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X Factor: Hopeful Contestants Given Strict Guidelines

June 09, 2011 12:00 PM by Lisa Princ

FOX‘s X Factor is currently undergoing auditions and rumor has it that the hopeful contestants must deal with strict guidelines such as not talking about the judges. Sound harsh? Read on to hear what else they must abide by!

X Factor is currently going through the audition round and we have learned that the process these contestants must go through comes with a strict list of rules they must abide by. One of which being that they could face legal action at a mere mention of the judges, past or present. According to the Sun newspaper, hopefuls are not allowed to post pictures on their social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter or talk about how they fared on the show.

One unnamed hopeful dished to the Sun about the strict guidelines saying “It was the most frightening thing I’ve seen. I was worried that I couldn’t even tell my mum how I’d done. We were told that unless you signed the form you weren’t allowed to go do the show. They were saying that it was important the element of surprise was kept in there and that we didn’t just blab everything.” And then added “I could understand that but it has put people on edge as we’re mainly kids – we don’t understand legal jargon.”

According to another source, the audience must also follow some guidelines of their own, including no boo’s what-so-ever, despite how bad a contestant may be. Apparently they are asked to keep quiet if they do not like a contestant showing a silent dislike – weird, but hey whatever works, right? As for the judges, we are hearing that Paula Abdul is doing more critiquing and less coddling than she did on American Idol….but don’t worry coddle fans, we hear that Nicole Sherzinger has stepped into those shoes!

Are you excited about the premiere of the X Factor? Comment and share your thoughts with us! Stay tuned for more details about the exciting premiere of Simon Cowell’s X Factor, set to debut on Fox this fall!

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