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Top Chef Masters: Edible Science Fair

June 01, 2011 08:35 PM by Lisa Princ

Bravo‘s Top Chef Masters returns tonight with the remaining five fresh off their date night challenge. This week the chefs will tackle an edible science fair as well as microwave breakfast. Keep reading for details and find out who rose to the challenge!

Top Chef Masters returned tonight and for their quickfire challenge the remaining five chefs are put to a tougher challenge than they imagined – microwave cooking. The chefs must create a breakfast dish using the microwave for a couple of comedians. Mary Sue struggled with getting her bread right with her goat cheese and avocado sandwich, and the judges looked like they almost cracked a tooth on it.

The comedians who were judging loved Floyd’s omelette and Hugh’s bacon but they were not fans of Traci’s bacon and banana dish. They did however try to convince Curtis to take off his shirt during the judging but he cheerfully declined – darn! When they gave their critique, they thought Floyd’s omelette was cooked perfectly and delicious as well as Hugh’s baked egg, which ended up winning their palates and earning Hugh his 3rd quickfire win and $5k for his charity.

For their elimination challenge, Curtis announces that it will be a scientific challenge as he brings in 5 scientists each representing a different scientific term with a specific food. The chefs must create a dish using their scientists’ help that shows the concept they have chosen as well as taste good as they would be serving it at a science fair for a bunch of students. Confused yet? Yes, I was also. Hugh got to choose his scientist first and he chose emulsion, followed by Traci who chose acidity. Floyd was up next and picked maillard reaction, Mary Sue chose Viscosity and Naomi ended up with elasticity.

But it only got tougher from there as Curtis announced that they would be cooking with test tubes, beakers and only scientific equipment. Naomi decided to go with pizza to show elasticity,d while Traci went with Ceviche to show has acidity can change food. Mary Sue decided to make a chocolate mouse with churros to show how the viscosity makes the sauces run down the churros. Floyd hoped to finally defeat Mary Sue with his beef dish, but all the chefs struggled desperately to make their dishes with the limited equipment they had.

Hugh decided to go with a mayonnaise for his emulsion experiment but it didn’t go over too well with James Oseland who tried to question the concept and Hugh just snapped back at him trying to prove his point. Overall the students were impressed with the concepts as were the judges. Padma Lakshmi joined the judging panel tonight and she seemed very impressed with Mary Sue’s viscosity test. At the judges table, it was decided that both Mary Sue and Floyd were the top dishes, but only one could win and poor Floyd came in the runner up again, leaving Mary Sue the winner.

Out of the bottom three contestants on Top Chef Masters, the judges thought that Naomi overdid her concept by trying to show too much of it, while Traci did not show enough. Hugh, however caught the judges attention as his mayonnaise did not seem the focal point of his dish and it was breaking apart. In the end, it was Hugh who was asked to pack up his knives and hit the road!

Did the right chef go home? Comment and share your thoughts with us and then be sure to tune in next week at 10 pm EST on Bravo for a brand new episode of Top Chef Masters!

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