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American Idol: West Coast Live Blog

May 25, 2011 08:19 PM by Lori Wilson

Welcome to the West Coast American Idol Season Ten Finale live blog. We’ll be commenting on everything that’s going on during the show right here, so keep refreshing the page in order to receive the updates. Also, if you don’t want to be spoiled, stay away from the main page, which will include details from the East Coast viewing. Keep on reading for all the American Idol season finale highlights.

And the winner is…

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8:00 pm: The judges favored Lauren last night, but will she win?

8:02 pm: Ryan is out on stage kicking the show off with news that a world record has been set with the number of votes. Nicely done fans!

8:03 pm: What’s with all the white? Steven Tyler, Scotty and Lauren all are clad in the bright white.

8:05 pm: The top 13 sing Lady Gaga’s Born This Way.

8:06 pm: More people in all white! Does anyone else think this sounds like a routine on “Glee?”

8:07 pm: Michael from “Lost” is in the audience.

8:11 pm: James Durbin signs with Judas Priest.

8:12 pm: Kind of a tame version of “Living After Midnight,” but cool to see hard rock on the show.

8:13 pm: Now they’re “breaking the law.” Awesome!

8:15 pm: Wow! Even Randy has a white jacket on. I guess J.Lo didn’t get the memo.

8:16 pm: A retrospective of Randy’s catch phrases: “What kind of show is this?” “He’s in it to win it” plays. I wonder if he knew he said those two things so much.

8:17 pm: Jacob Lusk takes the stage with some gospel and Gladys Knight!

8:21 pm: Commercial break, but Ryan promises more superstar surprises.

8:26 pm: We’re back with Casey and Jack Black singing “Fat Bottomed Girls.” Interesting choice of Jack Black, but I dig it!

8:29 pm: Ryan stalls as the top 13 ladies take the stage.

8:29 pm: From all white to all red outfits, the ladies sing, what else, “Single Ladies.”

8:34 pm: It’s turned into a Beyonce medley.

8:34 pm: And now it’s the real thing! Beyonce is showing these girls how it’s done with “Crazy in Love.”

8:35 pm: She even brought her own dancers. Take a backseat American Idol contestants.

8:36 pm: Commercial break! Ooh…look at that. A preview for Jack Black’s movie “Kung Fu Panda.”

8:39 pm: Salute to “Rock God” Steven Tyler.

8:40 pm: What did you think of him as a judge this year? A good replacement for Simon or was he really the new Paula?

8:41 pm: Next up is Haley and Tony Bennett. Quite a coup for her I would imagine.

8:44 pm:
It’s Jennifer Lopez’s turn to be featured as clips play of contestants gushing over her.

8:45 pm: Marc Anthony’s reactions edited in are hilarious.

8:47 pm: TLC and Lil Jon perform. Glad to see a few American Idol’s join them or else I’m not sure what the point of this performance would be.

8:49 pm: Do you like all the professional performances? Or would you rather the show be shortened up a bit?

8:50 pm: Scotty McCreery hits the stage with Tim McGraw to sing “Live Like Your Were Dying.” Looking good Tim.

8:54 pm: Commercial break.

8:58 pm: They’re back with clips of all the memorable contestants who didn’t make it. Just laughed out loud at the guy doing back flips and landed right on the cameraman. Good stuff.

9:00 pm: J. Lo’s man Marc Anthony hits the stage for a performance.

9:01 pm: and no surprise, Jennifer Lopez joins Marc. So far she’s just strutting around.

9:04 pm: Sheila E. is on drums as Jennifer dances with Marc’s dancers. I’m most excited by Sheila E’s presence.

9:07 pm:
The top 13 guys, dressed in all black, sing Prince’s “Kiss.”

9:08 pm: I was hoping Prince was going to join them, but they’ve segued into a few of Tom Jones’ tunes.

9:09 pm: What’s new pussycat?

9:12 pm: Well if we can’t have Prince, Tom Jones will do. I wonder if any one in the audience will throw their panties at him.

9:13: pm: Jack Black is totally jammin’ in the audience to “It’s Not Unusual.” Mr. Jones sounds exactly the same. As if he hasn’t aged.

9:21 pm: Scotty and Lauren brought their favorite teachers on the show so they could receive a brand new Ford Focus. Scotty and Lauren also get a car. Any Ford they want.

9:22 pm: Lady Gaga graces the stage to sing “The Edge of Glory.” Of course it a major production with a typically outlandish outfit.

9:24 pm: Hmmm…will any of the “American Idol” contestants come out to sing with her like with all the other professionals?

9:26 pm: No AI’s but a little interpretive dance from Lady G.

9:27 pm: That was just awkward.

9:29 pm: In the middle of a commercial break. Ready for the winner to be announced. How about you?

9:31 pm: Lauren sings “Before He Cheats” with Carrie Underwood.

9:32 pm: Clip package of what the eliminated “American Idol” contestants think of the teenagers who are vying for the title. They all seem a little bitter, but in a funny way of course.

9:36 pm: Because there’s still twenty minutes left in the show, Beyonce comes back to sing “One Plus One.”

9:45 pm: Bono and The Edge perform a song from the Spiderman musical, as Spiderman drops from the ceiling.

9:48 pm: No Spiderman was harmed during the taping of “American Idol.”

9:49 pm: Spiderman dropped down right in front of Jennifer Lopez. She started to, but looked too scared to go through with the Kirsten Dunst/Tobey Maguire kiss from the movie.

9:54 pm: In what should come as no surprise, Steven Tyler is the next performer. He sings “Dream On.” Sadly, Aerosmith does not accompany him.

9:56 pm:
Sorry Steven, Tom Jones as my favorite of the night. J. Lo, Randy and audience love him though.

9:57 pm: Okay. Last commercial break before the winner is announced. Who will it be Scotty or Lauren? Place your bets.

9:59 pm: It’s now time to announce the winner!

10:01 pm: And the winner is…Scotty McCreery!

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