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America’s Got Talent: Houston And Minneapolis Auditions

June 08, 2011 08:40 PM by Lisa Princ

America’s Got Talent on NBC is back tonight with more auditions. This time they are in Houston and Minneapolis, but will the judges find any talent? Keep reading to find out!

America’s Got Talent kicks off more auditions in Houston and Minneapolis tonight! First they take to Houston, Texas which starts off with a bang. Up first was the “Rhinestone Ropers” with their Wild West skill show, including knife throwing and gun shooting – definitely one of the most dangerous but well pulled off acts yet. Piers called them top draw entertainment and they were sent through to Vegas. Then we saw singing twins called Mona Lisa who also went through to Vegas with their great vocals. Charles hit the stage next with a juggling light show followed by a sexy dance routine by the “Purrfect Angelz” both of whom were sent through.

Next up we met a 19 year old cashier who plays the piano and sings and compares himself to the likes of Lady GaGa. Over confident Daniel performed “Bad Romance” by Lady GaGa while playing the piano. After a very entertaining performance, Sharon told him “I think I love you” while Howie and Piers loved him as well and this little odd guy was sent off to Vegas. Up next we met the “Tron guy”, an internet celebrity as he claims, in a white spandex suit, not very flattering on this 50 year old chubby man. Immediately upon starting his ridiculous act, Sharon buzzed him away, but Howie was determined to hear him out. Piers buzzed next and then Howie finally buzzed him out as the audience yelled with boo’s – a definite no for Vegas.

“Russian Bar” was up next and this trio would be performed acrobats on a bar, well one of them while the other two held the bar in the air. This group was stunning and the gal performing the tricks on the bar got a standing ovation. The three judges agreed that it was one of the most high risk acts that they have seen and this trio got a ticket straight to Vegas. But then we were bombarded with poor acts, including an awful Usher performance, an Asian “James Brown” performance, and even a Howie Mandel impersonator! Then we met Danny a 22 year old who looked exactly like Justin Bieber and she performed a cute song about looking like Justin. The judges loved her and sent her through to Vegas.

The great auditions continued in Houston on America’s Got Talent with a dance group who impressed the judges followed by six year old Tanner who was also a dancer. This adorable six year old told Howie that he danced for a living and then he spoke in to the camera to his girlfriend. Wow, this little guy really was good and had some moves going for him which earned him a ticket to Vegas. Then Nick decided to jump on stage and bust some moves with Tanner. Then we met Darren aka “Professor Splash” who would be jumping 26 feet into a child’s pool. Definitely a dangerous act, but Darren pulled it off perfectly and said he would break the world record if sent through – so yes he was sent through!

Next up, America’s Got Talent headed to Minneapolis for auditions. In a strange turn of events, Piers was stuck in a blizzard and did not make it on time, so while Howie celebrated, Nick told everyone that they would need two yes’s to get through to Vegas. First up was Echo, a talking and singing bird who even spoke Spanish – this bird was amazing and started off Minneapolis on a good note with a ticket to Vegas! And the talent continued as we saw a bottle playing band, a couple of magicians.

Lys Agnes hit the stage next with her rendition of “Ave Maria” but not before sharing her emotional story of how her fiance was killed in a crash two years earlier and she put her singing on hold while she was grieving. Lys decided it was finally time to sing again and that he would want her to and she did not fail to amaze us. Sharon said she had goosebumps, while Howie called her “stunning” and she was sent to Vegas. While Piers was stuck in traffic, we got to see a dancing dwarf go to Vegas.

Piers finally returned and then we got to see a dancing and singing act made up of small people dressed up as elves dancing to “Ice Ice Baby” and Piers was in full force hitting the buzzer immediately. But Sharon and Howie gave them a yes sending these weirdos to Vegas. Howie was out to get Piers again as he had the elves follow Piers into his dressing room, only further annoying the already irate Piers.

And the strange Minneapolis acts continued with an overweight man dancing and thrashing to metal while being shot with flour or some flour like substance, followed by a woman piercing herself with needles and probably the weirdest singest audition yet – he sounded like a monster. Desperately needing talent, Walt was up next with his Folk songs and he claims he has 70 number one hits. This guy could not sing to save his life and his corny song about truck drivers not crying made the judges give him the boot. Just to annoy Piers, Nick came out and had him sing once again for the road – have I mentioned how much I love Nick Cannon, this guy is so funny.

A group of child dancers were up next and not only did they dance, but they were shadow dancing behind a light up screen. The Silhouettes put on a beautiful performance for us, it was so original and told a story. Piers even called it brilliant and this super dance group was sent to Vegas. The Kinetic King was up next with the largest stick bomb ever as he was fulfilling his chain reaction dream – definitely an interesting act and it earned him 3 yes’s! And that wrapped up the auditions this week, but they will be back next week with more!

What did you think of the season six premiere of America’s Got Talent? Are you looking forward to this week’s auditions? Comment and share your thoughts with us below and then be sure to tune in to NBC Tuesday at 8 pm EST to see more auditions!

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