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The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: “Stick It”

June 12, 2011 09:52 PM by Shayla Perry

This week on an all new episode of Bravo‘s Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice and her brother Joe Gorga have both decided that it’s time to try to make amends, but with the focus on his sister, will tensions begin to mount in his marriage to Melissa? Find out everything you missed in tonight’s episode here!

After an eventful Thanksgiving with family, Melissa and Joe Gorga are taking a little time to relax with their kids, which prods the new Housewife to burst into song, singing, “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a WENCH like me.”
No, we’re not making that up! Totally what she was singing, and yes, she was 100% serious!

Joe, ever the supportive husband, says that it’s always been Melissa’s dream to become a singer, but since having kids and spending her time taking care of the family, she’s lost sight of what she’s wanted to do in life, so he encourages her to start pursuing her career. This would have been a very sweet moment, but it was slightly ruined when Joe proceeded to tell Melissa that tons of people would buy her album just because of how hot she looked on the cover, and that there are so many so-called singers in the industry that can’t sing. Um, thanks honey!

Meanwhile, Caroline Manzo is wishing she was at home with her children. She’s dealing with some pretty bad empty nest syndrome, so her husband tries to take her mind off of things by having her join him on the golf course.

At the Laurita household, Jacqueline is shocked to learn that her husband has made a deal with Ashley — darn! — ASHLEE without talking to her about it first. He told her that he’d buy her a car and pay for a few car payments for her birthday, which Ashlee will then takeover.

Even better, he tells Jacqueline that she may have to co-sign to get Ashlee approved, and that the car has pretty much already been picked out and everything.

Ashlee is still without a full-time paying job, but she says she’s committed to making things work and paying for the car on her own. Good luck with that one!

Teresa Giudice and her girls are trying to wake papa grizzly up for the morning, and Teresa plays a voicemail message she received from her brother. Joe says that he can’t stop thinking about Gia crying at the christening and wants to make it up to her by coming to one of her gymnastics meets. Gia overhears the message and is in tears, happy that her uncle is being nice to her mother (OMG, if that’s not reason enough to put all of this stuff behind them, then what is?!).

They try to call Joe back to tell him to come to the meet, but as usual, they get his voicemail, and as usual, the mailbox is full.

The Wakile family is having a meeting. Kathy and Richie want their kids to renew their drug & alcohol contracts, promising that they won’t use. Their daughter’s contract is perfect, and so is their son’s, but he makes sure to tell his parents that he’s probably going to have a drink or two on a Friday night when he’s a senior in high school — or maybe a junior! Kathy’s not thrilled to hear this, but Richie applauds the honesty and tells both kids that if they’re thinking about having a drink, he wants their first one to be with him.

Melissa Gorga is out shopping with her sisters, and of course, her singing comes up! She lets everyone know that Joe bought her a new piano and that he’s encouraged her to pursue a singing career. As it turns out, Kathy knows a songwriter, and she introduced them to one another so they can work on creating Melissa’s first single.

At the Giudice home, Gia is on the phone with her Uncle Joey, who’s telling her how excited he is to see her at her meet. Teresa eventually takes the phone to tell her brother that he’s always invited to come see Gia, but Joe says that he never knows when there’s going to be a meet. Teresa says that she’s let him know in the past, but that she knows he’s busy, then offers to keep him in the loop about Gia’s gymnastics schedule in the future. Afterward, Teresa makes sure that he has the right time and before getting off the phone tells Joe that if he wants to talk, the meet isn’t the right place for it, since their mother will be there (um– and the kids, we’re sure she also meant to include the kids). Joe agrees, but seems to hurry Teresa off the phone, telling her that he’s with a customer.

Teresa immediately calls Jacqueline to tell her that her brother’s going to be at Gia’s meet. Jacqueline is excited for Teresa, but reminds her to stay calm and avoid any confrontation.

At the car dealership, it’s time for Jacqueline and Ashlee to sign on the dotted line. But there’s trouble when Ashlee doesn’t want her parents to keep one of the sets of keys, and when they threaten to just walk out of the dealership, she calls their bluff, saying that if that’s how it’s going to be, she doesn’t want the car. Minutes later, she’s driving off in her new ride. Somewhere out there, Jay Mohr‘s head just exploded.

Kathy Wakile’s daughter, Victoria, is working on trying to get more students to join the club she started to help raise money and awareness for others with brain tumors; something that hits home for the Wakile family. Victoria was 10 when she passed out on the beach and doctors found that she had a tumor the size of a tennis ball in her brain. She was rushed to surgery, which took 10 hours. During the time she was in the hospital, Joe Giudice, Teresa Giudice, and Melissa and Joe Gorga were all there for Kathy and her family, and Kathy’s feeling a little sad that things aren’t the same between them anymore.

It’s time for Gia’s gymnastics meet (is there anything this girl can’t do?). She’s doing great, but Teresa can tell that her daughter is preoccupied. She wants to know where her Uncle Joe is!

Joe & Melissa FINALLY show up during the award ceremony, and all of the kids are having a great time seeing their cousins. When Gia gets to talk to her uncle, she couldn’t be any happier, which by the way, we’re thinking that part of the tension in the family has to be due to Joe’s relationship with Gia. Joe Giudice doesn’t seem nearly as close to his daughter as Joe Gorga, who also seems more comfortable with Gia than his own daughter.

Teresa makes it a point to tell her brother how upset Gia was that he missed her performance. Melissa, having dealt with Teresa being late to many family functions, doesn’t really care, and mostly stays quiet.

When they leave the kids are upset that they can’t play with each other, but Melissa tells them that Aunt Teresa and Daddy have to talk first.

And it looks like that’s going to happen! Joe tells Teresa to meet him to talk things over. Oh boy!

Melissa’s not feeling the love from Joe’s family, and it’s not just Teresa that she’s not happy with.

Next week, Teresa and Joe talk — and so do Teresa and Melissa!!!!

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