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So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Your Top 20 Revealed!

June 09, 2011 07:01 PM by Lisa Princ

Last night we watched the Las Vegas rounds on So You Think You Can Dance on FOX and tonight our favorite dance series announced our top 20! Keep reading for more!

So You Think You Can Dance kicked off with Nigel explaining that we will have a top 20 this season, and the all stars will join in when we reach the top 10. Cat also informed us that the top 20 would be performing group routines for us tonight. Ricky Jamie, who we met in Salt Lake City was first up to hear his fate and teh judges loved him making him the first dancer to make the top 20. Miranda, who I don’t recall from auditions was up next for the spotlight and she was informed that she would also be joining the top 20 along with Melanie Moore who we met in Atlanta.

Then we saw 2 hopefuls that we did not meet in auditions get the bad news that they would not be moving and it was time for sisters Natalia and Sasha. Unfortunately the pair would be broken up now as Sasha was given the news that she would be moving on but Natalia would not be – kind of disappointed as I wanted to see Natalia go through as well. Then Miranda, Ricky, Melanie and Sasha performed a beautiful Stacey Tucci contemporary dance routine for us.

Chris Cole was up next for his fate and Mary tried to fool the second timer into thinking he didn’t make it, when in fact he did. The good news for the Hip Hop dancers kept coming as Wadi Jones and Tad followed Chris into the top 20! “Lil O” was up next for his fate and despite his confidence going in, he was given the news that he would not moving on, nor would Drace, whom I don’t remember from auditions. Robert Taylor and Brice were up next, both from the New York auditions but only Robert Taylor made it through, Brice did not. Then we watched Wadi, Chris, Tad and Robert put on a cool routine for us.

The ballroom dancers were up next for evaluation and there were only two left in Iveta and Lenny, and Lenny was first up for his fate and Mary broke his heart by telling him that he would not be moving on. Iveta was up next, and being 30 this would be her last chance to make the top 20 and after a heartbreaking speech from Mary, Iveta finally made it into the top 20! Iveta, being the only ballroom dancer could not perform alone, so she performed a hot number with Pasha to Jennifer Lopez’s “On The Floor” and I am so thrilled to see Iveta make it, I have loved her since she danced with Russell Ferguson two years ago. Mary got so excited over Iveta’s performance that she almost Nigel out!

Clarice was up next for the Jazz dancers and she was the first one to make it into the top 20, but Bridget who impressed in Vegas followed by Ty who would also not be making it. Marco, the robbery victim was up next to hear his fate and luckily for him, he was going to the top 20! Jordan Cassanova known for her naughty routines, was up next and got the news that she would also be joining the top 20 but Missy, another sexy Jazz gal was up next and now worried. But Missy had no reason to worry as she was also joining the top 20! So, Marco and the three ladies put on a naughty little routine for us.

Nick, a tapper from Atlanta and Jess, a Broadway dancer were the only two left in their genres on So You Think You Can Dance, but would they make it? Jess was up first to the judges and Nigel told him how great he was in his style, but stressed how worried they were about his other styles but despite that he made it to the top 20. Now it was time for Nick to hear his fate and Robin told him that he put a spark in her and his personality is the reason he is also in the top 20. The pair then put on a Broadway tap number and reminded us why they did make it into the top 20.

Kaitlin, a Salt Lake City gal who really impressed Nigel was up next and she obviously impressed the remaining judges as well as she got into the top 20, followed by Ashley Rich. Mitchell, from Atlanta was next up and a smiley Mitchell had reason to keep smiling as he made the top 20. Jeremiah and Alexander were up next for their results and Jeremiah was sent home, giving Alexander the final guys top 20 spot. With only Ryan Ramirez and Alexa left for the final girls spot, and it was Ryan would finally get her chance at the top 20. These final five then performed a stunning Travis Ward routine for us.

Now it was time for some routines, and we saw the top 10 guys perform a routine by Chris Scott, and Lil C loved it and could not praise it enough. The top 10 girls performed a Sonya routine next and you can bet it was fun and colorful and Mary gushed about it. The top 20 then closed the show with a number choreographed by Tice Diorio and it was amazing, it is no wonder these 20 made the top! Tune in next week as the competition begins on So You Think You Can Dance on Fox!
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