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So You Think You Can Dance: New York And Salt Lake City Auditions

June 01, 2011 07:08 PM by Lisa Princ

Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and Cat Deeley are back tonight for more auditions on So You Think You Can Dance on FOX! Tonight the auditions will take us to New York and Salt Lake City. Keep reading for more details on some of the best and weirdest talent to date!

The new season of So You Think You Can Dance continues with auditions in Salt Lake City and New York tonight. Salt Lake City is up first and Nigel and Mary are joined by Robin Antin, the creator of the Pussycat Dolls. First up tonight are steppers Devon McCullough and Micah Clark. This pair put on an awesome performance but the judges worried it was not enough, so they got sent to choreography. Then we met bouncy China Lee Smith who comes from a family of dancers. China’s routine was very good, she had great moves and great technique. Nigel even commented that she reminded him of Molly. Robin told her if she were casting for the Pussycat Dolls, China would get a spot – needless to say she was sent to Vegas, and was so excited she ran right past her family!

Next up was Annie Gratton, a 19 year old who was determined to prove just how fiery redheads can be. When asked where she got her moves, she credited her father but claimed the pair never danced together. Annie put on an awesome audition and definitely proved she had fire. But before the judges would give their verdict, Nigel asked that she dance with her dad on the stage and once they did, she was given her ticket to Vegas! Then we saw Tadd Guaddang who put on an entertaining B-boy performance, most of it on his hands! With the crowd roaring “Vegas” how could the judges say no? They sent Tadd straight through to Vegas.

Samantha Hiller was the last audition of the day in Salt Lake City and this 18 year old had quite a unique story – she was struck with amnesia 3 weeks earlier and barely remembered that she even could dance. With the support of her family, she pushed through to hit the stage for auditions and she impressed the judges enough for choreography. Season four’s Will and Katie took charge of the choreography round and unfortunately it was not good news for either Samantha or Micah as they were both sent home. Devon, however proved that he was Vegas material and despite Nigel trying to trick him he ended up with his ticket along with 7 other contestants.

Day two started off with Chase Thomas, a 22 year old who was the victim of adultery and used dance to get him through it. Chase came in barely clothed much to Mary and Robin’s delight and he did not fail to prove to the judges that he could use his body in all the right ways earning him a ticket to Vegas followed by many more guys. The last audition of the day was Brittany Starr who claimed she was Ringo Starr’s daughter. She claims the real Ringo Starr is not the one we have seen on television but another. Her moves were as kooky as she was and the judges could not stop laughing. Mary called her delusional and then Nigel told her she was a good entertainer but no.

Choreography ended in Salt Lake City with 9 dancers headed to Vegas on So You Think You Can Dance. And then they tied up one loose end as camera crews headed out to find out about Brittany’s father. When they arrived it was a strange sight but the elder gentleman claimed he was Ringo Starr, but was he just as delusional as his daughter? We will never know, but all in all Salt Lake City proved to be a successful audition city.

Next up they headed to New York City for auditions and joining the judging panel this time around were Jason Gilkison along with Nigel and Mary. First up was “Princess Lockerooo” who claims her routine was “whacking” in which she accentuates sounds, but I get the drift that she is just wacky. Dressed in leather pants that were two sizes too small she looked like an idiot but the judges loved her “show” and surprisingly sent her to Vegas….the whole thing was just odd. Brandon Jones was up next and he chose a lyrical contemporary number and thank goodness for some normalcy after the last act. Brandon shared a sad story of how he lost his father and then he was given a ticket to Vegas.

Then we met Brian Henry, an angry krumper who came out and dissed both season six winner Russel Ferguson as well as judge Lil C about their krumping versus his supposed “real” krumping. The performance was great but before he was sent anywhere, he got a few words from Mary about what he said and she asked him to be careful about bashing other dancers and then he was sent to choreography. For the first time ever we saw an Irish dancer also in the next audition by Mary Kate who amazed and graced the stage but was also sent to choreography.

Then we watched the New York auditions go very wrong on So You Think You Can Dance leaving Nigel frustrated and hopefuls angry. The last audition of day one in New York was “Lil O” who came out busting some great moves and bringing smiles back to the judges faces. Jason told him that he could already picture “Lil O” in the top 20 and Nigel was quick to hand him a ticket to a Vegas. In the choreography round both Mary Kate and Brian looked like they did a good job and Mary Kate was up first, as Nigel gave her a ticket to Vegas but let her know it was not unanimous. Brian was also sent through along with a few others.

Day two started off with a New Jersey boy, who decided to put on a theatrical Jazz performance. Jess LeProtto looked like he was on the stage at Broadway with his performance. Both Nigel and Mary thought he needed to show his emotion more and he was sent through to choreography. Kristin Dobson, a Latin dancer was up next to add a little spice to the auditions. Kristin was sent through to choreography as the judges were not 100% sure. Last of the night we saw Robert Taylor perform a rocking Hip Hop routine and what a great way to close the show – needless to say he was sent through to Vegas. After the choreography round, Jess, Kristin as well as a few others were sent through to Vegas.

That wraps up this round of auditions, be sure to tune in tomorrow at 8 pm as the auditions continue! What did you think of the premiere of season eight of So You Think You Can Dance? Comment and share your thoughts with us, we’d love to hear from you!

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