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So You Think You Can Dance: Season Eight Premiere – Atlanta And Bay Area Auditions

May 26, 2011 07:10 PM by Lisa Princ

Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and Cat Deeley are back tonight for the season eight premiere of So You Think You Can Dance on FOX! Tonight on our favorite dance competition we head to Atlanta, Georgia and the San Francisco Bay area, but did they find any talent? Keep reading for more details!

The new season of So You Think You Can Dance kicks off tonight with auditions in Atlanta, GA. Lil C joined Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe for this session of auditions. First up for auditions was Bianka Hinklerain, an 18 year old who performed a columbian salsa that had some extremely fast footwork. Nigel, Mary and Lil C all loved her but they decided to send to her to choreography instead of straight through. Next up was Melanie Moore, a college student who lost her father at an early age which pushed her to dance as an outlet for her. Melanie blew the judges away with her slow swan-like movements, even bringing Mary to tears and earning her an instant ticket to Vegas.

Next up were Damon Bellmon and Deon Lewsa, a pair of friends, who seemed more interested in hitting on the ladies than the audition – they even hit on Cat Deeley! This pair put on quite a comical performance, that seemed to be hip hop…I am not even sure, but they had us laughing to say the least and they were very well in tune with each other with some great moves. Nigel told Deon to come up and get his ticket to Vegas, and then he said thank you to Damon. As Damon started to walk off the stage, Mary called him back for his ticket to Vegas also.

Marko Germar was the last audition of the first day in Atlanta and he has an interesting story – he was held at gunpoint in robbery and shot with the bullet still in his shoulder. Determined to bounce back, Marko put on an awesome performance and really showcased some spectacular moves. All three judges were extremely impressed with his abilities and they sent him through to choreography. Teaching the choreography round tonight were season four’s Katie and season six runner up Jacob. After this killer choreography round, eleven more hopefuls were sent through to Vegas, including Bianka and Marko.

Then it was time for day two of the Atlanta auditions on the season premiere of So You Think You Can Dance and they started off with Kimalee Piedad, who came with a partner who was not competing. Kimalee impressed with some beautiful moves and graceful lifts, and she was sent straight through to Vegas. Then we saw some comical auditions with some crazy comments by Lil C which left Mary and Nigel speechless – yes speechless!

Next up was John “white chocolate” Palermo who came in to prove that a white boy could do hip hop. It was a very interesting performance, more comical than good though – even tossing a hat around and some strange facial expressions. Nigel thought it was not strong enough and when he argued that he could keep a rhythm, Lil C told him he couldn’t and the three decided he would be sent packing. Kyre Batiste was next up to hit the stage and when asked where he learned to dance, he responded with his Grandmother, who happened to be in the audience. Nigel called his grandmother up to the judging panel to help them judge the performance. After a fun performance and a spanking for Lil C by Grandma, Kyre was sent to choreography, but did not head to Vegas from there, in fact only 7 dancers made it through the second day.

Then the auditions took us to San Francisco where Nigel was joined on the judging panel by Tice Diorio and Toni Redpath. First up Amber Williams who was a complete nut job – she immediately told us that most people think she is on something but it’s just her personality. She warned us that she was coming out to dance her tooshie off and she really did, the girl could dance! The judges loved her energy and her moves and they sent her straight to Vegas….then she shared some hyper, happy, jumping with Nigel, who then commented that he was “not sure what they just let out of the cage”.

Timothy Joseph was up next and he came out doing flips. His b-boy performance was full of stunts and while the dance itself was not great, the tricks were insane! Tice loved his moves, while Toni thought he did not show her enough dance and she said no to choreography. Nigel, however thought Timothy’s moves were good enough to send him to choreography in which they did.

Next up was Leshia Moss, who claimed she was a “black Barbie” but she looked anything like a Barbie – I am not sure what was worse, her hideous bright blue eye shadow, the huge gap in her two front teeth or her pants that were 2 sizes too small. The judges humored her and let her performance, but you could tell this was going to be a disaster. Leshia told the judges she used to be a stripper – really? who would pay to see that? In any event, all her booty shaking could not convince them to send her anywhere but home. And then we saw many more horrible auditions, including a man who decided to follow suit and shake his booty and another who looked like he was having a seizure.

Then we met Danielle Ihle, who told us how much dance has gotten her through the tough moments in her life. Danielle and her family lost their home and car when her father hid his job loss from the family. Danielle’s mother was left to raise her and do everything on her own. Danielle put on a good performance but she didn’t show much emotion while dancing which concerned the judges, but they deliberated and sent her through to choreography.

Ashley Rich was up next and she put on a beautiful, emotional performance with perfect body movements, which immediately wowed Tice. When Tice and Toni wanted to send her to choreography, Nigel decided she needed to go to Vegas instead. Then we met Don-Que Addison who had an emotional moment and we are still trying to figure out why. After an overly dramatic audition full of tears and beating the stage with his fists and it was a no brainer that he was sent on his merry way.

Then it was time for the choreography round on So You Think You Can Dance being taught by season four’s Katie and Will. Timothy, who we met earlier had injured his knee during the performance decided to drop out so he wouldn’t affect his female partner. Then we watched as Danielle Ihle competed, looking like a completely new dancer and needless to say she earned her ticket to Vegas along with 13 other contestants.

Day two kicked off with Jeffrey McCann a B-boy who has been doing it for 18 years as he claimed. Jeffrey did not disappoint at his audition, it was action packed and trick packed. Wow, this guy was excellent and I am so looking forward to seeing more of him. He was so good, the judges were speechless! He had the crowd going and his awesome moves earned him a straight ticket to Vegas.

Then we saw a familiar face in Ryan Ramirez, who auditioned last season and was personally told by Lil C to come back and try again as she was very close but she didn’t make it. Her performance tonight was beautiful and the judges even commented that you could tell she had been working on her moves since she was last on the show. All three of them gave her a yes to choreography and just as she headed off the stage, Nigel brought her back for her Vegas ticket.

Many more tickets were handed out in the Bay area as the hopefuls continued to impress the judges. Levi “I dummy” Allen was up next with a brand new dance style called “Turfin” or “Turf” Dancing which consists of gliding footwork while story telling and using your swagger. The judges loved this audition and Tice called it spectacular and he was sent through to choreography. Levi did not do well in the choreography round though and he was sent packing.

That wraps up this round of auditions, be sure to tune in next Wednesday at 8 pm as the auditions continue! What did you think of the premiere of season eight of So You Think You Can Dance? Comment and share your thoughts with us, we’d love to hear from you!

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2 Responses to “So You Think You Can Dance: Season Eight Premiere – Atlanta And Bay Area Auditions”

  1. Ashley Says:
    May 26th, 2011 at 8:17 pm

    So, are the judges aware that the choreography done by Damon Bellmon and Deon Lewsa is a stolen routine, originally done by Les Twins as seen at the World of Dance 2010 performance in San Diego?
    Because the lot of Les Twins fans are outraged that the two friends were able to get away with stealing a routine and be able to go to the next level of the show.

    Original Video/Performance: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XLGYxeL1iQ]

  2. Jeannie Says:
    May 27th, 2011 at 11:31 pm

    Is the show going to have the option to watch on your website for those of us who have to work and dont have DVR?


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