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Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition: Alex

June 06, 2011 09:21 PM by Veronica Dudo

Alex is a 23 year old all-American guy who is 250 pounds overweight. He made a promise to his mother on her death-bed that he would lose weight and he wants to keep it. Find out if he sheds the extra pounds on tonight’s episode of Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition!

Alex has two younger brothers and enjoyed a normal childhood. From early on he loved to go to baseball games. Alex wrote a letter to Trainer Chris Powell asking for help to change his life forever. Alex described his family as “fast food junkies” who have collectively struggled with their weight. Recently, Alex has been missing his mom a lot and thinking about the promise he made to her before she died that he would get healthy and be happy. Alex also wants to set a good example for his little brothers. Alex also wants to trim down because his Dad is remarrying and has asked Alex to be the best man.

When Alex sees Trainer Chris he is really excited to begin his weight-loss journey. Weighing in at 459 pounds, Alex has a long way to go. First his house is transformed to be more conducive to a healthier lifestyle with exercise equipment and healthy food.

It’s now time for his Phase One Goal weigh-in and Chris wants Alex to lose 100 pounds. If Alex drops the weight, Chris has tickets to an Atlanta Braves game. Alex steps on the scale and only lost 97 pounds. Chris wants to keep Alex motivated so he takes him to meet the Atlanta Braves’ players.

It’s now the sixth month mark and Alex’s Phase Two Goal is to lose 60 pounds. At weigh-in he is 341 pounds and has only lost 21 pounds falling short of his goal. Chris feels that Alex really needs something to help him continue on his journey so he takes Alex to Fort Benning in Georgia to join the Army for 24 hours. As soon as Alex arrived, the officers did a shark attack and then took him to shave his head. Alex said he told Chris that he didn’t want to shave his head but they did. Later, in the middle of the night there was another shark attack and the soldiers had to get up for drills and exercises. The entire company watched as Alex went down the wall, did the rope bridge and cargo net.

At the nine month weigh-in, Alex is 264 pounds, having lost 77 more pounds. Alex is smiling and is very proud of his accomplishments. Now, Alex is the perfect candidate for skin removal surgery and has it done. With three more months to go, Alex really works hard to finish what he started.

At his final weigh-in, Alex walks out onto the stage that is set up on the baseball field in his home town where his Mom had watched him play baseball. When his family and friends see him they are all in shock and so happy for him. It’s time to get on the scale and see what his final weight is and after he gets on the scale he weighs-in at 243 pounds having lost a grand total of 216 pounds!

At the finale, the Commissioner of Alex’s hometown gives Alex a plaque saying the town will call the area where the park is “Kim’s Corner” in honor of Alex’s Mom for her dedication and love of the game. Alex says his Mom always wanted him to be healthy and happy and he finally is now.

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