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The Real Housewives of New Jersey: “Sealed with a Diss”

May 30, 2011 11:53 PM by Shayla Perry

This week on an all new episode of Bravo‘s Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga come together for the sake of their families and calmly settle their differences over a glass of wine. Then Melissa helps her new bestie pick out a “fabulicous” new ring tone for her phone. Oh, wait… Our bad, that’s Jacqueline. Damn! Find out what happened tonight in the ongoing saga between the Giudice & Gorga families after the jump!

After a fiery exchange at the fashion show with her cousin, Teresa Giudice, newbie Kathy Wakile tells her husband about everything that happened that night, expressing that she wants to talk to Caroline Manzo to get to know her better, and let her know that she’s not as rude as she came off during the event.

Teresa, in the meantime, is hard at work on her second cookbook, overseeing the production of the photos and detailing the fact that her recipes are simple and have only a few “ingrediences.” Her husband gives her a call to tell her that while he was at the gym, he ran into Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga, but luckily, the two said their “hello’s” and then went on their merry way.

And speaking of Joe Gorga…

He’s apparently not too happy with his wife, Melissa, because it’s been 5 days since they’ve had sex and – little did we know – that could kill a man. Melissa lets him know that after the fashion show, she wasn’t exactly in the mood. Despite the drama though, she says that she wants Joe and Teresa to talk and work things out.

Jacqueline Laurita is meeting with her psychic, who tells her that Ashley is very emotional right now, and that there’s a lot of negativity going on between Teresa Giudice and her family and people aren’t speaking. Wow! This lady is good! However did she know all of those things?! Eerie! (Sense the sarcasm.)

Caroline Manzo is taking care of some family business as usual — but this time, she’s supervising her sons’ big move. And their gift from dear Aunt Jacqueline? A few leather couches and a stripper pole.

Later, Jacqueline talks to her father about her troubles with Ashley. He suggests that she talk to Ashley in depth about what she went through as a single mother raising her, and reminds Jacqueline that as much as she wants to compare herself to her daughter, they grew up very differently.

Ashley, who keeps in touch with her half-brothers in Texas, is having a hard time dealing with being so far away from them and missing out on their lives, while still trying to come to terms with the separation in her family and not growing up with her father.

In an attempt to smooth things over with Caroline, Kathy Wakile stops by the Manzo house to speak to her about the fashion show and her relationship with Teresa Giudice.

At home giving her kids a bath, Melissa is again hounded by her hubby, who makes it clear that he’s expecting some lovin’ after the children go to bed.

After a disappointing meeting with Caroline Manzo, Kathy’s husband gives her some lovin’ — in the form of a brand new Mercedes! Take note Joe Gorga!

Caroline, however, did take something from her talk with Kathy. The next day, she and Teresa meet up with Jacqueline and Kim “D” and she tells Teresa that Kathy came to speak to her. Teresa is immediately upset that Kathy would approach one of her friends, but Caroline says that there’s obviously reason for her to start reaching out to her brother, and she needs to do it the right way, suggesting a letter. Teresa says that she’d never say anything bad to her brother in the letter, not quite understanding that “you’re hurting our parents” isn’t exactly the best way to make things better (“I messages” Teresa, “I messages”), so Jacqueline offers to help her out when she’s ready to pen the letter. Unfortunately for poor Jacqueline, when it comes down to it, Teresa isn’t too receptive to that help, even though she totally believes that she is (bless her heart).

After a supposed 2 mile jog, Melissa Gorga and Joe return home to see the letter Teresa left on their door. Joe has his wife read the letter to him. Melissa recognizes that Teresa is making an effort, but for Joe, the letter isn’t enough, and he says Teresa has a lot of changing to do before he’s ready to accept her into his life again.

What do you think… Is Joe being too stubborn, or does he have a point?

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