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Platinum Hit: Series Premiere!

May 30, 2011 09:02 PM by Lisa Princ

Tonight Bravo debuted their new songwriting competition, Platinum Hit. Hosted by Jewel and judged by Kara DioGuardi, we got to see a handful of songwriters put to the ultimate test for the chance at $100k and a recording contract. Keep reading to find out what happened on the series premiere!

Platinum Hit on Bravo kicked off the series premiere tonight with 12 up and coming song writers meeting for the first time and they were: Amber Ojeda, Brian Judah, Blessing Offor, Jackie Tohn, Jes Hudak, Johnny Marnell, Karen Waldrup, Melissa Rapp, Nevin James, Nick Nittoli, Scotty Granger and Sonyae Elise. Blessing arrived and startled a few folks with his dog, which turns out is a seeing eye dog because he is blind. The only other standout was Sonyae who was overdone with makeup, skin tight pants and a push up bra pushing her up to the heavens – oh and we can’t forget her loud mouth, she definitely made her presence known.

Jewel then came out and introduced herself to the contestants as the host and judge, but let them know the head judge for the competition would be American Idol’s ex judge, Kara DioGuardi. Then the contestants were given their first challenge: writing a hook for a song – or in other words a chorus. Easy enough, right? Wrong, they only had 30 minutes to do it and it had to be about the city of angels – also known as Los Angeles. Nick immediately he said that was easy and he was done after about 30 seconds in his head.

The contestants quickly scrambled to come up with something catchy because after all, the point of a hook is to hook you into the song. Then they were each asked to perform their hook in front of Jewel and Kara with the top four hooks getting an advantage in the elimination challenge. The biggest standouts for me were Nevin, whose chorus sounded eerily familiar to Elton John’s “Candle In The Wind” and Sonyae who rocked out her chorus of loving or hating L.A. – the rest were okay but Jewel and Kara decided that the winners were Scotty, Jackie, Nick and Sonyae with her crazy rocker lyrics.

For winning the challenge, these four would get to choose their team mates for the next challenge which would make up their teams for all the challenges this season. Sonyae who had the number one hook chose Blessing and Amber, even though Amber was secretly hoping not to get chosen by Sonyae. Nick chose Karen and Jes, Scotty chose Nevin and Brian while Jackie chose Johnny and Melissa by default. The next challenge for these teams would be to turn the hook into a full song and perform it for the judges.

Some of the teams worked well together while some like Sonyae were rethinking their decision on who they had chosen as team members. Sonyae wanted to rock out but Blessing was not a rocker. Meanwhile, Melissa was too busy getting lattes to everyone to be bothering sharing her thoughts. When it came time to perform for the judges, everyone performed as a group with the exception of Sonyae’s team who chose to send her out to perform alone – but would it hurt them in the end?

Jermaine Dupri would be helping judge this week and the judges, who were not looking for singing ability, but overall performance and delivery of the lyrics. They chose both Nick’s team and Jackie’s team as the top two this week but only one of them would be able to win and that was Nick’s team who was able to complete the hook into a complete song and pull of a great performance to boot! But Jackie could be proud as well since they came in second – anyone noticing a little Sheryl Crowe in Jackie?

That also meant that the bottom two teams were Scotty’s team and Sonyae’s team and while I personally think Sonyae’s team should have been the worst, the judges chose Scotty’s team as the worst and Sonyae’s horrible solo performance was forgiven this week. When the judges questioned the guys, they all started to point fingers at who did what but the reality was that none of them took enough of the judges advice to turn the hook into a great song. With that said, the judges thought that Nevin was the biggest slacker on the team and he was sent packing!

Tune in next week for a brand new episode of Platinum Hit on Bravo!

Are you looking forward to the premiere of Platinum Hit on Bravo? Comment and share your thoughts with us and then tune in tonight at 10 pm EST to catch this exciting series premiere!

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2 Responses to “Platinum Hit: Series Premiere!”

  1. posan Says:
    May 31st, 2011 at 12:23 am

    Thanks, i will watch this show now….from your article it’s seem to good to missed :D

  2. Chopping Broccoli Says:
    June 2nd, 2011 at 9:36 am

    I liked what I’ve seen, so far. I really “hooked” me, so to speak! Contrary to what many thought of Kara on American Idol, I thought she gave insightful and constructive criticism to the contestants, and I find that sorely lacking on this year’s season of AI. I also really like Jewel as the host. I watched her host Nashville Star and liked her there, so I knew she would do well as the host of this show. The 12 contestants are quite interesting, and I particularly liked the guy who came up with his “hook” in his head, seconds after being told what the 1st task was and took a 30 minute nap, instead of working on the task, then won the 1st challenge. I’m hoping this will be a good season.


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