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The Real Housewives of New Jersey: “Gobblefellas”

June 06, 2011 08:44 PM by Shayla Perry

Getting through Thanksgiving dinner is hard enough for most families as it is, so imagine how rough it must have been for Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga of Bravo‘s Real Housewives of New Jersey! Get all the details of both families’ turkey day festivities after the jump!

It’s turkey time in New Jersey!

Joe and Melissa Gorga are out grocery shopping with their kids to prep for the big dinner they’re hosting. Yes, there will be turkey and all the trimmings, but what’s an Italian-American Thanksgiving without lasagna?!

Teresa Guidice and her Joe are also getting ready for Thanksgiving — their third! After sending her brother a heartfelt letter in an attempt to mend their relationship, Teresa and her family are still at odds, so this year, while Melissa & Joe have their dinner, Teresa & Joe will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner for their friends who’ve been like family to them for the past few years — Caroline Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita, and their husbands and children.

Kathy Wakile will be going to Joe & Melissa Gorga’s and she’s responsible for bringing dessert; something she’s quite comfortable with. Unfortunately, it’s just not her day, and she ends up burning a few things. (Been there before Kathy! We totally understand!)

Teresa and Joe Giudice are STILL on their way to pick up their live turkey. After getting a little turned around, they make it to the farm to pick out the bird. But after seeing a live one and not feeling great about being the ones to order its execution, the couple decides to get a turkey that was killed the day before. And really, who could think about eating the birds — dead or alive — after being around that smell?! In any case — turkey — check!

Caroline Manzo and her husband are about to “Meet the Parents” of their daughter’s boyfriend, Vito. They’ve met before, but never in this capacity — with their daughter and son dating, instead of Vito being their son’s roommate. (BTW Caroline predicted that Vito would marry her daughter when she met him!) It seems that the two families get along well, but it’s still a bit awkward.

Meanwhile, Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter, Ashley — er, Ashlee, stops by her cousins’ new apartment for a visit, and the boys give her some realistic advice about her situation. She may want to get an apartment in the city with her friend, but as they tell her, without the money, she’d just end up back at home in a matter of months. (TRUTH!) They also tell her that she needs to spend her time focusing on her relationship with her parents and showing them that she can consistently act like an adult and handle her responsibilities, so they’ll be willing to help her in the future. Do these guys make house calls, cause we know of a few more people that could use some straight talk!

And the message seems to have hit home — literally! Jacqueline Laurita soon notices that Ashlee’s been cleaning up around the house. Ashlee explains that she’s making some changes and that she realizes she needs a “more solid plan” to get the apartment and live the Carrie Bradshaw dream she’s had in her mind.

It’s the day of “Friends-giving” for Teresa Giudice, but with the girls “helping” in the kitchen, the fact that her husband isn’t helping (again, been there!), and that she still hasn’t heard from her brother since writing the letter, things are a little stressful. Okay, maybe an understatement, but you get the idea!

Over at Melissa Gorga’s, she and her mother and sisters are working hard in the kitchen as the men enjoy some shots. Kathy Wakile and family arrive and Melissa’s reserved an entire dessert table for her. After seeing the desserts she prepared, we’d like to retract our previous statement, expressing empathy for Kathy’s situation with the burned desserts. DAMN! Apparently, she’s on an entirely different level. We can in no way relate to what she was feeling in that moment because we’ve never baked that much stuff with such perfection. Much respect Kathy; much respect.

Later, Joe Gorga tells his wife that he has a surprise for her in the front of the house. Thinking that she’s going to get diamonds or a puppy, Melissa is shocked to find that Joe’s got a mechanical bull set up outside.

After a few raunchy rides, it’s dinnertime.

Over at the Giudice residence, things are much quieter as the guests start to arrive. It’s obvious that she misses her family and that the entire year has been rough, but Teresa is happy to be amongst those who love her.

At the Gorga’s, Melissa blesses the table before dinner, thankful for the family that she has there. But she says that she knows Joe is missing his sister even if he doesn’t want to admit it.

Teresa is dealing with another sibling rivalry at her house — between her daughters. As she chases them down the hallway in heels, trying to get them to hug it out, Gia is downstairs causing trouble for Caroline’s daughter, Lauren, and her boyfriend, Vito.

Gia asks the couple when they’re going to get married, and Vito tells her that he asked Lauren to marry him in Vegas, but she turned him down. Gia then walks over to Caroline and tells her what Vito said (priceless). Caroline calls over to Vito, asking if what Gia said is true. They all agree that whether it happened or not it’s clear that Vito needs to talk to Lauren’s parents before asking her to marry him, except Vito doesn’t look like he’s thrilled about it, and Caroline’s husband quickly changes the subject. Either he knows a proposal is coming, or he really doesn’t want to see his little girl go.

After Ashlee leaves to spend some time with her friends, Jacqueline brings up Teresa’s letter to her brother. Teresa tells Caroline that she still hasn’t heard from him, then tells everyone about the housewarming party she had after renovating her home, where Melissa gave her a card that she felt was offensive. Instead of confronting Melissa about the card, Teresa decided to get even by throwing away the cookies Melissa brought over on Christmas. So, yeah, there’s obviously some stuff those two need to discuss.

But, at the Gorga house, Kathy Wakile and Melissa both tell Joe that Teresa’s made the first step and that he needs to meet her where she is to start anew. Melissa even says that if and when they patch things up, she’ll do the same, and consider everything that happened between her and Teresa in the past to be squashed.

Joe says he’s going to call Teresa, but as we know from recent tabloid stories, things haven’t exactly worked out since then. So what goes wrong?

Tune in next week when The Real Housewives of New Jersey moves to its new day and time, Sunday, June 12th at 10|9c on Bravo!

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