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Masterchef: Season Two Premiere!

June 06, 2011 06:17 PM by Lisa Princ

Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich are back tonight on Fox as Masterchef returns for their second season! Will any of the hopefuls be able to impress the judges to make it one step further in the cooking competition? Keep reading for all the details!

Masterchef kicked off tonight on Fox with 100 hopefuls cooking for the chance to win a spot in the elite group that will continue on this season. First up we met Jennifer, a former beauty queen who created a coconut curry lentil soup with shrimp. Gordon immediately questioned the use of carrots with the shrimp and wandered off mumbling something that got bleeped out. Joe did not like the dish while Graham thought she should move on for delicious shrimp, and Gordon gave her the apron, but Joe said that she fooled them both and they would see.

Then we saw some strange auditions including one who decided to drink half the bottle of bourbon he was using in his recipe and another who made Joe sick. Then we met Albert, a truck driver who was making an alligator jambalaya. Albert had to rebuild his home after hurricane Katrina thus why he was there. Upon meeting Albert he was quite the character, even pulling down his pants to show the judges the tattoo on his behind and when asked what he wouldn’t eat, he said he drew the line at possums! Despite his quirks, Albert managed to impress all three judges and gained his apron.

After a few more horrible auditions, we met Mike, a firefighter on Masterchef’s season two premiere. This guy cooked for his fellow firefighters and shared the story of his love for his family and cooking. Immediately, Mike becomes nervous when Gordon warns him about cooking risotto for Joe since Joe is the expert on it. He burned part of his dish which shocked Gordon but he vowed to be a good learner if he was kept. Joe told him no, but Graham wanted him and in the end Gordon told him no but that he wanted him to continue cooking and Gordon would guarantee him a spot next year.

Next up we met Monica, a classical musician who was hoping her Korean cooking would impress the judges. Her Korean vegetables with rice definitely impressed the judges and she would be moving on the next round. Then the yes’s continued and Gordon announced to everyone that they had to raise the stakes in their game. Tracy, a 34 year old sales woman was up next with a crispy risotto cake but she was very cocky and overconfident. The judges were completely turned off by the truffle oil that she doused on her dish in which Joe said was the sign of someone who does not know what they are doing. Upon tasting, the judges were disappointed since the delicious dish was ruined by the truffle oil. Gordon shot her down, but Joe and Graham sent her through to the next round.

Next on Masterchef we saw some funny folks auditioning, including one Gladys Knight wannabe that Gordon told to go audition for the X Factor. But in the most odd audition ever, an oddball came in with his girlfriend, placed her on a table completely nude and served sushi on her body – needless to say it ended up in three no’s. And then we watched many others get turned down from the judges, including a disappointed police officer, who said he would not stop cooking.

Next up was a Scottish woman, Pauline who was complete with a Scottish meal and the strong accent. She was cooking salmon and haggis and Graham seemed afraid to try it. Gordon said she was brave to bring the Haggis to Los Angeles and it made him feel homesick. Joe said he didn’t like the dish but Graham liked it – big shock there, is there anything he doesn’t like? Gordon had the final say and gave her an apron. She was just amazed to have Gordon Ramsay taste her cooking.

The last hopeful was Christian, a stay at home dad to two children who shared his story about how he had a rough few years, turning to drugs and when his son was about 3 he decided to turn his life around and use cooking as his drug so to speak. Christian served a “shipwrecked stew” or a lobster and seafood stew that he said he feeds to his kids all the time. The judges did not say much at the tasting but Gordon had two helpings and ended up praising the dish. Joe said that dish would win the competition, and all three judges agreed to give Christian an apron.

Tune in tomorrow at 8 pm on Fox to more hopefuls try to impress the judges on Masterchef on Fox!

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