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Platinum Hit: Dance Hits With Donna Summer

June 06, 2011 08:35 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week we saw the series premiere of Bravo‘s Platinum Hit and this week the writers are back to create their very own dance club hit with some direction from Donna Summer, aka the queen of the dance floor! Keep reading to find out what happened on tonight’s episode!

Tonight on Platinum Hit, Jewel brought out Donna Summer to greet and meet the contestants before filling them in on their challenge this week: creating a dance floor hit fit for the clubs! First, they would have to create a hook as they did last week, and the top 3 hook winners would be able to choose their teams for the song writing challenge. This time, the writers had a little more help as they were also given a track to write to.

While most of them did an excellent job on the hooks this week, there could only be 3 winners and those chosen by Donna herself were Scotty, who came in third place which is just what he needed after last week’s close call. In second place was Karen, despite being a country girl, she came up with a very good chorus and in first place was Brian, who had unique and original in the bag along with his deep voice which won Donna over completely.

While some of the writers were thrilled to have their songs critiqued by Donna Summer, such as Jackie who was thrilled that Donna liked her hook, others were not as thrilled. Nick, threw a tantrum when Jewel asked him why he looked so upset after the winners were announced – his true colors were starting to come out. Nick claimed he deserved to be in the top as did Johnny, and he hated Johnny. When it was time to choose teams, Nick’s colors came out again when Scotty chose him and then refused to choose Sonyae, claiming Nick hated her.

But Nick would have to deal with Sonyae since Brian got the first choice, Brian was also allowed to choose 3 or 4 players for his team, and he chose to go with 3 – himself along with Jes and Jackie. With Karen coming in second and after choosing Blessing and Amber, she got to choose Johnny, leaving Scotty with Sonyae, Nick and Melissa. Nick was not pleased and neither was Sonyae since it was news to her.

For this challenge, the writers would have to put an entire song together and Brian, since he won the hook challenge would get to use the track provided for the hook while the other teams would have to start over with new tracks. The songs would also be played in the club, where the judges would take the reactions of the club dancers into account before choosing a winner for the challenge. While writing, Nick and Sonyae decided to put their differences aside and work as a team for the good of the challenge – and it proved to be a great idea since this team came up with an awesome hit called “paint this club with amazing”.

The other teams struggled to come together in different areas. Karen’s team was pushing her to go into the “sex sells” theory while Karen was determined to keep her song G rated and clean – but would it come back to bite her in the end? Blessing did not give much help to the team, claiming it was out of his league, that he could write anything else but dance hits. Across the hall, Brian and the girls were rocking out lyrics but the girls pushed Brian out of the way and decided to have a feminine voice in the song, versus his deeper voice.

At the club, the dancers seemed to love most of the tunes and the judges seemed pleased with the results and of course we saw Nick complaining about how boring Karen’s song was, and this time I had to give it to him, it was definitely not dance club material – more like Disney channel music. Back at the studio, the judges announced that Scotty’s team had won the challenge for creating such a great hit. Brian’s team was also safe, but what kept them from winning was the fact that the girls sung it versus Brian who had the deep voice in which they originally liked.

That meant that Karen’s team was the losing team this week and with good reason. When asked who did what, Johnny filled the judges in that Blessing did add much to the team and aside from the original hook, Karen did not either. Amber agreed with him and they pleaded their cases to stay. After deliberating, the judges told Johnny and Amber that they were safe and then went on to tell Blessing that he should have stepped out of his comfort zone. Jewel then chimed in to Karen that she took none of the advice that was given to her after the hook challenge to which Karen acknowledged. In the end though, the judges thought it was time for Blessing to say his goodbyes – close call for Karen!

What do you think of Platinum Hit? Comment below and share your thoughts with us and then tune in next week for a brand new episode of Platinum Hit on Bravo! Remember, you can get the songs you heard on the show on Bravo’s website!

Are you looking forward to the premiere of Platinum Hit on Bravo? Comment and share your thoughts with us and then tune in tonight at 10 pm EST to catch this exciting series premiere!

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