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Masterchef: Season Two Premiere – Part Two!

June 07, 2011 06:49 PM by Lisa Princ

Last night we watched as Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich graced our screens once again on the season two premiere of Fox‘s Masterchef and tonight they are back for the second half of the season premiere. What kind of odd dishes will the hopefuls whip up in hopes of getting an apron? Keep reading for all the details of tonight’s episode!

Masterchef kicked off the second part of the 2 night season premiere tonight with more auditions. First up is a 24 year old pool boy, Dustin who shared his story of how his mom who taught him everything he knows was going through breast cancer. The show flew his mom out to surprise him and support him in his quest. Dustin cooked a sausage roll with an Italian twist to it and he had the judges excited watching him create it. Gordon’s taste test was a tell tale sign as he devoured almost the entire plate himself and told Dustin is was delicious. Graham and Joe both loved it as well and he earned the first apron of the second day of auditions.

Unfortunately though, the judges were disappointed with a bunch of bad dishes, including one that Gordon was terrified by because the rice didn’t move off the plate when he moved it. Next up was Christine, a single mom who came in with a soft shelled crab, with coleslaw and creamy polenta. This no nonsense mom was extremely confident and immediately shot Joe down when asked if the polenta was instant. Joe gave her a no, but Graham was impressed with the crab and Gordon saw the spark in her eye when it came to cooking so Christine had earned the second apron of the day.

Jason was up next on Masterchef with a bacon and strawberry with garlic – horseradish sauce that was awful and the judges gave him the boot. And the awful cooks kept on coming with a slew of no’s and Gordon asking one contestant if the folks he fed his meal to were still alive. Fed up by the crap, Joe had enough and went out and had a word with the remaining hopefuls asking them not to waste anyone’s time. Joe, a metal band member was up next under this new pressure and he came out with chorizo and a potato salsa. Gordon commended his braveness on the dish and the three judges remained quiet as they tasted the dish. The judges loved it and Joe earned his ticket to move on to the next round.

Next on Masterchef, we met Bob, a farmer who believed his organic ingredients would benefit him, but he did not bring anything from his farm with him. Gordon is impressed with red bell pepper that Bob cut into a crown to hold a dipping sauce, but was his tuna and chicken good enough? Joe said no, Graham said no and Gordon also said no because there was no charm in his cooking. Following Bob was a hillbilly who was serving “redneck sushi” with chicken and threw a tantrum when the three judges told him no. Then we met a Korean attorney who was cooking a Korean spicy cod dish but she forgot her sauce. Gordon told her no, Graham wanted to see more of her and Joe said yes because he saw something in her.

Alvin was next and he was using science in his cooking as he walked in with a homemade device that shocked the judges but he swore it could perfectly cook an egg. Graham couldn’t get enough of it and immediately gave him a yes, followed by Gordon and Joe – looks like Alvin’s creativity paid off. Then we saw a mother and son competing against each other and they each vowed that they were the better cook. Mom, Denise cooked spicy green beans with sausage while her son cooked chicken paprikash. Denise was told that her dish was not Masterchef quality while the judges struggled to decide on her son’s dish but eventually they gave him an apron.

Tony, a truck driver was next up and he said he is known as the barbecue guy. Tony decided to cook a Mahi Mahi with rice and salsa. Gordon and Graham both loved his fish and Tony shared how he would love to bring some culture into his “meat and potatoes” hometown. Tony was given an apron and excited to make it through. Alejandra, an unemployed architect was the finale audition of the day with her spicy shrimp dish. The judges loved her and Joe even called it one of the best dishes they’ve tasted so far and she was given the final apron of the day.

Tune in Monday at 8 pm on Fox for a brand new episode of Masterchef on Fox!

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