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Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings – Welcome to Bollywood!

May 25, 2011 09:56 PM by Shayla Perry

Seema and Nihar are hoping for a traditional Indian wedding that not only honors their heritage, but also incorporates the modern flair of Bollywood. Enter Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott, and James McGowan — the wedding planning Dream Team (or is that The Dream Wedding Planning Team?). Either way, they’re up to the challenge. So how did Seema and Nihar’s big day turn out? Get all the details of the latest episode of Oxygen‘s Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings right here!


Tori Spelling and hubby Dean McDermott have chosen Seema & Nihar as their next wedding planning “clients.”

After meeting at a bar close to Seema’s apartment, the couple instantly fell in love and are ready to celebrate their union in a big way.

For their special day, Seema and Nihar want a traditional Indian wedding that’s infused with modern Bollywood flair — a definite challenge for Tori & Dean, who know nothing about Indian culture. But of course, they’re up for the task!

As part of their tradition, the groom makes a grand entrance to the ceremony, usually on a large animal like an elephant. But for a more modern spin, Nihar wants to arrive in an old car, an Ambassador, just as his father did on his wedding day.

After filling them in on some of the other traditions that they want to incorporate in their wedding, it’s time for the planning to begin!


Luckily, Seema’s parents have already chosen a GREAT venue, leaving one less thing for Tori and Dean to have to worry about.


Seema’s in need of two gowns — one for the ceremony and one for the reception. Tori Spelling tags along with Seema and her mother as she searches for the right gowns, taking advantage of one of the boutique’s employees who’s helping her learn about all the little things she needs to make sure they include in the ceremony.

In total freakout mode, simply hearing about all of the details, Tori makes a panicky call to BFF and wedding planning partner, James McGowan for help.


Since there’s A LOT that they need, Seema’s father and some other family members go shopping in Little India with Tori, Dean, and James, and teach them the finer art of haggling — sort of.

While they’re out, the group learns that it’s supposed to rain on Seema & Nihar’s wedding day, meaning a Plan B is necessary for the way they plan to use the venue space.

Afterward, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott invite the couple to their house for a photo shoot. They plan on using the pictures to create 70′s Bollywood movie posters for the table numbers. Awesome!


It’s just not a Tori Spelling wedding without the sparkle of jewels! Tori takes Seema and her wedding party out to get them some borrowed bling to wear on the big day.


Tori and crew head out for some more items, and this time, she’s actually able to convince the store owner to lower the price on a lot of them. So, you can add haggling to Tori Spelling’s list of capabilities!


Keeping with tradition, Seema has a henna party, with everyone (including Tori & Dean’s kids) getting beautiful, intricate designs painted on their hands.

During the party, Dean McDermott has a chat with Seema’s father who’s concerned about the priest who will be presiding over the ceremony. They have some differences in opinion, but her dad assures Dean that he and his wife will work everything out with him themselves.

Then, there’s that tricky problem with the weather… It’s the day before the wedding and already, the rain has started, with a 70% chance that there will be rain on Seema and Nihar’s wedding day.

Another issue? The car that Nihar wants to use for his entrance is covered in rust and the carpet in the interior is rotting — James McGowan is not impressed. Will they be able to get the car ready in time for the ceremony?


Wedding day is here, but because of the rain, once again, Tori and Dean will have to rush to flip the room, changing it from the ceremony set-up to the reception.

As the bride and groom get dressed, Tori, Dean, and James panic about the car. Worried that it’s not going to look good, they have Nihar come down to see the rusting vehicle. But to Nihar, the rust is a great touch, representing the vintage Indian feel he wanted. Phew!

Tori Spelling then goes to check on Seema, who was already dressed in her gown. The bride is so beautiful that Tori is in tears, and thanks Seema for allowing her to be a part of her day.

Wanting to see Nihar’s entrance, Tori finds a spot for Seema to watch the procession without anyone seeing her.

Now that the groom has arrived, it’s Seema’s turn!

Have you ever seen a more beautiful aisle?!


The couple sits through their traditional Indian wedding, with the priest explaining the traditions as they go along — including the bride’s family washing Nihar’s feet

After exchanging rings, the priest then announces the new bride and groom as husband and wife, allowing other married women attending the wedding to approach Seema and whisper advice and blessings into her ear. How neat!


With the ceremony over, it’s time for Tori, Dean, and James to prep the room for the reception. Unfortunately, the photos of Seema on the tables have the bride with blue teeth! With no time to do anything about it, Tori decides that they should just leave them as they are, but just as they solve one problem, another arises — Tori’s super dizzy and thinks she should go to the hospital (perhaps early pregnancy symptoms???). James urges her to just slow down and drink some water instead of the coffee she’s been chugging all day, and she manages to pull through.

When Seema and Nihar enter the reception area, they’re speechless. After being seated at the bridal table, the couple’s family performs a Bollywood style dance for them.

Then, Tori & Dean have a big surprise in store! They’ve put together a video of Seema’s family in India that couldn’t make it to the wedding, who have all sent their well wishes. Seeing her family brings the bride to tears, and she and Nihar express their gratitude to their guests, who have become family to them over the years.


Tune in for the next episode of Oxygen’s Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings, Wednesday at 11|10c.

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