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So You Think You Can Dance: Vegas Starts Tonight!

June 08, 2011 07:00 PM by Lisa Princ

The auditions are over on So You Think You Can Dance on FOX and tonight Las Vegas begins! Keep reading for all the details on tonight’s brand new episode!

The new season of So You Think You Can Dance continues tonight with the Vegas round kicked off with Nigel giving the contestants a run down of how it works – first would be the solo rounds with no critique, just eliminations. First up on the Vegas was Iveta Lukosiute who has auditioned in the past, but never made it to the top 20 – many of you may remember her from the auditions two seasons ago with Russell Ferguson. Iveta rocked it with a seductive routine in a “barely there” police costume. Marlon Pelayo was up next and I think his outfit made more of an impression than his performance! After the first set of performances, the judges made some cuts and Marlon was one of them, but Iveta was moving on to the next round!

From there we saw many more cuts including Danielle, the fatherless gal we met in auditions. Then we saw a performance by Wadi Jones, who auditioned in New York. His B-Boy performance rocked the stage and following him was the sister team from LA, Sasha and Natalia. Sasha and Natalie were awesome once again and when it was time to make the next set of cuts, both the sisters as well as Wadi made it through to the next round. After a tally, a total of 114 dancers would be moving on to the Hip Hop round and do a quick routine with Tabatha and Napolean.

The first group of Hip Hop dancers included China, who the judges fell in love with a few weeks ago and despite a poor Hip Hop performance Adam informed her that they were going to give her another chance at Hip Hop. After horrible Hip Hop performances we watched as some early favorites were sent home including Hero, Patti Ann Miller, Irish dancer Mary Kate, Kristin Dobson and that nut job “Princess Lockeroo”. Wadi was up next and he struggled with an injury, but the judges loved him anyway and sent him through along with many other contestants. China Smith and Iveta were then up to perform again and they both looked great this time around and they both moved on to the next round!

The next round on So You Think You Can Dance’s Las Vegas rounds were Broadway with Tice Diorio. Tice was determined to steam things up and the girls seemed to have no problems, but he worried about the guys. Wadi Jones and Jordan Cassanova from the LA auditions were in the first group along with “Lil O” another shorter girl named Jessica. All four of these hopefuls made it through this round. We also watched China, along with sisters Sasha and Natalia also rock the Broadway round and make it through to the next round. Both Rebecca Hart and her partner Jeremiah have been here before but have never made the top 20 after numerous attempts. Jeremiah made it through but Rebecca did not and she begged for her life but it was a no go.

Day 2 started off with Jason teaching the contestants The Jive for the next round. The first group to take the stage included Natalia, who had her own mountain to overcome during this routine which were some lifts that her partner had to do and she is not the tiny dancer we normally see. While her partner struggled a bit with her, Nigel offered both of them the chance to do it again with different partners. Her sister Sasha was up next, along with Ryan Ramirez who we met that was turned down last season, but luckily for her she was sent through to the next round along with Sasha. After getting a second chance, the judges loved Natalia and sent her through.

In the last group of the round was Alexis, Janine’s sister and due to a poorer performance than the last one she did, she was given a last chance to dance for her life. She did a good performance but I feel it could have been better but it was up to the judges to send her through. Nigel told her no, Mary said yes, followed by two more yes’s which meant she got to move on to the next round. Let’s hope she takes Nigel’s advice and improves and shows some maturity in the next round. After this round, there were 39 guys and 35 girls left to move on to the group round. For the group round, each team would get a cd and a team and they would have the entire night to rehearse for the next day’s performance.

First up for the group rounds was Wadi Jones group who performed a great routine that was very energetic and fun, and Mary even called it one of the best routines she had seen in years – needless to say the entire group would be moving on. And that was just the start as the groups continued to impress the judges and move on to the next round. With only seven contestants cut from the group round, there was only one left to perform, and that included Natalia, who had some earlier medical issues claiming she was not feeling well. Upon clearing by her doctor, her group was up next to perform, which included Arielle, DC Chapman and Jordan Cassanova. After a small breakdown by DC, the group pulled together and performed a great routine. Natalia continued to amaze despite her size – it is so refreshing to watch! The entire group moved on to the next round and were one step closer to the top 20.

The final round tonight was the killer round of the competition – Contemporary. Before they even started, Ryan Ramirez was suffering from a tailbone issue and Nigel told her to get to the hospital. But Ryan wasn’t the only one, Natalia was also informed by the medic to head to the hospital as she was still not feeling well after dealing with blood sugar issues earlier. Natalia told Sasha to go and do her performance and she was in the first group to hit the stage. Sasha and her partner Brice, who happened to be Natalia’s partner earlier were both sent through to the next round along with Wadi Jones and “Lil O”.

Ryan Ramirez came back with no breaks or fractures and decided to dance despite the pain. So with little chance to rehearse it, she performed with a lot of passion and you could barely tell she was in pain – needless to say she was sent through. Next up were Jeremiah and another repeat hopeful, Arielle who we met in auditions, both of which have been cut in the Contemporary round. Arielle was up first for her results and she was given the news that she would not be moving on to the next round and it left her stunned. Jeremiah was told he stepped up and he would be moving on, but DC Chapman who was also in the group, was told he would not be moving on. DC argued his case with the judges that he did not want to go home, and Debbie gave him a pep talk and even offered him classes.

At the end of the Contemporary round, 12 more dancers were eliminated, including China Smith. Before the contestants moved on to the final solo rounds to vie for a top 20 spot, Natalia returned from the hospital with the news that she was diagnosed with diabetes. With the doctor’s okay to dance, Nigel told her she got a free pass from the Contemporary round and she started the solos for the evening. After a great performance by Natalia, we got to see a few more of the solos and a few cuts. Natalia was then called up to tell the judges why she should be in the top 20 and she poured her heart out about always being the “bigger” girl and being able to inspire others. Both Natalia and Sasha were moving on to the next round along with Iveta and a few others we met in auditions. Alexis was the last one up and after an okay performance, Alexis was sent home and told to come back again.

31 dancers will be moving on to the next round and duke it out for a spot on the top 20. Tomorrow we will find out which of these dancers will be in our season eight top 20! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the results! What did you think of the auditions of season eight of So You Think You Can Dance? Comment and share your thoughts with us, we’d love to hear from you!

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