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The Real Housewives of New York City: “A Riad Divided”

June 02, 2011 10:15 PM by Shayla Perry

Tonight on Bravo, it’s week 2 of The Real Housewives of New York City‘s invasion of Morocco, and now that everyone’s settled in and all hangers are present and accounted for, “the blondes” & “the brunettes” are ready to see what they can get into! So what did you miss?

Still in the midst of Ramona Singer’s “Ramotional” reading with the fortune teller, Kelly Bensimon and LuAnn deLesseps try to translate everything that’s being said, as the rest of the ladies listen in shock.

Ramona simply nods as the fortune teller explains that she seems very nervous at home and in her marriage, saying that she’s doing so many things for her husband, but he doesn’t reciprocate.

Sonja Morgan, in tears and visibly upset, nods in agreement as well. When Ramona asks her why, Sonja tells her that it’s because everything the psychic is saying is true and that Ramona “enables” her husband.

Jill Zarin notices how upset Sonja seems to be, noting that she’s acting the way one would think that Ramona would be, and wonders if there’s something Sonja knows and isn’t telling them. (Okay, so we’re not the only ones!)

After the reading, Ramona is talking to one of the other women at the party, admitting that there have been times when she has worried that other women will hit on Mario (specifically mentioning a time when LuAnn told her that she was lucky to have a man that so many women want, which Ramona felt was like her telling Mario, “Come f**k me!”). But she also says that she knows her husband loves her, and that the other women are likely just jealous.

Meanwhile, Jill and the others are talking amongst themselves in another part of the house, and Jill says that she’s heard “from her crowd” that Mario is cheating on Ramona.

Sonja then takes Ramona aside to talk to her. Still in tears, she explains why she reacted so emotionally during Ramona’s reading, saying that it brought back memories and feelings that she had during her own marriage when she felt that other women — women she knew — were not to be trusted around her husband.

But when Sonja starts off by saying, “Before I was separated,” Ramona quickly cuts her off to tell her that she’s not getting separated and that their situations are in no way the same.

Sonja asks Ramona what she’s going to do when Mario leaves her when their daughter goes off to college, which sends Singer over the edge. She begins to rattle on about Sonja marrying a 70-year-old man who had been married 4 times before just for money, saying that it’s way different than her and Mario, who are the same age and actually love one another. Ouch!

Lady Morgan argues that she also married for love, to which Ramona responds, “Well he was married four times darling.”

After telling her that she appreciates her concern and understands that it’s coming from love, and that Sonja is still feeling upset about her divorce, Ramona gives her friend a hug and assures her that everything is going to be fine.

Tired of all the “Ramotionality,” Jill Zarin tells Sonja to smile so she can stop crying and they can all go out and have some fun.

The next day, the ladies are off to do some shopping, but they don’t even make it out of the compound before the drama begins. While they’re all getting into the van, Ramona Singer runs back to the house to get her money, and LuAnn goes with her to use the — restroom? Is that the way the Countess would say it? Okay, LuAnn hurries off to the restroom and asks Sonja to save her seat. When Cindy Barshop gets into the van, Sonja has her purse sitting next to her, and tells Cindy that she can’t sit there because it’s where LuAnn will be sitting. Cindy tells Sonja that she can sit where she wants, and that there are no assigned seats (ahh, don’t you miss elementary school?). Not wanting to get involved at all, Kelly and Jill both get out of the van, and Cindy decides to leave as well.

Shocked at the reaction she got from Cindy, Sonja then tells Ramona, who’s just come back from the house by now, that she can’t sit next to her because LuAnn asked her to save the seat, and Ramona quickly moves to the back to sit next to Alex.

When LuAnn comes back, “the blondes” tell her about Cindy’s “hissy fit,” and the Countess says that she’ll get over it.

Finally making it out to spend some cash and soak up the Moroccan culture, the ladies get an important lesson in the practicality of a fanny pack from Jill Zarin, who’s not looking forward to going shopping with Sonja, who looks like “a wealthy American.” If you look close enough, you can almost see the target on the back of Sonja’s bright white ensemble.

Fed up with the way she’s been treated by Lady Morgan, Cindy Barshop finally tells Sonja that she doesn’t appreciate the things she says to her and how she tries to manipulate everyone’s relationships.

Clutching her very large purse, Sonja says that Cindy is the one that’s being childish, and gets offended when Barshop asks what kind of example she’s setting for her daughter.

Sonja argues that her daughter has far better manners than she does, and starts to walk away, as Cindy asks about her “breeding.”

Upset that Cindy brought her daughter into things, Sonja seeks out Ramona to tell her everything that was said. Ramona tries to tell Sonja not to worry about Cindy, who according to Sonja has no manners (which we now know is her way of being a friend — but, she can’t exactly kick Cindy out of Morocco — can she?!). Just then, Cindy walks over and interrupts, asking Sonja why she can’t just talk to her and settle things instead of running off to Ramona to talk about her behind her back.

Sonja insists that she was simply being “consoled” by a friend, and Kelly Bensimon rushes to remind the ladies that they’re on a trip of a lifetime and should take advantage of that instead of arguing in the middle of a market. Not letting go, Cindy tells Sonja that she needs to watch the way she talks to people and then calls LuAnn over to ask whether or not she told Sonja to save her a seat.

LuAnn says that she did, and Cindy goes on to explain that she’s not upset about the seat saving, but the way she’s been treated by “Lady Morgan” overall.

Kelly tries to explain the same thing to Sonja, who doesn’t understand why there’s a problem — she did invite her over for tea afterall. Nevermind the fact that during that tea, she basically told Cindy that she’s at the bottom of the “pecking order.”

After some discussion, the two agree to just be respectful of one another for the remainder of the trip.

Next — camel riding!!!

The ladies think that the camels are the highlight of the trip, but LuAnn has another surprise for them.

They suddenly arrive at a huge tent that’s been set up for them to have an authentic Moroccan meal.

During dinner, Sonja — again in tears — expresses her concern with the area and her security. As all of the ladies try to calm her down (by practically yelling at her), and tell her that there’s nothing to worry about, she says that she’s only gone to places that she knows, so when she’s out of her comfort zone, she’s — well, uncomfortable.

Oddly enough, the only person that seems to hear and understand her is Cindy, but when she tries to defend Sonja and help her get her point across, everyone is so busy talking over one another that she can’t even speak.

Needing some time away from the madness, Cindy walks out of the tent, and Ramona Singer, Alex McCord, and eventually Jill Zarin, all follow. Cindy tells them that she doesn’t like that there doesn’t seem to be any respect between the ladies, but Alex tries to eloquently explain that with 7 strong women that all have opinions, there’s going to be times when they all want to be heard.

Cindy tries to point out that not only won’t they be able to hear each other if they’re all talking at once, but that they also can’t learn from one another that way, but all of them are too busy talking over each other again to hear her.

The good thing is that after they all assure Cindy that there’s only respect amongst them all, Ramona grabs Jill and hugs her, saying that even though they’re fighting, she still loves her.

Oh, we’re glad that’s all cleared up… Or is it?

Ramona’s booked a spa date for the ladies, but due to some — er, digestion problems, she isn’t able to get there until later.

After some r&r, Alex McCord and Sonja Morgan urge Ramona to take Jill aside and talk to her so they can begin to mend their relationship. She doesn’t want to do it there, but they tell her that she needs to.

Sonja wants to clear the air with Cindy as well, so she asks to speak to her, and the two are able to talk without everyone else around (well, except for us, that is) and realize that they have more in common than they thought. Hey, it looks like Cindy Barshop just moved up a few spots in the pecking order!!!

With that going so well, we’re sure it’ll be smooth sailing with Jill and Ramona, right?

That evening, Jill goes to Ramona’s room and the two have a deep discussion. Ramona gets emotional and tells Jill why she’s been so hurt. The first thing she mentions are the comments that Jill made at the wedding in the Hamptons, but Jill suggests that Ramona go further than that, noting that their problems started long before that day. Ramona then brings up her vow renewal where Jill said that Mario should get a medal for being married to her for that long.

Jill says that she owns the statement and doesn’t take it back, telling Ramona that she’s said bad things to and about people too, but Ramona says that she doesn’t say things about people behind their backs, making it somehow better.

When it’s Jill’s turn to talk about what she’s feeling, Ramona tells her that she doesn’t want her to say anything because she’s angry and she shouldn’t speak out of anger.

Oh, boy! Here we go again!

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3 Responses to “The Real Housewives of New York City: “A Riad Divided””

  1. Shayla Perry Says:
    June 3rd, 2011 at 10:14 am

    The entire time Jill was trying to tell her how she felt and Ramona just kept asking why she wasn’t listening to her — that was surreal, and quite telling of how things have been between the two of them. And I agree, Jill seems to have taken the right steps toward making things better and Ramona needs to admit that telling her and Bobby to leave when they showed up to the island was crazy — they couldn’t have stayed somewhere close by and agreed to meet and talk things over in private later??? One thing Ramona was right about — she has changed — but I don’t think it was for the better.

  2. jessica Says:
    June 4th, 2011 at 6:23 am

    I do like Ramona and Sonia.
    They are very honest when it comes to tell the truth.
    Jill and Cindy belong together,2 faces and gossipers.
    Kelly is nuts.
    Louanne she thinks she’s a real contessa….keep dreaming on.
    Alex put some weight on.

  3. Beatrice Says:
    June 4th, 2011 at 6:27 am

    Hey Cindy why do you wear a wig?


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