loving! Ooh la la!

9:03 pm: Shake it Jennifer! What was the point of this performance??

9:05 pm: American does NOT hate you Casey!! Wow, James looked pissed! Who was more shocking? I think they were both shocking!

9:06 pm: Fight, fight, fight! Yes, Pia was the MOST shocking!

9:07 pm: Time for the top 13 guys to perform!

9:11 pm: I wish it was a Casey and James finale!

9:12 pm: Tom Jones! Who is he?? LOL

9:19 pm: A look back at this season on American Idol

9:20 pm: Yay for teachers!!

9:21 pm: Lauren just sounds SO FAKE to me!

9:21 pm: New cars for the teachers! I feel like I am watching Oprah! Oh! And new cars for Scotty and Lauren! I hope that includes the top of the line, fully decked out models!

9:22 pm: Who could have a finale WITHOUT Lady Gaga! Love her hat! She always surprises.

9:31 pm: Lauren singing one of my favorite songs with Carrie Underwood – Before He Cheats!

9:35 pm: The older members of the top 13 bashing Lauren and Scotty for their young age! This is hilarious!

9:36 pm: Beyonce is back singing One Plus One!

9:39 pm: Why does Beyonce get to sing twice? Did someone not show up?

9:45 pm: It is almost time!

9:45 pm: Bono time! Spiderman! How sexy is that! I always loved a man in a blue and red leotard.

8:49 pm: J Lo likes men in blue and red leotards too!

8:54 pm: A special treat…Steven Tyler performs!

8:54 pm: I swear it just sounded like the whole audience yelled “Lauren!”

8:57 pm: Commercial! Results should be coming up next!

10:01 pm: And the winner is…

10:02 pm: Scotty McCreery!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!

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3 Responses to “American Idol: East Coast Live Blog”

  1. Christine Says:
    May 25th, 2011 at 6:05 pm

    Great recap! I can’t watch so it’s nice to see exactly what’s happening as you watch. Sounds like a really fun show!! :)

  2. ab Says:
    May 25th, 2011 at 6:36 pm

    I am disgusted with AI tonight. Lady gaga spreading her legs on air in front of our kids during family time????? Sickening stuff you people will do for money!!!

  3. Sk Says:
    May 25th, 2011 at 7:48 pm

    Scotty is a cutie!!! But I totally agree it should have been a James and Casey finale they were both shocking!! Pia not so much she was pretty and had a great voice but I think America was just getting sick of ballads!!


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