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America’s Got Talent: Seattle Auditions

June 07, 2011 06:00 PM by Lisa Princ

Nick Cannon, Piers Morgan, Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne are back tonight for more auditions on America’s Got Talent on NBC. This week they are in Seattle, but did they find any talent? Keep reading to find out!

America’s Got Talent kicks off more auditions in Seattle tonight with Howie driving around Seattle in a “Toe Truck” complete with toes on top! And then it was straight to the auditions with Melissa, a 23 year old comedian who does celebrity impressions and she definitely impressed with her rendition of Barbara Walters, Natalie Portman, Miley Cyrus, and Kathy Griffin. The judges all loved her and she got her got her ticket to Vegas.

23 year old identical twins Andrew and Charles who love to sing and talk at the same time. The duo came out singing “My Girl” and it was awful. Piers immediately buzzed them off while Sharon and Howie were a bit nicer about it. Sharon told them they could not sing and when Howie tried to argue that he was the nice judge and he was being nice, they told him they could definitely out sing him, encouraging him to jump on the stage with them! But when Piers and Sharon buzzed Howie off also, he called them “haters”.

And the awful yet comical auditions carried on in Seattle, starting with a pair of Opera singers who were horrible, a group of drag queens called The Rice Rockettes – who Howie joked he wanted to hire to send to Piers’ home and a musical magic act with Mr. Mystic that the judges called one of the worst yet. Anita McCoy was next with her 69 year old body trying to pull off a hula hoop, almost cheer leading type act, complete with a split! In her teeny tiny outfit, she was disappointed when the judges gave her a big fat no.

Next on America’s Got Talent, was Zuma Zuma a group of guys fro Kenya with a tumbling act. This group really blew it away with their professional looking act and lack of mats. The crowd and the judges loved them – needless to say they were headed to Vegas! Following the tumblers, was PopLyfe, a young band who took the stage with a performance of “Billionaire” and it was very good. The judges thought they were talented, but Piers thought the lead singer did not need the group but she disagreed and much to his dismay Sharon and Howie sent them to Vegas.

And the good auditions finally started to roll in, including a daring couple, an 8 year old singer and a group of hip hop dancers all making their way to Vegas. Mauricio, a 33 year old showman was up next with a corny rendition of Enrique Iglesias’ “Livin’ La Vida Loca” and despite all the boo’s from the audience and the buzz from Piers he just kept going and going. Howie argued that it was so corny it was comical and he should go to Vegas as a comedy act. Piers said no, but after begging, Sharon agreed to send him through just for Howie.

Howie continued to prank Piers on the show tonight as we saw him move a soda machine in front of Piers’ dressing room – Piers did not look happy about it. And the auditions were back with Carlton, who calls himself the “paper horn man” and said he was one of kind. Before he started to perform, he popped out one of his teeth. The audience seemed to get into his performance until he started to sing. Once he started to sing Piers hit the buzzer and when Sharon smacked him he walked off the stage. Sharon told him no, but Howie said since Piers was not there, Piers would vote yes.

Nick Cannon then took over and said Piers would be back on stage but in the mean time he put on a corny performance with the paper horn man. Then we were taken backstage where Piers had to be coaxed out to share his vote. Howie, thought he had convinced Piers to send Carlton to Vegas but he played it up and then told him no, and walked off the stage. That wraps up this set of auditions, but tomorrow the show will be back for 2 hours of auditions again! Also, be sure to submit your video if you are interested at www.youtube.com/agt.

What did you think of the season six premiere of America’s Got Talent? Are you looking forward to this week’s auditions? Comment and share your thoughts with us below and then be sure to tune in to NBC Tuesday at 8 pm EST to see more auditions!

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