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Survivor: Redemption Island — eBay Auction Raises $120K+

May 27, 2011 04:00 PM by Ryan Haidet

After each Survivor season finale, dozens of props from the show are placed on eBay where 100 percent of the money from each item sold is given to charity.  The auction for Survivor: Redemption Island, which was used to benefit the Alliance for Children’s Rights, has come to a close with thousands of dollars pouring in.  The 18 torches raised a total of $21,715.39.  Appropriately, the two torches that sold for the most money belonged to “Boston Rob” Mariano and Russell Hantz.  They both went for the same price at $2,950.  Read more of this story for a breakdown of how much each individual torch sold for and to see the selling prices on many other props from the show!  Plus, find out the final total from the entire auction.

The two most successful items in the auction were tickets to the upcoming December finale of Survivor: South Pacific.  Each of these auctions offered a pair of tickets to sit in the audience, a tour of the finale’s set in Los Angeles and a meet and greet with host Jeff Probst along with the entire cast.  Those items sold for $12,550 and $12,433.53.

When looking at the money raised for the torches sold, those from the Ometepe tribe brought in 54 percent of the total with $11,821.26.  Torches from Zapatera were responsible for $9,894.13.  At one point during the auction, Russell’s torch was selling for more than $5,000.  That price dropped substantially to under $2,000 with only 24 hours left in the auction for an undisclosed reason.  Many fans speculate it was due to false bids made in an effort to drive the price up.  How much did all of the torches sell for?  See below for the complete breakdown:

  • Boston Rob — $2,950
  • Russell — $2,950
  • Phillip — $1,577
  • Matt — $1,327
  • Natalie — $1,325
  • Grant — $1,150
  • Andrea — $1,125
  • Ashley — $1,095
  • Ralph — $1,025
  • Mike — $965
  • David — $865.99
  • Krista — $861
  • Steve — $851
  • Julie — $839.99
  • Sarita — $811
  • Kristina — $761
  • Stephanie — $725.15
  • Francesca — $511.26

Other highlights from this auction include:

  • Voting urn with the final votes: $9,978.99
  • 12 Tribal Council stumps were sold in this auction bringing in a total of $12,237.99.  The most expensive sold for $1,525;  the cheapest sold for $887.99; average cost was $1,019.83.
  • Individual Immunity necklace: $4,451
  • Jeff Probst’s Tribal Council pedestal: $3,551
  • Immunity Idol: $3,383.33
  • Boston Rob’s hidden Immunity Idol: $3,050
  • Ometepe tribe flag: $2,767
  • Murlonio tribe flag: $2,550
  • Zapatera tribe flag: $1,626
  • Voting pen: $910

In addition to all of that, clothing that Probst wore in several seasons were up for bids along with a set of puzzle pieces from Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains.  Also sold were older buffs, finale passes to earlier seasons and complete cast autographs from seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7.

Counting every item from this auction, fans raised $120,937.35 for the Alliance for Children’s Rights.  Awesome!

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