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The Bachelorette Episode Three: Ashley’s Heartbreak

June 06, 2011 07:06 PM by Candace Young

There are 15 contestants left going into the third episode of The Bachelorette tonight. Chris Harrison announces that there will be two one-on-one dates and a group date this week.  Ashley has chosen Ben C for the first date. Keep reading for highlights, and to find out who goes home on this very dramatic episode

Ben C is taken to a dance studio by Ashley, where they practice a routine together. Ben notes how much she loves to dance and finds it very attractive.  Still in the dark about what they will be doing, Ben is taken to a busy park near a mall. She talks him into doing the routine with her as everyone stops and watches. Ben is then stunned when all the observers begin to dance – a flash mob! They follow it up by watching a performance by Far East Movement and sharing a quick kiss.

For the evening portion of the date, Ashley and Ben share a poolside dinner.  When Ashley asks to know more about him, he admits he has high expectations of having the world’s most perfect relationship. She says she wants it too.  They agree that they want to get to know each other more, and she gives him the rose.  They kiss, but it’s basically a prolonged, close-lipped peck.

Back at the house, the group date card arrives. Bentley is included and tells the camera that Ashley’s digging what he’s putting out – he’s going in for the kill.

When Ashley arrives for the group date Jeff the masked bachelor is ready to reveal himself.  He takes her outside, leaving the other guys to speculate on whether the mask will come off. Outside, Ashley is excited to hear that he’s going to finally going to do it. When he does, she notes that he’s a little older than she expected, but is cute.  The guys don’t think his gimmick worked out particularly well for him.

Ashley and the contestants selected for the group date head to a comedy club in Hollywood. Roastmaster General, Jeffrey Ross, is introduced to the disbelieving group of guys.  He says they’re going to roast The Bachelorette, assuring them that Ashley can handle it, and inviting them to roast each other as well.  It will all happen in front of a sold-out house – this news causes a certain amount of panic for some of the men.  Jeff and William are most excited – William sees a future opportunity in the making.

The show gets underway with Lucas going first and playing it safe by roasting only guys. Ryan P takes a shot at Bentley and does not get a laugh. A few make fun of Jeff’s mask.  Jeff makes fun of Ashley’s small boobs – she copes with it well. Nick follows the theme, and a few make fun of her coming in third on Brad Womack’s season. Bentley makes a small boob joke as well, but compliments her ass to save himself.  William finally gets his turn and says one man’s trash is another man’s treasure – he laments that she wasn’t Emily or Chantal. Even Bentley is stunned that he says this out loud.

Afterward, Ashley sits alone.  Bentley tells the camera it’s the perfect time to mess with her head.  He soothes her and goes on about how great she is. Ashley buys it hook, line, and sinker, telling the camera he definitely isn’t a bachelor with an agenda.  Bentley cryptically tells her that out of 25 bachelors, 24 were really excited about her being The Bachelorette.

Ashley joins the somber group for the after party and tearfully tells them that her biggest insecurity was that they would be disappointed that she was The Bachelorette.  William asks to speak to her about it alone. He admits he forgot about her feelings in his zeal to impress Jeffrey Ross. He tears up and offers to pack up and go home – he can’t undo what he did.  William actually leaves the venue and sadly tells the camera that he’s an idiot.

She spends some time talking to the other guys but is distracted and overwhelmed with worry that some of the men don’t really want to be there.  When she gets to speak to Ryan P, he tells her that she was the one he wanted there. He manages to cheer her enough to get some kisses.

Ashley seeks out Bentley next, and decides to confront him about the warning she received about him prior to the show beginning.  She lets him know that if he was there for the wrong reasons and decided to leave, she would be devastated.  Bentley assures her that he’s totally into her.  She lays her head on his lap and he grins.  Ashley returns to the group and gives Ryan P the group. Bentley tells the camera that he’s checking out.

Back at the house, the next one-on-one date card comes – it’s for JP.  It says, “There’s no place like home.” The other guys tease that maybe she’s sending him home. JP is ‘juiced’ for his date the following day.

Ashley paces her house the next day, as Bentley tells the other guys that he’s packing up and leaving.  Bentley tells the camera that he misses his daughter, but he’s not leaving because of his daughter – he’s not into Ashley.  He makes his way downstairs and tells the guys he has to go to his daughter. They say he’s a great dad. He mocks them to the cameras, bragging that he’s played everyone.

Bentley arrives at Ashley’s house telling the cameras that Ashley is an ugly duckling compared to Emily. He brags about how into him she is, saying he’ll have to break her heart. Preparing to put on a big act, Bentley goes in.  He tells her he’s leaving because of his daughter. She asks if he’s coming back. He replies that it’s not an option.  He goes on and on about needing to leave because of his daughter. He brags to the camera about how Ashley fell for it. When Ashley offers to bring his daughter there, he says his daughter has his whole heart.  Ashley says that he has her heart, and doesn’t know if this process will work for her now. Bentley plays along. He holds her, but later tells the camera how annoying it was that she cried for so long.  Once he’s gone, Ashley takes to her bed, sobbing, “How can I do this?

Ashley tries to pull herself together for JP’s arrival that evening. She feels badly that he won’t get to see the best side of her. JP asks if she is okay, and she admits she’s emotionally drained, but it’s nothing to do with him. As they share a casual dinner, Ashley grills JP about his dating history, learning that he’s usually the one who does the dumping.  They decide to get into pajamas and cuddle in front of the fireplace.  JP assures her that he really wants to be there. She’s glad he’s the one who is there and talks about their next date while offering up the rose.  Ashley chooses JP over Bentley in the kiss department.

As the guys wait for Ashley at the cocktail party, she laments going to a rose ceremony without Bentley there – he was her guy. Chris Harrison talks to her about it.  He wonders how she could have fallen for Bentley – was it because he seemed forbidden? Ashley isn’t sure, but admits that Michelle Money may have been right to warn her. Chris tries to convince Ashley not to hold out hope for a Bentley return.  She asks that they forgo the cocktail party tonight.

Rose Ceremony

Ben C, Ryan P, and JP already have roses. Ashley offers roses to Constantine, West, Mickey, Ben F, Blake, Nick, Ames, Lucas,  and William.  Unmasked Jeff and Chris D get their walking papers.

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3 Responses to “The Bachelorette Episode Three: Ashley’s Heartbreak”

  1. margaret Says:
    June 6th, 2011 at 7:34 pm

    bently is a couple ass and chicken shit and low life what man does not tell the woman the truth, this was a game to him and not a person, complete jerk,.mm

  2. Shannon Says:
    June 6th, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    I was appalled by Bentley’s behavior on tonight’s episode. I have no problem with competitiveness, even backstabbing; however, Bentley’s behavior was hateful and henious, with complete disregard for Ashley’s feelings. I found his behavior to be comparable to “bullying” in school and the reprecussions of his words to be just as damaging! I can only imagine how profoundly damaging and devastating his words are going to be to Ashley when she watches the playback” at the end of the season. I sincerely hope that the network had no knowledge of this in advance – if they did – SHAME ON THEM!!!!

  3. Anne Says:
    June 7th, 2011 at 6:30 am

    Bently is the classic portrait of a sociopath. He is sadistic and it seems that he hates women.
    He is seriously a disturbed person. The kind of man who would rape a woman or even physically harm her.


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